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Nov 25, 2017 Essay about Are Guns the Problem?,

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Anne Sexton#8217;s #8220;Cinderella#8221; Essay Sample. Through literary devices such as simile, repetition and about Are Guns symbolism, Anne Sexton delivers the message that there is no way to for honor and glory live #8220;happily ever after.#8221; Using four short stories as a lead in, Sexton makes powerful arguments about society by Are Guns the Problem?, creating the symbol of the dove and alluding to Essay Practice of Social Policy in Botswana the story of Cinderella. Essay About Are Guns. For Sexton there is advertising, no Cinderella, there is Essay Are Guns, no prince charming, and there is no happy ending. For Honor And Glory. However, through #8220;Cinderella,#8221; she argues that the #8220;happy ever after#8221; ending remains an illusion society chases. Sexton initially presents examples of success stories in which people, with lives of Are Guns hardship, receive everlasting happiness due to apa style superficial commodities.

Sexton creates emphasis for the multiple stories using sentence fragments such as #8220;from toilets to riches,#8221; (4) and repetition of #8220;that story#8221; to create colloquial tone. Since colloquial tone and repetition are devices used everyday during conversations, the reader experiences the stories on a more intimate level, as if they were communicating with a friend. Sexton#8217;s first story describes a #8220;plumber with the twelve children#8221; (2) who transforms his life from tragedy to triumph from about winning the #8220;Irish Sweepstakes#8221; (3). Referencing. Sexton uses the Are Guns, stories to on The of Social Policy in Botswana point out about a reoccurring theme: a person cannot become instantaneously happy despite their good fortune, because real life is filled with tribulation. Similar stories of responsibility disheartened souls who change their lives from #8220;rags to Essay about Are Guns the Problem? riches#8221; are used as a lead in to the Sextons main allusion, #8220;Cinderella.#8221; Sexton leads into #8220;Cinderella#8221; by Sanitizer Essay, contrasting the supposed success stories to the tale of a young woman who searches for a similar fate, only to find a modicum of contentment after an ordeal. Cinderella, the about Are Guns the Problem?, main character in art, the poem, is portrayed as being unfortunate, mistreated, and Essay the Problem? discouraged. Sexton creates understanding for Cinderella using similes. Essay Of Social. In the first stanza, Cinderella#8217;s step-sisters are said to be beautiful although they still have #8220;hearts like blackjacks#8221; (29). Sexton constructs the Essay the Problem?, simile to compare the sister#8217;s characteristics to and glory warrior that of a lethal weapon, heartless and about Are Guns violent.

Furthermore, the comparison is postmodern modern, made because it helps define a reoccurring theme: appearances can be deceiving. Such a theme can also be applied to Cinderella. Sexton associates Cinderella#8217;s appearance, blackened with soot, to that of Al Jolson through metaphor. Al Jolson used make-up to blacken his originally white skin. Initially, the metaphor implies Cinderella is not only tired and disheveled, but filthy from head to Essay Are Guns the Problem? toe. Postmodern Art. Such a metaphor also reveals that Cinderella#8217;s personality, which is constantly overlooked, is white beneath the surface of a black exterior. Sexton establishes additional pity for Cinderella, by having Cinderella#8217;s father bestows gifts upon each sister, where the Essay about the Problem?, other sisters receive gifts fit for queens, and advertising Cinderella merely receives a twig. The twig, planted upon the grave of Cinderella#8217;s mother, brings a symbol of about protection and truth. A dove, which represents Cinderella#8217;s mother and protector, sits upon the newly planted twig and grants happiness to Cinderella whenever she requests it.

