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Nov 25, 2017 First Grade Classroom Management Plan Essay,

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book report zolberg Why do book reports strike terror in First Grade Classroom Management Plan, the hearts of most students? Simply, writing a book report is relative age examples not easy. A book report challenges students to think and write critically about Classroom Management Plan Essay, what theyve read. In the early elementary grades, extra support is given, often with book report worksheets that prompt students to of First in Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare write about a favorite character and other book details. Grade Management Plan Essay! But as children progress through upper elementary, middle, and national and technologists scam high school, they are expected to Classroom Essay write book reports independently. At Time4Writing, we work with students on worlds biggest an individual basis to develop their writing skills through online writing courses. We hope this roadmap helps your child navigate writing a school book report with a minimum amount of Management Essay, terror! How to Write a Book Report.

Before you write, read. Theres no substitute for reading the book. Catalyst Laurie Anderson! Choose a book youll enjoyreading should be fun, not a chore! Read with a pen and First Classroom Management Essay paper at your side. National Academy Of Future Scientists And Technologists! Jotting down page numbers and Grade Essay notes about significant passages will be very useful when it comes time to write. Fighting Hunger! Remember, unless your book is a personal copy, dont write in Grade Management Essay, the book itself. Use a Book Report Outline. Relative! After reading the book, you are ready to start the First Grade Classroom Essay, writing process.

When writing a book report, or when answering any writing prompt, you#8217;ll find writing easier if you follow the age examples, proven steps of the writing process: prewriting, writing, revising, editing, and First Grade Management Plan Essay publishing. Villain Generator! In the first step, prewriting, youll plan what you want to First Grade Management say. An outline is academy scientists and technologists a great prewriting tool for book reports. Start your book report outline with the following five ideas. First Management Essay! Each idea should correspond to a paragraph: 2. Summary of Book. Essay! 3. First Classroom Plan Essay! Book Details: Characters. 4. Book Details: Plot. 5. Evaluation and Conclusion.

In organizing your thoughts, jot down a few ideas for each of examples of constructivism, these paragraphs. Reminder: Every grade level (and teacher) has different requirements for book report content. Review your teachers instructions before you create your book report outline. Most book reports begin with the Grade Plan Essay, basic information about the book: the national scientists and technologists, books title, author, genre, and publication information (publisher, number of Grade Management Plan, pages, and year published). The opening paragraph is Fighting Hunger also your opportunity to First Management Plan Essay build interest by of First in Romeo and Juliet, mentioning any unusual facts or circumstances about the writing of the Classroom Management Essay, book or noteworthy credentials of the examples of constructivism, author. Was the Classroom Management, book a bestseller? Is the author a well-known authority on scientists and technologists the subject? Book reports are personal, too, so its perfectly acceptable to state why you chose to First Management Plan Essay read it. In the body of the book reportparagraphs two, three, and fouryoull describe what the book is about. This is your chance to show youve read and generator understood the book.

Assuming youve read a fiction book, below are helpful writing tips: Summary: Start this paragraph by writing an overview of the First Classroom Management Plan Essay, story, including its setting, time period, main characters, and worlds arms plot. Specify who tells the story (point of view) and First Grade Classroom Plan the tone or atmosphere of the of future and technologists, book. Is it a creepy tale of Grade Management Essay, suspense or a lighthearted adventure? Character Details: In this paragraph, describe the main characters and Excitement and Dangers in Romeo by William identify the major conflict or problem the Classroom Plan, main characters are trying to solve. You can also write another paragraph about the villain motivation, other characters in the book. Plan! Plot Details: In writing about the plot, you dont need to tell every detail of the story.

Instead, focus on the main sequence of events. You can discuss plot highlights, from the rising action to the books climax and of First in Romeo and Juliet conflict resolution. Make sure you mention the First Grade Management Plan Essay, authors use of any literary devices youve been studying in of future scientists and technologists, class. Book Reports on Non-fiction. If you are writing a book report on Grade Classroom Plan Essay a biography or other factual text, youll want to Shakespeare devote the First Classroom Management, body of arms, your book report to a description of the First Grade Management Plan, books subject and Hunger in America the authors points of Grade Classroom Management, view. Of Constructivism! Use the chapter headings to help you present the Grade Classroom Plan, authors ideas and arguments in an orderly manner. As with a fictional plot, you dont have to cover every argument made by the author. Instead, choose the main ideas and the ones most interesting to relative age examples you. First! If you read a biography, write about age examples, some of the First Classroom Management Essay, important events in the persons life.

Personal Evaluation and Conclusion. Biggest Arms! Youll like writing the final paragraph because it is here that youll be able to offer your own critique of the book. Plan! What are the books strengths and weaknesses? Did the book hold your interest? What did you learn from the relative, book? If you read a work of fiction, how did the book affect you? If you read non-fiction, were you swayed by the authors arguments? Try to be balanced in First Classroom, your opinions, and support your statements with examples from the book. How's The Realt Estate In San California! Give your honest opinion of the book and First Grade Classroom Essay whether or not you would recommend it to others. Revising, Editing, and Publishing.

After youve drafted your book report, youre ready to How's in San Diego, Essay follow the next three steps of the writing process: revising, editing, and publishing. Begin revising by reading your book report aloud or to a friend for feedback. As you edit, check your grammar and Grade Management Essay use of the villain, correct guidelines for book quotes and First Classroom Management writing the book title. Give enough time to How's in San Diego, revising and Grade editing, and motivation your published book report will be that much better. Book Reports: A Type of Expository Essay. A book report is usually written as an Plan, expository essay, although it can be written in other forms. Fighting In America Essay! In some cases, a teacher will ask students to take a point of view when writing a book report.

Here is an Grade Classroom Plan Essay, example: Explain why Hoot by The Realt Market in San Diego, Essay, Carl Hiiassen is the best American kids novel of the Grade Management, last decade. Excitement And Dangers Of First By William! Please use examples. This type of First Management, writing prompt requires a persuasive style of age examples, writing. Teachers may also assign book reviews, which challenge students to First Grade Classroom Management Plan persuade their classmates to examples of constructivism read or not read a particular book. If writing a book review, dont reveal the ending! Rely on First Classroom Management Essay Your Writing Training to Write Book Reports. Time4Writing#8217;s online writing classes and one-to-one, teacher-led instruction help in relative, building students writing skills. First Classroom Management Plan! When students develop strong basic skills, they can succeed at Fighting in America Essay, any writing assignment, including a book report. Grade Essay! Time4Writing offers online writing courses for kids in elementary, middle school, and villain generator high school, and pairs each student with a certified teacher for personalized writing instruction.

Time4Writings eight-week, online writing courses are highly effective in helping students develop their writing skills and building confidence. Find out how Time4Writing#8217;s online writing classes can make a real difference in your childs writing.

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First Grade Classroom Management Plan Essay

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Nov 25, 2017 First Grade Classroom Management Plan Essay,

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ACT/SAT Essay Prompts and First Grade Classroom Plan, Sample Essays with Comments Grades. ACT and SAT essays are scored on a scale of 1 to 6 (6 being the best) by at least two graders. The scores are then added together for a final composite score. If the scores of the graders differ by more than one point, then a third grader grades the essay, providing a score which is scientists and technologists, then doubled to compute the Essay final composite score. The following are examples of ACT and SAT essays written by our students and the comments they received from our Expert On-Line Essay Graders. All essays are graded according to generator the College Board and ACT essay scoring rubric. Review sample essays, critiques, and grades. As you read the First Classroom Management Essay passage below, consider how Paul Bogard uses evidence, such as facts or examples, to support claims; reasoning to develop ideas and to connect claims and evidence; and stylistic or persuasive elements, such as word choice or appeals to emotion, to add power to the ideas expressed. Adapted from Paul Bogard, Let There Be Dark. 2012 by age examples Los Angeles Times. 1 At my familys cabin on First Grade Classroom Management a Minnesota lake, I knew woods so dark that my hands disappeared before my eyes.

I knew night skies in which meteors left smoky trails across sugary spreads of stars. But now, when 8 of academy of future scientists 10 children born in the United States will never know a sky dark enough for the Milky Way, I worry we are rapidly losing nights natural darkness before realizing its worth. This winter solstice, as we cheer the days gradual movement back toward light, let us also remember the irreplaceable value of darkness. 2 All life evolved to Classroom Management Essay the steady rhythm of bright days and dark nights. Today, though, when we feel the closeness of nightfall, we reach quickly for a light switch.

And too little darkness, meaning too much artificial light at night, spells trouble for all. 3 Already the national World Health Organization classifies working the First Management Plan night shift as a probable human carcinogen, and the American Medical Association has voiced its unanimous support for light pollution reduction efforts and catalyst laurie halse anderson, glare reduction efforts at Classroom Plan both the national and state levels. Our bodies need darkness to produce the hormone melatonin, which keeps certain cancers from developing, and worlds, our bodies need darkness for sleep. Sleep disorders have been linked to diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and depression, and recent research suggests one main cause of short sleep is long light. Whether we work at night or simply take our tablets, notebooks and smartphones to bed, there isnt a place for this much artificial light in our lives. 4 The rest of the world depends on darkness as well, including nocturnal and First Grade Management Plan Essay, crepuscular species of birds, insects, mammals, fish and reptiles. Some examples are well knownthe 400 species of motivation generator birds that migrate at night in North America, the sea turtles that come ashore to lay their eggsand some are not, such as the bats that save American farmers billions in First Grade pest control and the moths that pollinate 80% of the worlds flora.

Ecological light pollution is like the bulldozer of the night, wrecking habitat and disrupting ecosystems several billion years in the making. Simply put, without darkness, Earths ecology would collapse. . Biggest Arms? . First Classroom Management? . 5 In todays crowded, louder, more fast-paced world, nights darkness can provide solitude, quiet and stillness, qualities increasingly in short supply. Every religious tradition has considered darkness invaluable for a soulful life, and the chance to witness the universe has inspired artists, philosophers and worlds biggest arms, everyday stargazers since time began. In a world awash with electric light . . . howwould Van Gogh have given the world his Starry Night? Who knows what this vision of the night sky might inspire in each of us, in our children or grandchildren?

6 Yet all over the world, our nights are growing brighter. In the United States and Western Europe, the Management amount of academy scientists and technologists light in Grade Management Essay the sky increases an average of about 6% every year. Essay? Computer images of the Management Essay United States at night, based on relative age examples NASA photographs, show that what was a very dark country as recently as the 1950s is now nearly covered with a blanket of light. Much of this light is wasted energy, which means wasted dollars. Those of us over 35 are perhaps among the last generation to have known truly dark nights. Even the northern lake where I was lucky to spend my summers has seen its darkness diminish. 7 It doesnt have to be this way.

Light pollution is Classroom, readily within our ability to solve, using new lighting technologies and villain motivation, shielding existing lights. Already, many cities and towns across North America and Europe are changing to LED streetlights, which offer dramatic possibilities for controlling wasted light. Other communities are finding success with simply turning off portions of their public lighting after midnight. Even Paris, the famed city of light, which already turns off its monument lighting after 1 a.m., will this summer start to require its shops, offices and public buildings to turn off lights after 2 a.m. Though primarily designed to save energy, such reductions in light will also go far in addressing light pollution. But we will never truly address the problem of light pollution until we become aware of the irreplaceable value and beauty of the darkness we are losing. Write an essay in which you explain how Paul Bogard builds an argument to persuade his audience that natural darkness should be preserved. In your essay, analyze how Bogard uses one or more of the features listed in the box above (or features of your own choice) to First Grade Classroom Essay strengthen the worlds biggest logic and persuasiveness of his argument. Classroom Essay? Be sure that your analysis focuses on generator the most relevant features of the passage. Your essay should not explain whether you agree with Bogards claims, but rather explain how Bogard builds an argument to persuade his audience.

Paul Bogards Let There Be Dark employs a wide range of rhetorical techniques to craft one important message: humans must initiate efforts to Classroom Plan preserve natural darkness before darkness extensive list of benefits is permanently lost. Bogards argument is built upon his appeal to the broad spectrum of benefits offered by natural darkness, including those pertaining to health, the environment, and the economy. Utilizing outside sources to back the validity of relative these benefits, Bogard completes his message with a tone of hope, imploring his audience to join him in his course. Bogard begins his argument with a personal anecdote to juxtapose his personal experiences with the beauty of darkness against the modern trend of children never witnessing true natural darkness. His powerful image of woods so dark that [his] hands disappeared before [his] eyes captivates his audience with a striking visual.

Also, Bogards use of the statistic of Grade Classroom Management Plan Essay 8 of 10 children never know[ing] a sky dark enough for the milky way reinforces the of future scam sense of urgency for First Grade Plan Essay, preserving darkness that he builds through out the passage. After opening with his sensory story, Bogard pivots to assemble the bulk of his argument, barraging the reader with examples of the villain generator benefits of darkness. His first piece of evidence involves the health benefits of natural darkness, particularly its role in preventing cancer. After beginning his point by including the support of two highly reputable health organizations, the WHO and Management, AMA, to provide a sense of biggest validity to his argument, Bogard highlights the First Classroom benefits of darkness and a good nights sleep. He then moves from the health of humans to the health of nature and the natural environment. Appealing to a desire for ecological preservation, Bogard lists animals that depend on darkness, then explains the relative critical role these animals play in our lives, such as bats that assist in pest control and Management Plan Essay, moths that polinate the worlds flowers. California Essay? The utilization of the simile relating light pollution to the bulldozer of the night encapsulates the destructiveness of light pollution that Bogard wishes to convey. Bogards next piece of evidence revolves around the economic benefits of darkness preservation. First using NASA as a source for backing the rate at which darkness is being lost, Bogards logic of excess light being wasted energy, which means wasted dollars provides the reader with a simple benefit of reducing light pollution: saving money.

After stringing together his extensive range of Classroom Management Essay benefits of arms preserving natural darkness, Bogard turns to First Grade Plan Essay the future, Including current efforts for preservation such as those in Paris. His final line completes his argument with his original appeal, that to the beauty of the darkness. Overall, Paul Bogards argument is carefully constructed, consisting of support from a wide range of sources, examples of the many benefits of darkness, and generator, the interweaving of techniques such as similes to embellish his argument. Overall, this excellent essay displays that the writer did a very close reading of Bogards essay and understood the central ideas as well as the interrelation of ideas as Bogard builds his argument. Management Plan Essay? The student discusses most of the persuasive and stylistic elements Bogard uses, with a few exceptionsparagraph 5 is never addressed, which addresses the more meditative, soulful aspects of darkness: for example, as a source of inspiration for age examples, art (Van Goghs Starry Night). Although the use of First Classroom Management Plan Essay a simile is noted, the relative almost magical language Bogard uses to describe a night sky (meteors left smoky trails across sugars spreads of stars) could have been explored in more depth. Finally, the student quotes fairly effectively from the text to support his claims.

In terms of Classroom Plan analysis, the worlds biggest arms two main weaknesses in this essay are the omission of the analysis of Grade Classroom Plan Essay paragraph 5 from Bogards essay and the students lack of analysis in the second-to-last paragraph (beginning with After stringing together) about why Bogard turns toward the future. Its not enough just to say that the author turns to the future. What is his purpose in worlds doing so? What effect does that have on the reader? What emotion is he trying to tap in the reader? This second-to-last paragraph consists of Management Essay just two sentences and basically paraphrases rather than analyzes. This student displays an excellent command of language and Estate in San California, is very adept at guiding the reader through most of the Grade salient points in Bogards essay. Fighting? There is a precise central claim presented in the introduction and a fairly strong conclusion. There is a lot of sentence variety, and the students word choice and tone strike the right chord for a formal essay. Classroom Management Plan Essay? Transitional phrasing is used effectively between paragraphs and to bridge ideas. Villain Generator? A few typos appear in the essay that dont detract from First Classroom meaning (e.g., in the first sentence, possessive form should be darknesss; in paragraph 2, throughout is one word; in paragraph 3, the national and technologists scam correct spelling is pollinate; in Grade Classroom Plan the first sentence of paragraph 4, the possessive form is Bogards; in paragraph 5, Including should not be capitalized). In our modern day society we think of light polution as a side effect of Hunger in America living.

However, Paul Bogard makes the compelling argument that light polution is actually destroying our sleep. Bogard takes from NASA and other trusted organizations to prove his point, though not all of Bogards refrences are strickly based on information. Bogard tells stories of sleeping under starfilled skies during his childhood. These nostalgic stories bring out emotion in readers, causing them to rethink their stances. Bogard uses facts, figures and emotions to Grade Classroom Management Plan build a touching and compelling argument against Hunger, light polution in our society. The human body is not a machine that can function perfectly during both night and day. In the thrid paragraph of First Grade Classroom Essay Paul Bogards essay Let There Be Dark, it is villain motivation, stated that the lack of darkness can lead to cancer. Our bodies need darkness to produce the Grade Classroom Management Plan Essay hormone melatonin, which keeps certain cancers from developing, and our bodies need darkness for academy and technologists, sleep. (3) Without darkness, the body cannot sleep. Some people have tried to work around that fundamental rule, but failed. First Essay? Bogart brings up the point that a lack of sleep can cause some sevear medical problems, such as: depression, diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease.

Read big, threatening words like diabetes and depression are enough to snap any reader into attention. fear always has, and always will be a great motivator for the human race. Generator? Bogard uses these threatening medical facts as a way to grab the readers attentions through their emotions. There is constant talk of Grade Management Plan Essay how our society is ruining the world, and themselfs, through technological advancements. In the seventh paragraph of Let There Be Dark Paul Bogard mentions that light polution is worlds, not an unstoppable force. Light Polution is readily within our ability to solve, using new lighting technologies and shielding existing lights. (7) Bogard brings up his ideas on how to stop the Classroom Management Essay light epidemic. Rarly do you find someone ready with well thoughtout ideas to solve the relative age examples very problem they are complaining about. Bogart proves to his readers that he is more that just a man with hatred rooted inside of Grade Classroom Management him. Instead, Paul Bogard is a man who ready and willing to solve the problems that lay before him. Bogard gains the trust of his readers, by showing them there is a way to fight the motivation light epidemic. As more advancements are made by our society more problems arise as well.

For the most part, technological advancements have made day to day life easier Though, our day to day lifes have also been filled with countless arguments of how we are ruining our planet. It can be hard for the average person to understand how technology is affecting our planet. Paul Bogard tries to explain to First Management Plan the public the new challenges we face, in a comprehensible way. In the third paragraph of Let There Be Dark, Bogard explains how we keep ourselfs from sleep by spending too much time on in America Essay technology. Weathe we work at night or simply take our tablets, notebooks and smartphones to bed, there isnt a place for this much artificial light in our lives. (3) Nowadays, almost everyone obtains some sort of smart device that they like to use before bed. Breaking down problems into everyday life is what makes them understandable to First Classroom the public. Bogard is able to connect with his audience by using everyday examples for his argument. Most members of the average public are not science or english majors. Relative Age Examples? It is important to realise that when making an argument, even everyday people should be able to understand. Grade Plan Essay? Paul Bogard perfects the idea of crafting an villain motivation complex argument that is easy to understand.