Initially, the of constructivism, dove is assigned is to pick-up the lentils, spilt by the wicked step-mother, allowing Cinderella to Are Guns the Problem? go to the ball. With the and glory, help of the Problem? many other birds, the dove completes the responsibility, extremely difficult task. Because of this, Cinderella is freed of the Essay about, shackles bounding her to domestic housework, therefore, allowing her to pursue her happiness. Sexton relates Cinderella to social the dove by about Are Guns the Problem?, announcing the bird#8217;s #8220;warm wings#8221; (51) and gentle touch originate from the and glory, #8220;fatherland,#8221; (51) which represents Hitler#8217;s tyrannical reign. Similarly, Cinderella#8217;s kindness and love are suppressed by the Problem?, the cruelty of her family. After the step-mother still does not allow Cinderella to modern art go to the ball, Cinderella pleads to the dove, her provider of pleasure, and is answered in full. About Are Guns The Problem?. As the dove becomes more essential to the happiness of Cinderella, the apa style referencing, dove also becomes more powerful. It is noted by Essay, the narrator that the warrior, dropping off of a dress and Essay Are Guns the Problem? shoes is #8220;rather a large package for such a simple bird#8221; (63). With her magnificent gown and majestic shoes in hand, Cinderella proceeds to the ball where the prince falls madly in love with her solely based on her appearance. Modern Art. However, the prince is unable to about Are Guns recognize Cinderella after she changes back to her sooty face and ragged clothes. The shallow relationship between Cinderella and social responsibility the Prince reveals another fault of society: the pressure placed on Essay about Are Guns the Problem?, superficial characteristics and for honor warrior the emphasis placed upon beauty is a priority set too high.

When people must #8220;gussy up#8221; (30) to about be noticed, the postmodern art vs modern, person within is Essay the Problem?, unable to be seen. The Prince searches for his beloved beauty using a golden shoe left by apa style, Cinderella at the ball. The shoe signifies the #8220;happy ever after#8221; ending that so many people in society pursue. The step-sisters, who are both #8220;delighted because they [have] lovely feet,#8221; (80) represent many citizens in society. Although their feet are beautiful, the step-sisters are willing to take their foot and #8220;slice it off and about Are Guns the Problem? put on the slipper#8221; (83) to live the blissful ending they were hoping for. For Honor Warrior. As the image of Essay Are Guns the Problem? self-mutilation indicates, people across the Essay Practice in Botswana, world take extensive measures to try and obtain the happiness that they have sought after for so long. The same happiness the Essay about Are Guns the Problem?, step-sisters are close to stealing is social advertising, ruined by the dove. Essay About. Cinderella#8217;s protector, the dove, speaks to apa style referencing the prince and Essay about Are Guns the Problem? announces his obvious mistake in choosing the wrong woman. Of Social In Botswana. By revealing the step-sisters as merciless frauds, to the Problem? the Prince, the castro batista, dove becomes defined as the revealer of truth in a story of corruption. Essay About. The truth the on The Practice of Social in Botswana, dove relays to the Prince helps to relay a truth of society: competition for the same dream will not only turn fair intentions sour, but also cause people to Are Guns use extreme measures against one another in hopes of accomplishing their goals.

The two sisters are willing to ruin Cinderella#8217;s happiness in exchange for castro batista their own. The subtle tragedy of the sisters is about, created by Sexton to strengthen her argument about people in on The of Social Policy in Botswana, society being able to the Problem? hurt one another. The first sister suffers defeat and is left with a mutilated toe: #8220;That is the way with amputations. Mechanical Toilet Sanitizer Essay. They don#8217;t just heal up like a wish#8221; (86-87). Sexton then creates sympathy for the originally cruel sisters by Essay about Are Guns, stating their injuries will have a lasting effect. Sexton uses the postmodern modern art, comparison between the Essay about the Problem?, sisters#8217; amputation and a wish to add emphasis to on The Practice of Social in Botswana a prior theme: lasting effects occur when people in society compete for the same dream.

Sexton alludes to Essay Are Guns the step-sisters to demonstrate that the injuries of those who cannot obtain the dream are often great. Sexton acknowledges how oblivious people can be to each other by creating another simile. The reference to Cinderella#8217;s foot fitting the shoe #8220;like a love letter into modern art, its envelope#8221; (94) is Essay about the Problem?, a contradiction. The connotations of a love letter are associated with true love, tender care, and a romantic life. These conceptions are very different from the supposed #8220;love#8221; the referencing, Prince and Cinderella share. Essay About Are Guns The Problem?. Their love includes competition, superficiality, and agony upon others. Both of them become utterly unaware of the and disadvantages of dial, multiple people they crush in attempting to achieve their personal goals. Are Guns The Problem?. Through the castro batista, irony of Cinderella#8217;s #8220;perfect#8221; relationship with the prince, Sexton displays how purposefully ignorant members of society can become in order to achieve their own happiness. Sexton distinguishes the dove as Cinderella#8217;s protector at Cinderella#8217;s wedding. As the wretched step-sisters make a final attempt to Are Guns steal Cinderella#8217;s groom, the dove sees through their pretty faces to Sanitizer their blackened hearts and dark intentions.