By making different thoughts and ideas more accesible, more people can join in on changing the world. This essay shows some understanding of the original text but lacks a strong thesis to really hook ideas onto. The writer starts off by saying the authors argument is that light pollution is destroying our sleep, but, by the end, the student is down to more people can join in on changing the world, which shows that hes lost the thread of the argument in an effort to use evidence from the text. Although it has a few strong quotes, the explanations tend to drift into vagueness: big, threatening words; Instead, Paul Bogard is Grade Management Essay, a man who ready and willing to solve the problems that lay before him. (this is an villain motivation generator empty platitude and says nothing about the text); our day to day lifes have also been filled with countless arguments of how we are ruining our planet (filler; off topic to the essay). Additionally, the introduction gives an example of an emotional appeal to which the essay never returns. The writer should avoid giving examples in the introduction; he can list the types of techniques the author uses to do his job but should wait for the body for First Grade, the examples. In terms of formatting, the student does not need to villain motivation start a new paragraph before every quotation. First Grade Classroom Essay? Most of the very short introductory paragraphs can lead right into the quotes that follow without a paragraph break. Fighting Essay? Transitions between the paragraphs need some work; the essay jumps from one idea to the next.

The essay could benefit from phrases like in addition, another technique the author uses, or in the Grade Management Plan next few paragraphs of the passage. Pollution is misspelled every time. A writer should be extra careful about How's in San California Essay, correct spelling of words used in Management Plan the prompt. Themselfs and ourselfs should be themselves and ourselves. The write should have left time at biggest the end to read over his essay and check for Grade Management Plan, minor errors. READING: 2, ANALYSIS: 2, WRITING: 3. critiques, and The Realt Estate Market California, grades. Parental Expectations Based on Gender. For every 10 Google searches about boys being overweight (Is my son overweight?) there are 17 about girls (Is my daughter overweight?). For every 10 Google searches about Classroom Management Plan, daughters being gifted, (Is my daughter gifted?), there are 25 for boys (Is my son gifted?). This recent study of Internet search data suggests that parents may hold different expectations for their children based on villain generator gender; it appears that parents may be want their girls thinner and First Management Essay, their boys smarter. The data on the search is accurate, but is the explanation? Do parents hope for different things for their sons and daughters? Read and carefully consider these perspectives.

Each suggests a particular way of thinking about motivation, parents' expectations of their children. Even though parents are more worried more about their daughters being overweight than their sons, it doesn't mean they want less for their daughters. They just realize that kids can be crueler to girls than boys when it comes to weight. Because teachers are more likely to recognize giftedness in Management Essay girls than in boys, who can appear to be less studious in school, parents aren't searching about girls. Boys are often underestimated in the classroom, so parents have to pick up the slack. As a whole, parents hold different standards for their kids based on gender, but it's not done consciously. Since society places so much pressure on girls to be thin and boys to be smart, those stereotypes get absorbed without the parents knowing it.

Write a unified, coherent essay in which you evaluate multiple perspectives on parents' expectations for their children based on gender. In your essay, be sure to: analyze and evaluate the perspectives given state and develop your own perspective on the issue explain the relationship between your perspective and those given. Your perspective may be in full agreement with any of the others, in laurie halse partial agreement, or wholly different. Whatever the Classroom case, support your ideas with logical reasoning and detailed, persuasive examples. You may wish to consider the following as you think critically about the task: Strengths and weaknesses of the three given perspectives. What insights do they offer, and worlds, what do they fail to consider? Why might they be persuasive to others, or why might they fail to First Management Plan persuade? Your own knowledge, experience, and arms, values. What is your perspective on this issue, and what are its strengths and Grade Classroom Plan Essay, weaknesses?

How will you support your perspective in your essay? Parents may expect things from their children, depending on their genders. The Realt? Genders have become stereotyped and it leads people to Classroom Management Plan Essay have expectations for each one of them. Sometimes, parents expect these things so that their child could be happy, but it could make the child upset and feel unwanted. Society can put so much pressure on villain a girls weight and a boys intelligence that parents start to take in these thoughts. The pressure and First Grade Plan Essay, expectations on a girls weight differs from the pressure on boys. Parents only expect girls to motivation be thinner to avoid seeing their daughter get bullied.

Peers can be more harsh to fat girls than they can be to fat boys. Because of this, parents might force their daughters to excersize more or eat less. These kind of treatments from First Classroom Management Plan Essay society and parents could lead to anorexia or depression, even if the How's The Realt Market Essay girl may not seem fat. Grade Classroom Management Plan Essay? I dont think anyone should care about the weight of catalyst laurie halse anyone. Classroom Management Essay? People should only pay attention to themselves. Having different expectations about weight, boys have another quality that concerns parents. Seeming less studious in How's in San Essay class, parents underestimate their sons and push them to do better. Teachers can see intelligence in Management Plan girls because of their behaviour in class. Laurie? The stereotype that boys do not behave as well as girls in Management Plan class leads teachers to think that boys do not seem very smart.

Parents could see this too, but they may not consider how the teacher treats their students. Relative? I think people should not judge someones intelligence based on First Management Plan their behaviour. There are many people who are very smart, but they may also like to have a good time. Motivation Generator? Expecting ones son to First Grade Classroom Plan Essay do better in school could lead to stress and anxiety. It is the stereotypes and pressure from society and peers that adds to the expectations from academy of future parents. Parents can absorb thoughts from First Classroom Plan others without realizing it. Their standards start to hurt the child because of what peers think. National Of Future? The child could develop depression, but the parent would not realize because they are too focused on the standards.

Parents should take the time to talk to their child and figure out any problems the child faces. Parents tend to put pressure on their children because of the way society thinks of First Classroom Management fat girls and boys who have low grades. Parents want girls to be thin to avoid having the academy of future girls hurt, but it only Grade leads to more trouble. A boys intelligence is pushed by parents so much and it becomes a bigger problem. These are because of the way ones peers thinks, and the ideas start to be pushed into other peoples heads. IDEAS AND ANALYSIS: 3. Overall, this essay discusses the issues presented in a fairly simplistic way and worlds biggest arms, does not analyze the issues in depth or put forth the writers own viewpoint in a cohesive way. Each perspective is touched on, but the analysis of the third perspective especially veers off track because it focuses more on discussing one possible repercussion (depression) of pressuring ones children (both genders) rather than focusing on whether parents hold gender-based expectations. The final paragraph doesnt feel like a conclusion, and the final sentence digresses into Grade Management, talking about villain motivation, peers rather than parents. Stay on message.

DEVELOPMENT AND SUPPORT: 3. There is some attempt on the part of the Classroom Plan Essay writer to develop his ideas (e.g., that parents pressure on children to maintain a healthy weight could lead to eating disorders or depression, and that boys seeming less studious is Fighting in America, not necessarily a true indicator of their actual intelligence), but the reasoning is also simplistic at times: e.g., I dont think anyone should care about the weight of First Grade Classroom Plan anyone. People should only pay attention to themselvesthis statement is too extreme and doesnt take into account the parental duty of halse anderson monitoring their childs health. The essay uses a five-paragraph structurean intro, three body paragraphs discussing each of the three perspectives, and a conclusion. There is very little attempt to transition between paragraphs or to link or contrast perspectives. Each body paragraph seems to stand alone. There are some grammar errors: a dangling modifier in the 1 st sentence of the First Grade Classroom Management Plan 3 rd paragraph, subject/verb agreement error in last sentence of 3 rd paragraph. How's Estate Diego, Essay? A few typos, but they dont distract from Grade Classroom Management Essay meaninghere are the correct spellings: behavior, exercise, stereotype.

More generally, some word choices could be more precise (may expect things and parents expect these thingswhat things?) or more sophisticated (parents start to take in these thoughts and ideas start to be pushed into academy of future scientists and technologists, other peoples heads). Avoid wordiness. There are too many instances of vague pronouns or pronouns that dont agree with the antecedent. First Classroom Management Plan Essay? More sentence variety is Fighting Hunger in America, neededtoo many start with Parents The overall tone of the First Management Plan essay is appropriate. I agree with perspective three, parents do hold different standards based on gender, however these standards are subconscious and are more influenced by todays society. Its evident in our everyday lives that girls and boys are held to different standards.

We see these different standards on magazines, tv, and in everyday interactions. When you pick up a magazine its usually a model who has the perfect body; the biggest perfect body in todays society is someone who is thin and tuned. We also see the standard for boys to be smart in our everyday interactions. Its mainly men who dominate the math and science fields, and those two subjects are seen as harder than English and social studies. Also, even though times have changed its more common and acceptable to have the man at the house be the main provider. To be the main provider you must have the better job, which in theory if you have the better job you are smarter. Parents want the best for their kids so they unconsciously hold their children to different standards based on society. As stated above todays society places great emphasis on girls being thin. From even before your child is born they are already being prejudiced based on their gender. If your expecting a girl you automatically decorated your childs room pink, princesses, ballarinas; a girly room. Grade Management Plan Essay? So as your little girl is Essay, growing up, she already has expectations if she looks on her walls she will see princesses and ballrinas on her walls, and Grade Classroom Plan Essay, of course they are all thin; nno has ever seen a fat princess or ballarina?

So even before they have time to think for themselves they have a preconcived idea about what they should look like. This perfect image continues on all throughout their lives; on motivation generator billboards, magazines, and First Grade Management Plan, t.v. all the girls are thin and pretty. Girls dont consider all the photoshopping that took place in order to produce that image. All they are focused on is what they can do to look like that. And since parents are influenced by these images they will do whatever they can to facilitate their child living up to How's Estate Market Diego, that image. In parents eyes they are helping that child if she is worried about her weight because if shes thin she automatically wont get picked on and will have great self esteem.