The symbol of the Essay about Are Guns the Problem?, dove gains importance as the announcer of castro batista truth because it destroys the sisters#8217; plans as well their exterior beauty by about, #8220;[pecking] their eyes out#8221; (97). Cinderella#8217;s goal is achieved. After a life of art vs modern hardship she is able to obtain her #8220;happy ending#8221; at the cost of Essay Are Guns the Problem? her sister#8217;s anguish. Essay On The Practice Of Social Policy In Botswana. However, throughout the final stanza Sexton uses similes to show the reader that such a life of Are Guns happiness does not exist. Instead, the Prince and of constructivism Cinderella are #8220;like two dolls in a museum case#8221; (103), always perfect, never facing adversity, and on display for others to Essay about Are Guns the Problem? envy. Sexton uses the example to state that many members in for honor warrior, society look upon Essay about the Problem? each other in of dial up, envy because other people appear to have the Essay about Are Guns, perfect life. Furthermore, Sexton supports the statement by implying the Prince and Cinderella live like #8220;regular Bobbsey twins#8221; (109) comparing them to apa style referencing children who effortlessly solve mysteries with almost overwhelming perfection. These similes provide information to lend support to the theory that such a life is meaningless, because there is so much more to life than simply being happy. Essay The Problem?. Although the dolls appear cheerful, they are not truly alive. Sexton uses parallel construction about problems in reality such as, #8220;arguing over the timing of an apa style referencing, egg,#8221; (104) and #8220;getting a middle-aged spread#8221; (106), to Essay about the Problem? state that living #8220;happily ever after#8221; is impossible because any real life contains hardship.

Throughout the poem Sexton alludes to the story of Cinderella, uses the symbol of the postmodern modern, dove, and various similes to create a concrete theme about society#8217;s deranged perspective of what happiness is. Sexton couples allusion, symbolism, and simile with colloquial tone to identify the theme as society#8217;s inability to recognize its wrongdoings. Essay About Are Guns The Problem?. When a society places false value upon superficial beauty, and postmodern art vs art feels the constant need to strive for Essay about the unattainable #8220;happily ever after,#8221; nothing but destruction ensues. Is this the perfect essay for you? Save time and order Anne Sexton#8217;s #8220;Cinderella#8221; essay editing for Essay on The Practice of Social Policy only $13.9 per page. Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for Anne Sexton#8217;s #8220;Cinderella#8221; With many variations of fantasies, #8220;Happily ever after#8221; is reoccurring in about, every fairy tale. #8220;Cinderella#8221; by Anne Sexton is advantages and disadvantages, a different variation of the about, classic tale. The author sets up#8230; Satire in Anne Sexton#8217;s Cinderella.

In Anne Sexton#8217;s #8220;Cinderella#8221; one may ponder what the purpose and and glory warrior tone is. About Are Guns. Anne Sexton uses a strong satiric and responsibility humorous undertone when poking fun at marriage. The use of#8230; Comparative Analysis of about Are Guns the Problem? #8220;Cinderella#8221; and advantages and disadvantages of dial up #8220;Ashputtle#8221; The purpose of Essay Are Guns this paper is to make a comparative analysis of two perspectives on of constructivism, the children#8217;s story of Cinderella. It contrasts the about the Problem?, time periods and Mechanical Toilet Sanitizer cultures of Essay the Problem? France and#8230; ?Good Triumphs Evil: Cinderella. Examples Of Constructivism. Cinderella, as told by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm in Essay about, Household Tales, is apa style referencing, a tale most of us are familiar with. About. Most know the examples of constructivism, version of the Essay Are Guns, tale as told in#8230; Cinderella: A Literary Analysis. The story of Cinderella is on The Practice Policy, a timeless classic that characterizes the Essay, different aspects of postmodern art vs modern historical writing.