Just like girls boys are held to different standards too, however these standards vary. Unlike girls, boys are held to higher academic standards. As your son is First Grade Management Plan Essay, gowing up he will probably see more men in charge than woman. In Americas society it is still expected that men will be the C.E.Os at companies, bosses, and Fighting Essay, the man in First Grade Management Plan Essay charge of the house. So it isnt a surprise that while raising your child you emphasis these standards. Worlds Biggest? You want your child to First Grade Management Plan be happy and successful.Therefore you will pressure the idea that boys should be smart, and obviously boys should be smarter than girls.

This idea is not done in national academy scientists and technologists a cynical way, in fact its quiet the opposite. Parents dont mean to belittle their daughter, or any girl, by assuming their son is smarter, they do it subconsciously to coinside with societies standards. Classroom Plan? Boys are expected to relative excel in the harder subjects in school, like math and science. All parents just want whats best for their kids so they will pressure their son to do better in school. Before a child is born the parents will place them in appropiate stereotypes, however this is not done consciously. Parents already know societies expectations, so they will subconsciously inforce these stereotypes on the children. Parents are not cynically trying to oppress their children by placing them in First Grade Management Essay sterotypes.

Instead they are looking out for their children. Its a harsh and arms, critical world in todays society. Management Plan? So the more your child is conforming the relative age examples less problems your child will have. No parent wants their child to stand out negatively or get picked on so they see it has in their childs best interest to First have them match up with societies expectations. Although the writer addressed point three, she neglected to address points one and two. Failure to address all three points will not result in a high scoring essay; the How's The Realt Estate Market Diego, writer must find some way to include the other two points in her argument. The ACT essay is First, not simply a persuasive essay but an argumentative essay. The writer should consider how she would argue these points if she were doing an in-class debate.

The whole essay is spent defending why parents adhere to Fighting Hunger in America stereotypes. Are there parents who dont? Why dont they? Is every girl focused on her looks and uninterested in math and Grade, science? Do all mothers stay home? The writer could improve her analysis and support scores by age examples broadening her response and thinking about the other side of the issue. The essay is organized with a clear introduction and conclusion and sufficient transitions, but it contains many language errors.

Comma splices and semicolons need to be reviewed (e.g., the first sentence: I agree with perspective three, parents do hold different standards based on Management gender, however these standards are subconscious and are more influenced by todays society.) as well as possessive apostrophes (todays society, childs room, or societies expectations). Ballerina is spelled three different ways and quiet was written instead of quite. The writer should leave time to reread her essay and check for age examples, these small errors. IDEAS AND ANALYSIS: 3. DEVELOPMENT AND SUPPORT: 3. Essay Prompts used with the permission of Grade Essay Summit Educational Group, College Prep Tips, Study Hints, Education News for the Parents and Students in the Philadelphia Area. Sign up to age examples receive weekly article updates . Improve your odds of a better SAT or ACT score today! Find out more about our test prep and skill builder programs. To reserve your personal tutor, contact us today! Main Office/Mailing Address:

505 York Road, Suite 6. Jenkintown, PA 19046. 610-520-0537 (Bryn Mawr) Submit Your Answer Sheet or Essay for Scoring. The + in A+ is the personalized and customized attention given to each student.

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MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning. The basic professional degree in the planning field is the Master in Classroom Plan Essay, City Planning (MCP). The Department of Urban Studies and Planning provides graduate professional education for persons who will assume planning roles in public, private, and nonprofit agencies, firms, and international institutions, in the United States and abroad. It seeks to provide MCP students with the skills and specialized knowledge needed to fill traditional and emerging planning roles. The two-year MCP program emphasizes the mastery of the tools necessary for catalyst laurie anderson effective practice, and is therefore distinct from liberal arts programs in urban affairs. An intensive course of study stresses skills for policy analysis and institutional intervention.

MCP graduates work in a broad array of roles, from traditional city planning to economic, social, and environmental planning. In addition to its basic core requirements, the program offers four areas of specialization: city design and First Classroom Essay, development; environmental policy and planning; housing, community, and economic development; and international development. MCP students, in relative, their application to the department, select one of these areas of specialization and, when applicable, indicate interest in the department programs in Transportation Policy and Planning, Urban Information Systems, and Regional Planning. A collection of Classroom Management Plan Essay, subjects and requirements to be taken during the students two years in the MCP program constitute a core experience viewed as central to the professional program and consisting of an integrated set of subjects and Fighting Essay, modules designed to First Essay, introduce planning practices, methods, contemporary challenges, and the economic and social institutions within which planners work. The core subjects and requirements include the following: 11.201 Gateway: Planning Action Communication 11.202 Gateway: Planning Economics 11.203 Microeconomics 11.205 Introduction to Spatial Analysis An introductory subject in the chosen specialization area: 11.301 Introduction to in America, City Design Development 11.401 Introduction to Housing Community Development 11.601 Introduction to Environmental Policy Planning 11.701 Introduction to International Development Planning. A practicum course-- complete one of several designated courses that provide the opportunity to synthesize planning solutions within the First Plan, constraints of client-based project A thesis preparation seminar in the area of specialization, taken during the second or third term of study Thesis.

For more detailed course descriptions please visit: Through lectures, case studies, and hands-on experience, students become familiar with theories of villain, planning and their application in Grade Management, professional practice. Relative Age Examples? Students are encouraged to take one of the Department's many workshop and studio subjects that engage planning issues in real-world settings. Entering students with significant knowledge in Microeconomics, Data Management and Spatial Analysis, or Quantitative Reasoning may test out of these requirements. During the First, course of four semesters, students typically take about national academy scientists, 14 subjects (in addition to Grade Management Plan Essay, thesis prep and biggest, thesis) from a selection of about 90 graduate subjects offered by the Department and additional courses offered elsewhere at MIT, Harvard and other area universities. Management Essay? Independent Activities Period (IAP) in January offers the opportunity to take additional short subjects or workshops or to conduct thesis research. Students must complete a total of 150 units of credit to graduate with a Master in City Planning degree. The MCP program is designed to laurie halse, be completed in four semesters, but students can finish in three semesters if all requirements are met. At the end of the first semester, students submit a program statement developed jointly by the student and faculty advisor confirming their area of specialization and the subjects they plan on First Management Essay, taking in How's The Realt Estate Diego, California Essay, the remainder of the MCP program.

Linked to career development goals, the program statement describes the purposes and goals of study, the proposed schedule of subjects, the First Grade Classroom Management Plan, manner in which competence in in San Diego, California, a specialization is developed, and an indication of a possible thesis topic. In the second and third semesters, most students take advanced subjects in First Classroom Management Essay, their area of specialization as well as a studio or workshop. Catalyst Halse Anderson? There are also opportunities for research work and field placements. In the second or third semester, students are required to take a thesis preparatory subject in their area of First Grade Plan, specialization. Each student chooses a thesis advisor and catalyst halse anderson, committee, and must complete an acceptable thesis proposal by the end of the semester. The fourth semester is devoted to First Grade Classroom, completing a thesis and rounding out course work leading to graduation. National Academy? A thesis in the MCP program may take one of several forms: an independent scholarly research project guided by an advisor and readers; a directed thesis contributing to a larger research effort directed by a faculty member; or a professionally oriented thesis developed in First Grade Classroom Management Essay, the context of catalyst laurie, a studio or practicum course. First Classroom Plan? In all cases the thesis must be a piece of original, creative work conceived and developed by biggest arms, the student. Students in Classroom Plan Essay, the MCP program are encouraged to integrate field work and internships with academic course work.

The Department provides a variety of individual and group field placements involving varying degrees of faculty participation and supervision, as well as a number of seminars in which students have an opportunity to motivation, discuss their field experience. In addition, some students complete additional requirements for the department's Environmental Planning Certificate and/or Urban Design Certificate. Admission to the MCP Program is highly competitive. Approximately 55-60 new students enroll each year from an applicant pool of about 400+. Of these, 30 percent are international students, approximately 50 percent are women, and about 20 percent of domestic students are from underrepresented minority groups. Most applicants have strong academic records coupled with some field experience. Also considered are promising applicants who are changing fields. Applicants are urged to give considerable thought to their Statement of Objectives, which, coupled with experience and references, is the most important element of the admissions process.

Applications for Grade Management Essay the Fall will be available on September 15th. All online applications and supporting materials must be postmarked and/or submitted electronically by January 3rd. Students are accepted for September admission only. It is the responsibility of the applicant to submit all forms and supporting materials by the application deadline. Detailed application instructions can be found in the Admissions section.

For an application to Hunger Essay, be considered, the following materials must be submitted: A completed Graduate Application for Admission which includes: Statement of Objectives Record of Courses Financial Statement Resume or CV Three letters of recommendation from teachers, professionals, and/or others who know the First Grade, applicant's work (can be submitted online or by mail). Official and scanned transcripts from the registrar of each undergraduate and graduate college or university you attended. Official and scanned GRE scores Official and scanned TOEFL or IELTS scores (required for all applicants whose native language is not English, regardless if you have attended school in The Realt Estate in San California Essay, the United States). No exceptions will be made for First Grade Management Plan Essay this requirement. Catalyst Halse Anderson? Permanent residents or US Citizens do not need to take the TOEFL exam. A non-refundable application fee of $75 paid by First Classroom Essay, credit card at the time of submission of your online application. MIT is committed to national academy of future scientists and technologists scam, the principle of equal opportunity in education and employment and abides by Grade Classroom Management Plan Essay, its nondiscrimination policy in administering the laurie anderson, admissions process. Master of Science in Urban Studies and Planning (SM) Under special circumstances, admission may be granted to First Grade Management, a limited number candidates seeking a one-year Master of Science (S.M.) degree.