Many later variations of the story derive their origin from classic antiquity, one being#8230; Symbolism in Disney#8217;s #8220;Cinderella#8221; The story of Cinderella has been shared through many generations, exploring the life of a beautiful girl who is Are Guns the Problem?, cruelly abused by her wicked stepsisters and castro batista stepmother. The director of#8230;

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Essay about Are Guns the Problem?

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Nov 25, 2017 Essay about Are Guns the Problem?,

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Inside story: A recent wave of advances is enabling oil companies to detect and recover offshore oil in ever more difficult places. Add this article to your reading list by Essay, clicking this button. IN OCTOBER 1947 a group of engineers from Kerr-McGee, an American oil company, drilled the world's first offshore oil well that was completely out of sight of land. For Honor And Glory! Located 17km (10.5 miles) off the coast of Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico, the project involved a drilling deck no bigger than a tennis court. This platform was complemented by a number of refurbished navy barges left over from the second world war, which served as both storage facilities and sleeping quarters for the crew.

A single derrick enabled drilling into the seabed, 4.6 metres (15 feet) below. Essay Are Guns The Problem?! Kerr-McGee's offshore drilling gear is still used in the Gulf of Mexico. The reused barges, however, are long gone. Instead, far more elaborate equipment is now being used, and in much deeper water. In 2005 the company installed its Constitution platform 300km south-west of New Orleans. Moored to for honor and glory, the ocean floor 1,500 metres below the surface, the $600m structure comprises a 13,600-tonne cylindrical floating “spar” supporting a 9,800-tonne upper section or “topside”. Constitution, which is now owned and operated by Anadarko Petroleum, an Essay about Are Guns, independent oil producer that acquired Kerr-McGee in 2006, has plenty of advertising company. In 2007 BP finished work on Atlantis, a 58,700-tonne semisubmersible platform, which is tethered to the seabed over 2,150 metres below. Upon completion, the Are Guns, platform was the deepest-moored oil-and-gas production facility in social responsibility advertising, the world.

But the about Are Guns, record did not last long. In 2008 Shell's 22,000-tonne Perdido spar (pictured) was towed from its construction site in Essay Practice Policy in Botswana, Finland to its new home 320km off the Essay about, Texas coast. For Honor Warrior! Standing nearly as tall as the Eiffel Tower, the Perdido rig is chained to the seabed 2,400 metres below, and is connected to nearby subsea wells in even deeper water, at a depth of 2,900 metres. About Are Guns! The same year, two more huge semisubmersibles—Chevron's 36,300-tonne Blind Faith and BP's colossal 130,000-tonne Thunder Horse—also started operations. These hulks owe their existence to a combination of geopolitical and technical developments. Essay Of Social In Botswana! Growing resource nationalism in countries that hold most of the world's onshore oil reserves is forcing private oil companies to Essay the Problem?, go farther afield. Inconveniently, that means looking for oil in deep water, miles offshore. This poses daunting physical challenges. And Glory Warrior! Drill strings, the interlocking sections of pipe that are used in Essay about, offshore drilling, are heavy: the pipe used by Transocean, an offshore-drilling company, weighs over 30kg per metre, for example. Deeper water means a longer and social responsibility advertising heavier drill string, which in turn requires a bigger platform to support such a large “hook load”.

Ever-larger platforms and the increasing use of Essay about Are Guns the Problem? drill ships—giant vessels that are even heavier than moored platforms—have given companies the heft required to work at greater depths. With miles of water overhead, the pressure on the seafloor presents a further challenge both to equipment designers and production engineers trying to get oil back to the surface. Perdido, which begins operations any day now, incorporates some novel techniques to address this problem. Its “subsea boosting system” uses electric pumps on the seafloor to postmodern art vs modern art, help the oil on its one-and-a-half-mile journey to the surface. And combining the streams from multiple subsea wells and separating oil from gas on Essay about Are Guns the seafloor means fewer risers, or pipes to the surface, are needed. Despite the postmodern modern, adverse working conditions, there have been several big deepwater discoveries in recent years. In 2007 Petrobras, a Brazilian oil giant, stunned the industry with the announcement that it had found as much as 8 billion barrels of oil at Essay Are Guns, its Tupi field, 240km off the coast of Rio de Janeiro.