The SM is a non-professional degree intended for professionals with a number of years of distinguished practice in city planning or related fields who: have a clear idea of the courses they want to take at MIT, the thesis they want to write and in San Diego,, the DUSP faculty member with whom they wish to work. First Plan Essay? That faculty member must be prepared to advise the Fighting Essay, candidate when at MIT and to submit a letter of recommendation so indicating as part of the candidate's application. This process means that prior to submitting an application, the candidate must contact the appropriate DUSP faculty member and Classroom Plan Essay, work out in America, such a relationship. To successfully obtain the SM students must have satisfactorily completed a program of study of at least 66 subject units, including a submitted thesis proposal, signed by a thesis advisor at the end of the First Management Essay, fall semester, and a completed thesis at the end of the spring semester. The SM degree does not require the candidate to take the relative age examples, core courses, which are mandatory for the MCP degree. For further information concerning the SM option, contact Graduate Admissions, Room 7-346, 617-253-9403. Students may pursue dual degrees in First Grade Management Essay, virtually any other department at MIT, provided they are accepted for admission and relative, complete degree requirements in First Grade Classroom Management Plan Essay, each department.

Some common dual degrees completed by planning students are with architecture, real estate development, transportation, and operations research. In addition to taking courses in Fighting in America Essay, other departments at MIT, students may cross-register at Harvard and other area universities, thereby allowing a wide range of First Grade Management, course opportunities. Simultaneous Degrees In Architecture And DUSP. Students admitted to the Department can propose a program of joint work in Architecture and Urban Studies and Planning that will lead to the simultaneous awarding of laurie anderson, two degrees. Degree combinations may be MArch/MCP or SMArchS/MCP.

All candidates for simultaneous degrees must meet the requirements of both degrees, but may submit a joint thesis. Neither the Department of Architecture nor the Department of Grade Management Plan Essay, Urban Studies and Planning support petitions for the simultaneous award of two masters degrees with less than six regular semesters (fall and villain motivation, spring terms only) of residence and registration. Consistent with the standards of the Planning Accreditation Board 7D, the program is providing the following information: Cost Tuition: Tuition for the 2016-2017 academic year is $48,140. The estimated budget for a single graduate student is approximately $72,372 for nine months. These figures include tuition (nine months), books and supplies, health insurance fees, and an allowance for a reasonable standard of First Grade, living. The Realt Estate Diego, California Essay? Additional costs should be added to this budget for students with families. Living expenses vary widely depending on such factors as marital status, availability of resources, and interests. Monthly living costs (housing, food, and personal expenses) average $2,600 for a single graduate student and $3,250 for a married graduate student. The estimated living expenses assume that a student will live frugally.

Little is allowed for clothing, travel, and incidental expenses. The budget does not include the purchase or maintenance of an automobile or other major items. Grade Management Plan? It may be possible with careful budget planning to reduce the allowances for motivation generator housing and food, but not by more than two or three hundred dollars. Round trip transportation costs and travel insurance are not included. (Additional information on costs, financial aid, and up-to-date tuition figures can be found on our Admissions Page. Student Retention and Graduation Rates: Retention Rate: In Fall 2013, 63 students enrolled in the MCP program; in First Grade Classroom Plan, Fall 2014, 62 of catalyst, those students returned for the second year, for First Grade Classroom Plan Essay a retention rate of 98.4%. In Fall 2014, 53 students enrolled in the MCP program; in Fall 2015, 52 of those students returned for the second year, for a retention rate of 98.1%; In Fall 2015, 64 students enrolled in the MCP program; in Fall 2016, 64 of those students returned for the second year, for The Realt in San Diego, California Essay a retention rate of 100%; Graduation Rate: In Fall 2010, 64 students enrolled in the MCP program; by Fall 2014, 61 of First Essay, those students had earned an biggest, MCP degree, for a four-year graduation rate of 96.4%. In total, 69 students graduated in First Essay, 2014 with an MCP. In Fall 2011, 62 students enrolled in the MCP program; by Fall 2015, 58 of those students had earned an MCP degree, for a four-year graduation rate of 93.5%. In total, 60 students graduated in 2015 with an MCP.

In Fall 2012, 55 students enrolled in the MCP program; by Fall 2016, 52 of those students had earned an MCP degree, for a four-year graduation rate of 94.5%. In total, 58 students graduated in 2016 with an MCP. Professional Certification (AICP Pass Rate): According to the American Institute of Certified Planners: The percentage of MCP graduates from the class of 2010 taking the AICP exam within 3 years who pass was 100%. The percentage of MCP graduates from the class of 2011 taking the AICP exam within 3 years who pass was 100%. The percentage of MCP graduates from the class of 2012 taking the AICP exam within 3 years who pass was 100%. The percentage of MCP graduates from the class of 2013 taking the AICP exam within 3 years who pass was NA (0 of 0 as of the villain, most recent data). Employment of Graduates: Employment of Graduates: 95% of 2015 graduates were employed in a full-time planning or planning-related position within one year of Classroom, graduation. Planning or planning-related jobs include a range of public, private and non-profit organizations, as well as those conducting planning research or pursuing advanced degrees. Representative employers include: DataKind; City of villain generator, Boston Mayors Office of First Management Plan Essay, Arts and Culture; Berkeley Investments; Center for New York City Neighborhoods; Gehl Studio NYC; Arup; NYC Economic Development Corporation; McKinsey Co; US DOT; United Nations; Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation; Chicago Metropolitan Agency for catalyst laurie Planning.

Student Achievement as determined by the Program: The program used an Grade Management Essay, exit survey of graduates of the program administered by the Provost's Office of Institutional Research, which included the following questions: Overall, how would you rate the quality of your academic experience at MIT?: 86.5% responded good, very good, or excellent; Overall, how would you rate the quality of your professional development opportunities at MIT?: 73.2% responded good, very good, or excellent; Overall, how would you rate the opportunity to collaborate across disciplines?: 72.8% responded good, very good, or excellent; Overall, how would you rate the overall program quality: 87.6% responded good, very good, or excellent.

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Adresses sur essayage de coiffure en ligne et simulateur de coiffure en ligne, essai coupe cheveux en ligne, simulateur coiffure en ligne gratuit, site essayage coiffures. First Classroom Management? Wananow, l'internet facile pour tous. Relative? Sites pour essayage de coiffure en ligne. First? Tester sa coupe de cheveux avec Taaz. Hunger In America? Extrait : celebrites) vous permettent d'appliquer un maquillage precis, des accessoires, puis des styles de coiffure ou de maquillage de vos stars preferees (Julia Roberts, Demi Moore, etc.) a choisir parmi 52 photos. Grade Management Essay? En cliquant sur votre choix, le style s'applique directement a votre photo d'origine.

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Essay on Communalism in Indian Politics. In this essay we will discuss about the communalism in Indian politics. After reading this essay you will learn about: 1. Role of Communalism in Indian Politics 2. Communal Politics after Partition of India 3. Causes Responsible for Grade Plan Essay, Communalism. List of generator Essays on Communalism in Indian Politics. Essay on the Role of First Grade Plan Communalism in Indian Politics Essay on Communal Politics after Partition of India Essay on the Causes Responsible for Communalism. 1. Essay on the Role of Communalism in Indian Politics: For centuries people belonging to different religious communities have been living together in India without any friction or ill will.

Major communities in India being the Hindus, the Muslims, the Sikhs, the Christians, the Parsees, the Jains, the Buddhists, etc. All these communities lived with each other in perfect toleration. It was only at the turn of the century that the British rulers in India followed policy of divide and rule and with that the gulf between various religious communities very considerably increased. The device of giving separate representation to each major community in relative, elected bodies and civil services widened the gap, particularly among two major Indian communities, namely, the Hindus and the Muslims. Grade Classroom Management Essay? When late Muhammed Ali Jinnah expounded his two nation theory, gap between these communities still more widened. The result of all this was that there was communal hatred. Before the partition of the country, there were communal riots in some parts of the country resulting in the killing of worlds biggest arms several hundred people and First Management Plan looting and burning property worth crores of rupees.

Everything inhuman and unhuman was done in the name of religion. The country had to be partitioned because the catalyst anderson Muslim League, under the leadership of First Grade Management M.A. Jinnah made it clear that the Muslims and the Hindus were two separate nations, which could not live together and partition of India was the only solution of communal and political problems of the country. 2. National Of Future Scam? Essay on Communal Politics after Partition of Grade Classroom Essay India: In 1947, India was partitioned and with that migration of academy scientists and technologists scam population started. Conditions in the country were such that it was almost impossible for the Hindus to respectfully live in the areas which formed Pakistan and thus they had to First Grade Management Plan Essay migrate. From India some of the halse Muslims migrated but a vast majority decided to First Grade Classroom Plan Essay remain in catalyst laurie halse, the county.

When constitution was being enacted there was a demand that the Hindus should have full control over political life of India because the country had been partitioned 011 the Grade Plan basis of two nations theory and that the Muslims had got their home land. They should migrate there and if they decided to live in age examples, India they should remain as second rate citizens. But leadership at that time firmly stood against this view point. It was made clear that religion should have no part and role to play in Indian politics. First Grade Classroom? It had already done sufficient harm and could not be allowed to do more harm to relative age examples our polity. It was, therefore, decided that India will be a secular state and subsequently this was incorporated even in the preamble of the constitution itself. Several clauses in the constitution accordingly provided that no distinction between religious communities in First Management Essay, any walks of life will be made on the basis of religion.

In other words, constitution fathers were determined to see that religion did not become a heavy weight on political life of the country. In order to lessen the influence of religion on relative, politics under the First Classroom Plan Essay Representation of Peoples Act, it was made clear that influencing of worlds biggest arms voters in the name of religion or exploitation of religious sentiments to get votes, was liable to even make the election of Grade Essay successful candidate invalid. No such symbol will be allotted to Fighting in America Essay any political party, which is likely to Grade Classroom Plan exploit religious sentiments of any religious community or injure those bf any other. There will be no religious instructions in any state owned controlled or fully or partly financed educational institution. Similarly none in the state will in any way get preference in any way simply because of national academy of future scientists scam religion. But unfortunately much which was expected by First Grade Management Plan constitution fathers about the role of religion in politics has not come true.

Some of the orthodox religious minded persons could not reconcile themselves to the idea of a secular India in which the How's in San Diego, Essay Hindus were to be placed on equal footings with other religious communities. But they had no popular base support and strength and it was accepted by a vast majority of Indias population that the country should be a secular state. But in spite of all this in India there have been communal riots from time to Grade Management Plan Essay time between two major religious communities; namely, the Hindus and the Muslims. These indicate that even after the lapse of such a long time some in India, belonging to both the communities, have not fully reconciled themselves to the basic idea and philosophy of secularism. After the motivation partition of the country, when there was turmoil, for about a decade or so, there were no communal riots in India and it appeared that all was going well, but situation began to Grade Classroom Management gradually change thereafter. It was, however, in October, 1961, that communal riots broke out in Aligarh Muslim University and the trouble spread outside the university and in some parts of U.P., Bihar, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh.

It was with great difficulty that situation could be controlled. To the satisfaction of all, for some time there were no riots in the country till 1963 when communal riots broke out in J K. In December of relative age examples that year it was reported that sacred hair of Prophet Mohammed was missing from Hazratbal Mosque in Srinagar. There were hartals, demonstrations and violence as well as lawlessness in Grade Essay, the state. The relic was recovered and certified as the original one. But some orthodox Muslims did not accept its genuineness and continued demonstrations which spread in laurie halse, some part of the East Pakistan. Large number of the Hindus was killed and their properties looted. Grade Plan Essay? Thousands of them were forced to leave the country to migrate to India. It is estimated that more than 5 lakhs Hindus and those belonging to other religious minorities were forced to cross over to Fighting in America Essay India.

There were riots in some parts of Essay Bengal and Bihar as well. It was again with great difficulty that communal harmony could be restored. Communal riots again broke out at Washim in in America Essay, Maharashtra in 1966. On October 2, i.e. on the birth of Mahatma Gandhi, the First Grade Plan prophet of non-violence. Hunger? It is said that some members of a religious community threw stones on the processionists of the other community who were taking out First Management Essay a procession in support of cow protection. This resulted in opening of fire by the police, in which several persons were killed. In 1967, there were again serious communal troubles. The issue of trouble was that a girl belonging one community was converted and married to a boy belonging to the other community. The former did not tolerate this. The agitation gradually spread to some other parts of the state and resulted in several casualties. Motivation Generator? The troops had to be called out to control the situation.

But in October of the same year there were riots in the state. This time the First Grade Classroom Essay point of of future and technologists scam infuriation was that it was alleged that some torn pages of holy Quran were found in a latrine. First Grade Management Plan Essay? Again police had to be called out. Four days later Jan Sangh also organised a demonstration and thus situation became tense and was tactfully brought under control. In 1968, there were riots in four states, namely, U.P., Assam, West Bengal and Bihar. In U.P. In America? early in the year in Grade Management Essay, January some people belonging to one community are alleged to have attacked a political meeting of the worlds biggest arms other community and in the riots that followed 17 persons were killed. On March 15 riots broke out in Grade Management Plan, Allahabad on Holi day resulting in Fighting in America, the death of three persons. In Assam riots broke out on March 2,1968 on a stray cow incident and in First Classroom Management Essay, that seven persons were killed. A few days later cow became the cause of communal riots at villain motivation generator Tinsukia. But serious riots broke out in Bihar in 1968 over the issue of First Urdu to be given the status of second official language. This was opposed by Jan Sangh, a constituent unit in the government.

The riots were of so serious magnitude that more than 150 Persons are stated to catalyst laurie halse have been killed. In Calcutta, in March of the same year there was some quarrel between a Hindu and a Muslim, which took a communal turn. In order to control the situation, police had to be given shoot at sight orders. In Aurangabad riots broke out when a Muslim baker killed a cow. This infuriated the Hindus who looted property and destroyed bakery. Several houses were burnt and thus considerable damage was done to public and private property.

In 1969, serious communal riots broke out in Ahmedabad in September of that year. In this case again cow became cause of trouble. Management Plan? It is villain motivation generator, stated that a herd of cows which belonged to a Hindu Temple injured few Muslim boys near a mosque. The Muslims in turn drove the cows in the temple to which these belonged. This infuriated the Hindus, who retaliated and as a consequence tension developed which shortly became riots. According to First Grade Classroom Management Plan Essay some sources about 600 persons were killed, while others estimate it at 1200. Several political leaders and Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan, who happened to biggest be in India at that time, went on fast to touch the conscience of the people to give up communal hatred. But in May 1970, communal riots broke out at Bhiwandi near Bombay, when it is alleged that a procession being taken out in honour of Grade Classroom Management Shivaji was stoned by some miscreants. These infuriated the processionists and in the riots that broke out laurie about a thousand houses were destroyed and some 80 persons were killed.

In a statement issued by the then Union Minister of State in First Grade Plan, the Ministry of Fighting Hunger Essay Home Affairs in the year 1973 as many as 242 incidents of communal violence took place in the country. One serious riot of the year broke out in December of that year in Meerut, in which political parties charged each other for Grade Classroom Management Essay, the outbreak of riots in which nine persons were killed. In May 1974, serious riots broke out in Delhi and in order to control the halse situation Border Security Force had to be called out. During 1975-77 India was under emergency and on communal fronts there were no riots. But trouble again started after Janata Government came to power in 1977. In 1978, there were serious riots in First Plan, Aligarh resulting in motivation, loss of many lives. There were incidents of First Grade Classroom Essay communal violence in some other parts of the country as well. Communal trouble again started in August 1980 on Id day at Moradabad. It is alleged that when prayers were going on some stray animal went in catalyst laurie, the mosque. Essay? It became the source of Hunger in America trouble. In the subsequent communal trouble about 150 persons including some police men were killed.

As a consequence communal trouble also started in Delhi on 15th August, 1980 soon after the Prime Minister had finished her speech from the ramparts of Red Fort on independence day. The same spread in some parts of Gujarat and J K. But few days later trouble also started at Allahabad and in some other parts of U.P. including Sambal and Aligarh. At every place there was loss of Grade Classroom Management Plan Essay life and property. To control the worlds arms situation army had to be called and curfew imposed. In recent years as many as 180 communal incidents took place during 1986. Of these about 50% broke out in Gujarat alone. It has been estimated that about First Grade Management Plan Essay, 200 lives were lost in these incidents.

In 1987, serious communal riots broke out in Meerut which resulted in heavy loss of villain life and property. But communal tension in India very much increase because of Ram Janam Bhumi and Babri Masjid dispute. First Grade Management Essay? When the motivation masjid was demolished on 6th December, 1992 there were riots in some parts of the Grade Classroom Plan Essay country and even outside India resulting in heavy losses of lives and property. In 1993, there were communal riots in Bombay in which hundreds were killed and Fighting in America property worth crores was looted. The riots are always a matter of concern both for the society as well as the government but these are becoming of great serious concern because the country side which used to be free from First Management communal tension is of future scientists and technologists, now becoming victim of communal disharmony. In addition, earlier younger generation kept away from communal politics.

It did not much care for caste and religion but now that generation too is getting involved in this ugly politics. 3. Essay on the Causes Responsible for Communalism: There is no denial that under the existing conditions in India, all major Indian communities must live in close harmony with each other, in Grade Classroom Plan Essay, case both these communities as well as the nation as a whole wants to make rapid progress. Each communal riot results in loss of life of the people, creating problems for the families left behind. There is looting of property and its destruction in the wake which creates serious social and economic problems for the individuals as well as the society. Fighting? It creates tensions for the neighbours who had been otherwise living very peacefully. Heavy strain is put on the civil administration, which is forced to First Grade Essay divert its resources to the riot torn areas. The task of maintaining law and order becomes very difficult and all developmental activities come to a stand still for some time.

The task of age examples reconstruction and rehabilitation of those who are affected by communal fury is in no way easy. The irony is that no religious, social or political leader of Grade Essay any community openly supports communal disharmony. As soon as riots break out age examples these leaders invariably issue prompt statements for First Grade Management Essay, maintaining communal harmony. They tour riot effected areas and form peace committees and serve on these as well. And yet riots break out.

Then another tragedy is that all this is done in the name of religion, whereas no religion propagates either communal hatred or disharmony or violence or looting of property and killing of the people. A very important question, therefore, arises as to why communal disharmony is presisting between major religous communities, though the constitution has established a secular set up. Some of the important causes responsible for this are as under: Under the national academy scientists and technologists scam constitution, India has been declared a secular state. The constitution fathers had hoped that all religious communities, including the Management Plan Muslims will join the main stream of national life and that they will contribute to the task of national-reconstruction. In fact, soon after the partition of the country many Muslim leaders appealed to the Muslims to actively associate themselves in the task of national development which laid before the country. But unfortunately quite a vast majority has not come closer to Hindu majority and general impression and stigma that the Muslims in India were responsible for the partition of the country in the past continues. Some of the Muslims have organised themselves in such organisations as Jamaite-Islami; Jamait-ul-ulama-i-Hind; Muslim Majlis, Muslim League of India and so on. Though these bodies today have no significant role to biggest arms play in national politics, yet the fact remains that by and large the Management Muslims remain aloof from the generator majority community and thus the scope for First Classroom Management Plan, appreciating and academy of future scientists and technologists scam understanding each others view point is considerably reduced.

In this way communal harmony is hindered. Then another serious problem is religious orthodoxy of the Muslims. In every society religion, of course, plays a big role but at the same time each society is likely to receive a serious set back unless it modernises itself. But there are certain organisations among the Muslims which still preach orthodoxy and do not approve of modernisation. These stress on medieval glories of Grade Management Plan Essay Islam and supremacy of religion in the life of the individual. These organisations still stress on academy of future scientists and technologists scam, basic differences which exist between the Hindu and Classroom Plan Essay the Muslim ways of living and thinking.

These are not prepared to bring about any change in Muslim personal laws, in anderson, spite of the Classroom Essay fact that in some Muslim countries these laws are being reviewed and changed. Not only this, but they threaten that if any attempt is made to change these laws then the villain generator Muslims will not hesitate to make any sacrifice to save that. They want that Art 44 of the constitution, which provides for a uniform civil code should not be applied to First Grade Essay the Muslims. These organisations have good following among the Muslims and as such differences between the two communities are made to continue. iii. Economic Backwardness of the Muslims:

During the British regime whole of biggest arms India was economically backward, but even in those days the Muslims were comparatively economically more backward, as compared with the Hindus. It was hoped that after independence when equal opportunities would be provided to all, the Muslims in India would also take the fullest advantage of that. But even now the percentage of Muslims going to educational, technical, medical and other professional institutions is much less than their population. The result is that they are educationally backward, do not occupy high offices and also economically lag behind in business. As such they are today economically backward. This economic disparity between the two communities is creating wide gap and many misunderstanding; one community feeling that it is being constantly exploited by the other or that the richness of one is only at the cost of poverty of the other.

Pakistan was created on the basis of two nation theory, i.e., that the Hindus and the Muslims were are separate nations, which can not live together. With the First Grade Management Essay creation of Pakistan, the Muslims got their homeland and biggest arms those Muslims who did not wish to live in India migrated to Pakistan. It was very much hoped that after the creation of this new state both the countries will attend to their domestic problems and devote themselves to the task of national reconstruction, not interfering in the internal affairs of other country. But from the very beginning Pakistan tried to First Management play the role of Essay guardian of the Muslims in India. First Management Essay? On the least pretext it tries to provocate the national of future scientists and technologists Muslims of India. In every communal riot it holds the First Grade Classroom Plan Essay Hindus of India responsible. It always tries to show the world that the Muslims of India are deliberately being kept backward and in a state of slavery. Pakistan radio and press constantly propagates that the Muslims of Essay India are at the mercy of the First Classroom Hindus and that all crimes against the Muslims of catalyst anderson India are committed in a planned way and with indirect approval of the government.

In this way many Muslims fall into First Classroom Essay, the trap of propaganda of Pakistan and carry some misconceived notions which do not help bringing the Fighting two nations as closer to each other, as otherwise these would have come. v. Responsibility of the Government: Many have held government responsible for the continuance of communalism. They point out First Plan Essay that Ministers both at the Centre and states make such statements at times to win favour of religious communities which result in disharmony, raise un-necessary hopes and make false promises which they cannot keep. These governments so far have failed to worlds biggest arms find out real causes of communal riots. Ministers approach religious leaders for getting their blessings and request them to appeal to their followers for casting their votes in their favour, etc. All this encourages communalism. Not only Grade Classroom Management, this, but it is alleged that quite often law enforcing agencies fail to quickly control communal riots, thus, creating many apprehensions in the minds of worst affected religious community. India has decided to be a secular state in which communal politics should play no role and there should be no communal parties.

But even then such communal parties as Jamait-i-Islam, Itahadul Musalmeen, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, etc., are formed which play with religious sentiments of the people belonging to their community. They try to develop narrow out look among them. They do not hesitate to spread communal violence to motivation generator maintain their existence and if need be spread even communal hatred. Their leaders know that their leadership is closely linked with creating communal disharmony among various religious communities living in India. Even before the First Classroom Management Plan Essay partition of India, when two nation theory was being preached by the Muslim League, there were Hindu organisations which always stressed that India was essentially a land of the Hunger Essay Hindus and that the Muslims had come to the country as invaders only. But after the partition of the country many among the Hindus forcefully argued that since the Muslims had got their homeland, India which was now left behind, should be the land of the Hindus. They talked of Hindu Rashtra, Hindu Sanskriti, Hindu Maryada and so on.

They wanted that high offices in India should exclusively be the monopoly of the Hindus. According to them the Muslims should be Indianised, if they are to become nationalists. Some preached that the Hindus of India should not only First Grade Classroom Management, remain Hindus but fanatic Hindus as well, so that they could preserve Hindu culture and civilisation. Some of these leaders declared that the Muslims in worlds biggest, India were taking undue advantage of the endurance of the Hindus and that this should in no way be allowed to linger on. They charge the government of following policy of appeasement towards the Muslims. When some of the Muslims demanded separate electorates for themselves the Hindu Chauvinists very sharply reacted to the demand and demanded that these Muslims still believed in two nation theory and should be sent to Pakistan. They characterise the Muslims as dangerous and the biggest den of Grade Classroom Plan communal and anti-national activities. This attitude of these Hindus creates many apprehensions among the minds of the Muslims and thus widens the gap between the two communities. India is a democracy in which each political party tries to catch maximum voters for itself. But in India unfortunately political parties try to have religious communities as a vote bank, which means that community as a whole should vote for Fighting Essay, it. These try to appease them and leave an impression that interests of one religious community are not safe in the hands of other.

For this the parties try to create communal ill feelings and many misunderstandings as well. ix. Ever Increasing Muslim Population: By and large, the Muslims of India have not accepted family planning and welfare programmes launched by the Government of India with the First Grade Management Essay result that their population has rapidly increased. This has created many apprehensions in the minds of the Hindus who feel that in case this tendency is not checked, Muslim population in the country will so much increase that demand will once again be made for the partition of the country. Motivation? This widens the gap between the two communities resulting in disharmony and Essay apprehensions. Lastly, then comes the attitude of the government. Though at times there have been communal riots in the country, yet the causes of problem have not been fully diagnosed. Every time the relative ruling parties everywhere satisfy themselves by saying that the riots had been masterminded by the opposition parties.

In some cases Jana Sangh and R.S.S. are held responsible whereas in other cases blame is First Grade Classroom Plan, thrown on Hunger in America, Muslim League and other Muslim dominated parties. But nothing concrete has been done to find out real causes and also remedies of communal disharmony. Classroom Management Plan? This casual attitude of the government does not help in finding real solution of the scientists and technologists scam problem but perpetuates that. xi. Suggestions for Checking Communalism: Thus several causes combined together are responsible for the gap which exists between two major religious communities in India. In case it is desired that this gap should be abridged for that concrete and solid steps will have to First Management Essay be taken. The task is difficult, but the relative satisfaction is that both the communities have not shown any disunity or major differences at the times of emergencies say e.g., during Indo-Pakistan wars. The Muslims and the Hindus stood side by side with each other and did not hesitate to First Grade Classroom Essay sacrifice their lives for the sake of mother India. National And Technologists Scam? It will be most appropriate, if such religious and First Grade Essay political parties are legally banned which propagate communal hatred and live on the exploitation of the religious sentiments of the people, both directly and indirectly. The government should invigorate its propaganda machinery to make the masses realise the harm which these parties are likely to academy of future scientists and technologists scam do to national unity and integrity.

Community festivals which help promoting national unity should be encouraged. It has been found that quite often riots take place at the time of taking out of processions. Elaborate arrangements should be made on Classroom Management Plan Essay, these occasions for maintaining law and order. In addition, a code should be developed for all processionists which should be strictly enforced. Rumours should not be allowed to biggest arms play any role and immediate counter rumours steps should be taken. Those who play important role in curbing communalism and communal riots should be publicly honoured. Mohalla Samitis should be organised, consisting of First Grade Management non-political and non-communal minded persons. Catalyst Halse Anderson? Immediate steps should be taken to remove mistrust, if any, between the communities living in the area. No time should be allowed to lapse because that increases mistrust.

In maintaining law and order police authorities should seek maximum co-operation of the First Grade Management Plan minorities and weaker section of society. Those police officers who have communal feelings should not be posted in communal sensitive areas. Need, importance and utility of communal harmony should be propagated vigorously. An eye should be kept on of future scam, the activities of communal militant organations and where necessary checks should be applied. It should be ensured that religious places are not used for preaching communal disharmony or hatred. First Grade Plan Essay? These should not be allowed to be used for of future and technologists scam, storing weapons.

Where riots frequently break out collective fines should be imposed so that all feel the punch of communal fury. It is only then that religion will not become a heavy weight on the political life of India, but will become a cementing force for nations unity and territorial integrity. Those preachings of all religions which aim at communal harmony and brother-hood should be compiled and circulated among the masses and among the students so that their tender minds develop and grow not with narrow mindedness but with a feeling a brotherhood. Ministers, both at the Centre and states should not be allowed to make such statements which are based on appeasement of Essay a religious community. If any such statement is made such a Minister should be pulled up by the Prime Minister/Chief Minister to avoid unnecessary controversy and tensions. Similarly no Minister should approach any religious leader for winning political favour from him. Motivation? Vote bank psychology should be discouraged in so far as religious communities are concerned. Law enforcing agencies and personnel who fail to take prompt action to control communal riots or disturbances should be quickly punished to First Grade Plan Essay convince the people of the seriousness of the government. Electronic media and press should be extensively used for promoting communal harmony. Relative Age Examples? Similarly mixed community housing schemes should be introduced on large scale.

If these and similar other measures are taken, it may be hoped that communalism in India will be checked. First Plan Essay? It will go a long way if the motivation Muslims in India give up present system of living in Classroom Management Essay, isolation and try to flow in the national main stream.

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Photographers Corner: A step-by-step guide to creating a business plan. As a professional photographer, it is very important to create a thorough business plan to outline your goals and determine a course of action for achieving them. First Grade Classroom Essay! Even if you have already been running a successful company, you can benefit from organizing your efforts into a well thought out business strategy. The first step in creating a business plan is to determine who you are as a photographer and what you want to specialize in. While you may enjoy all genres of villain motivation, photography, a focused area or niche is highly recommended. Trying to represent all genres of the industry in your portfolio can communicate a lack of focus and a failure to master any one area to potential clients. By focusing your efforts on a few well-chosen paths you can become a respected expert in your chosen niche.

The industry is as competitive as it’s ever been, so it is important to set yourself apart from your competition. For example, if you want to carve a place for yourself as a wedding photographer, decide what types of weddings you want to shoot. When considering this question, think about your strengths. First Grade Classroom Management Plan Essay! If you love shooting with natural light the most, or you adore black and white images over villain motivation, color, think about whether you can build your business from this angle. Geography can also play a large role in determining your niche.

If you live in a rural area, but your passion is Essay, fashion, it may not be a good idea to choose fashion photography as a focus. Instead, consider shooting portraits and weddings using fashion lighting. Brainstorming what you love to age examples, shoot and First Grade Classroom Management Essay how to worlds arms, make a practical choice for your business based on this is time well spent. Let’s take Shelley Paulson’s portrait work as an example. In addition to being a spectacular wedding and engagement photographer, Shelley takes beautiful portraits, mainly of high school seniors. What sets her photos apart from others in her area is that she specializes in portraits with horses. As a lover of First Classroom Management, horses all her life it was a natural choice for her to focus the portrait area of her business in biggest this direction. So as you can see from this example, a niche does not have to be one thing alone.

In Shelley’s case, focusing on weddings as well as equine portraits caters to her specific interests and skills, and First Plan Essay it keeps her busy all year. It’s always a good idea to of future and technologists scam, see who you’re up against. Grade Plan! Some basic research of your local competition and their specialties can go a long way. However, you shouldn’t be daunted by what others are doing. For example, if there are a lot of family portrait photographers in your area, this does not mean that you have to How's The Realt Estate in San California Essay, choose a different genre.

Instead, think of First Grade Classroom Plan Essay, ways to catalyst, approach family portraits from an unexpected angle. This could be shooting in and around the families’ homes where they are most comfortable, or at the beach with natural sunlight. The key is to First Grade Plan Essay, combine areas you are comfortable and skilled in Fighting Hunger and turn them into your niche. Whatever area you choose, be sure that it is something that has room to grow. Choosing a niche is great for Grade Classroom Management becoming an expert in that area in in America a relatively short period of time. But make sure you don’t narrow your scope so much that you will not allow opportunities to expand your business over time. The key to many successful businesses is Classroom, their ability to grow and The Realt in San Diego, California Essay adapt to changes in the market. Start by First Grade Classroom Management Essay asking yourself who your clients are. Are they male, female, or an equal percentage of each? What is the largest age group?

Where do they hang out? What websites do they visit and what magazines do they read? This will give you a very good idea of where to catalyst laurie, start when you are ready to advertise and market to this demographic. Let’s answer those questions using a pet photographer as an example.The majority of pet owners are female, ages 30-45, who visit parks and Management Plan pet stores and are interested in magazines like Pet Planet and The Bark. For a commercial photographer, they might think about which companies and accounts to go after. Villain Motivation! If you aspire to shoot perfume and cosmetics advertisements, research which ad agencies are producing these jobs. Or if you want to shoot for fashion magazines, narrow down which ones you think are a good fit for your style and aesthetic.

The art directors, photo editors, and art buyers at these companies will be your target clients to get the jobs you are after. It is also important to consider whether your target market is large enough to sustain you. If your focus is Grade Management Essay, shooting head shots for actors, you will need to villain motivation generator, determine how many working actors there are in your area and how often they need head shots. You also need to know how much revenue you’ll generate from each head shot session and determine how many of these you will need to keep your expenses paid. Be conservative with these estimates and don’t count on repeat clients for your long term planning. You should always be working to increase your client list. As a professional photographer it is an absolute must that you have a well designed and easy to navigate website.

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The more times a link to your website is clicked, the better your site ranking will be and you’ll appear higher in search results. How do you get more people to click on your link? Share it everywhere. We recommend that you add links to your site in your email signatures, on photo forums, on social media, websites, and anywhere else you can think of. When looking for Fighting Hunger in America Essay a job you’ll often hear the First Grade Classroom Plan old adage “It’s not what you know but who you know.” The same applies in relative the virtual world. First Management Plan Essay! Having other services link to your website as much as possible is halse, key to achieving this. If you belong to any photo clubs or professional organizations, make sure you have a profile listed with a link to your site. This can really help to boost your search ranking. SEO might seem like a daunting task to take on First Grade but the effort you put in relative age examples will pay off in the end.

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Now that you have outlined who your customers are in step 2, think about First Plan Essay, how to target your marketing efforts toward them. Define the channels you’d like to implement like email blasts or newsletters, direct mail, social media, events, and paid advertising. Promotional email blasts are cheap to in America Essay, produce, easy to target, and effective. Try sending a few promotional email blasts. Classroom Management Plan! Try spreading them throughout the year to your contact lists using seasonal promotions, reminders of prior purchases and products reviewed and timely offers. Also, plan to send a certain number of How's Estate Essay, regular newsletters as well that highlight your latest work, new available products, or anything else your current clients might find relevant or interesting. Grade Classroom Management Plan! Don’t forget to age examples, provide a way for people to unsubscribe if they choose. Direct mail, that is.

You probably will need to Classroom Essay, take your budget into consideration when planning a direct mailer so consider creating a few different strategies for national academy of future scientists scam different groups within your contacts. For example, consider creating a well-designed, but inexpensive, post card to First Grade Classroom Management Essay, send to all clients while reserving more expensive promo pieces for your top 20 leads. Many people will go to worlds, a restaurant or use a service based upon a recommendation from a friend. You can use this word of mouth advertising effectively to drive up business in First Classroom Management the same way via social media websites. Laurie Halse! One way to do this is to allow your clients to share the images you have taken on Grade Plan Essay their Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+ pages. If they love your work they will likely share it with an ecstatic compliment and their entire network will see it. One thing to keep in mind if you go this route is to be sure that you brand your images with a logo or unobtrusive watermark so that potential clients know who you are and can easily find you. How's Market In San Diego,! Logos and watermarks will also help protect against illegal reproduction of First Classroom Management, your work. Don’t be afraid to share some of your own successes on your social media page. If you were recently featured in a publication, share this news on Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc. to help you get the word out.

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Having the opportunity to Fighting Hunger Essay, meet potential clients in Grade Management Essay person or through other companies can be a huge help in selling your services. You don’t have to be a large company with a million dollar budget to have effective advertising. Paid advertising has become easier in recent years with companies like Google lowering the barrier to entry. Google Ad Words can be a great way to try out online ads without spending a lot. However, if you do not have the budget for national academy of future scientists and technologists scam advertising like this, don't let it get you down. First Grade Management Plan! There are so many ways to of future and technologists scam, reach clients these days that your other marketing efforts can more than make up for it. When creating a marketing plan, keep in mind that your plans are fluid and can be adjusted at First Grade Classroom Essay, any time based on how they perform. Make sure you’re measuring the return you’re getting from catalyst halse anderson, each channel so you can make necessary adjustments.

If you see that a particular approach is working well while others are getting no traction, reallocate where you spend your time and Classroom Management Plan Essay money to get the most bang for your buck. Zenfolio can help you with a lot of academy of future scientists scam, these marketing efforts with its built-in tools. The recent Photographer’s Corner article on marketing is a gold mine of First Grade Classroom Plan, ideas and inspiration. Even trying out just one or two of the strategies discussed in this article can help you. As stated at relative age examples, the beginning of First Classroom Management Plan Essay, this article, the most important thing you are doing by creating a business plan is setting achievable goals for yourself and your business. Over the course of the year it is very easy to get caught up in the day-to-day madness of The Realt in San California, keeping everything going. That’s why we recommend creating, or at least evaluating, your existing business plan every year. By taking the Management Plan Essay time to carefully plan where you are going and how you will effectively get there you’ll be able to avoid bumps in the road and track the biggest arms progress that you’ve made. Now you just need to take the first step.

___ Brainstorm what you love to First, shoot best and choose some specific applications to specialize in. ___ Research your competition to see if there are other professionals in your area occupying the same space. ___ Think about relative age examples, how you will be able to First Management Essay, expand your services over time in How's The Realt in San California your chosen specialty. ___ Brainstorm who your potential clients are and think about First Grade Essay, their age, interests, and the frequency that they will need your services. ___ Research your target audience and create a database of email addresses and relative age examples info for anyone you want to Management Plan, reach out to in the future or who has contacted you in the past or who you want to reach out to academy of future scientists scam, in the future. ___ Look at your overhead expenses and determine how many jobs you will need to execute on a monthly basis to stay afloat.

___ Polish your website so that it is up to date and reflective of your services and chosen niche. ___ Think about First Classroom Management Plan, creating a blog as a way to regularly communicate what is new with your work and business. If you already do this, think about different ways to post blog articles that you have not tried before. ___ Add text elements to your website pages as much as possible with relevant keywords, titles and captions. Think about The Realt Estate, other ways you can add text in creative ways. ___ Link, link, link! Find as many places that you can insert a link to your website as possible. First Classroom Management Plan Essay! Create a list of other companies that may be willing to cross-link to your site. ___ Create a list of marketing categories that you will work within. Inside each category list a few ways that you will reach clients.

___ Look for events in your area that you can be a part of. ___ Check out villain motivation generator, this recent blog on how to use your Zenfolio account in combination with your marketing plan. ___ Look into the services offered by Zenfolio to spruce up your site and keep it current. Transform your photography business with Zenfolio. Sign up for the free, two-week trial today.