The discovery, beneath 2,000 metres of water, 3,000 metres of sand and rocks and castro batista a 2,000-metre layer of salt, was touted at the time as potentially the Essay about Are Guns, largest offshore find ever made. Subsequent “ultra deepwater” discoveries—those in water deeper than 1,500 metres—have included finds off the castro batista, coasts of Angola, Sierra Leone and Nigeria, and a spate of finds in the Gulf of Mexico, where Anadarko made five discoveries in 2009 alone. Such discoveries were literally unfathomable just a few years ago. About Are Guns! Until the mid-1990s, says Robin Walker of WesternGeco, an oil-services company, there was a general view that successful offshore oil-drilling operations were limited to a water depth of around 600 metres. But this had less to do with the apa style, challenge of accessing the oil than with finding it in the first place. Giant platforms like Thunder Horse and Perdido provide the necessary muscle, but advances in computing at the exploration stage have been just as important when it comes to tapping deepwater oil. In this most physically demanding of industries, software, as much as hardware, is changing the about Are Guns, game.

To give an idea of the difficulty of deepwater drilling, Mr Walker uses an analogy. “Imagine a large offshore oil rig as a matchbox,” he says. Next, imagine the matchbox on top of a two-storey building, with the upper floor filled with water and the lower floor filled with rock, sand and, in some cases, salt. Striking an oil reservoir with a drill pipe is then like hitting a coin at the base of the building with a strand of human hair. The penalties for getting it wrong are enormous. An industry rule of thumb puts the cost of for honor drilling a deepwater “dry hole”—a well that does not strike oil—at around $100m; BP says it can be as high as $200m.

With the stakes so high and the margin for error so small, “you need to know before you drill,” says Stuart Strife, Anadarko's head of exploration in Essay about the Problem?, the Gulf of Mexico. The knowledge in question takes the on The Practice of Social Policy, form of precise data on about the Problem? the composition and structure of the apa style referencing, geological formations beneath the seabed, which provide insight into about Are Guns, the areas likely to hold oil deposits. Up! For decades this has been collected in the form of seismic surveys, a technique originally developed on land and then adapted for the Problem?, offshore exploration. Typical marine seismic surveys, which date back to the 1980s, are done using a boat which tows eight to on The, ten parallel streamers, each several kilometres long, behind it. The boat is also equipped with a seismic source that creates sonar signals, or “shot points”, using blasts of compressed air. These signals are detected by uniformly spaced sonar receivers, called hydrophones, incorporated into the streamers. By analysing the way the sonar signals bounce off the various geological layers beneath the seafloor—each of which reflects the about the Problem?, signals in a different way—seismologists can identify patterns in the subsurface that are likely to indicate the presence of oil-bearing rocks. Although the data are collected in two dimensions, the spacing of the Essay of Social in Botswana, streamers (about 25 metres apart) enables oil companies to process the data using computer programs that generate a rough three-dimensional model of the Essay Are Guns, subsurface, says David Rainey, BP's head of exploration in the Gulf of responsibility Mexico. The models created from Essay about Are Guns such survey data were accurate enough to social, enable oil companies to identify formations such as anticlines or faults—the underground structures that typically contain oil. Access to such relatively easy oil was good while it lasted.

But it quickly tailed off. This is partially because oil companies tend to Essay, maximise production rates to minimise the modern art, high cost of Essay Are Guns the Problem? maintaining offshore operations, and partially because around two-thirds of the Essay on The Practice of Social Policy, seabed in the Gulf of Mexico is covered by shallow salt canopies. Having formed a crust on the seabed during periods of seawater evaporation, the salt has since been covered by millennia of silt deposits from rivers emptying into sea, which over time turned to rock and formed the base of the Essay the Problem?, seafloor. Warrior! Under pressure, the salt has pushed into the rock layer, forming a convoluted subsurface of rock and Essay about Are Guns the Problem? salt. The patterns formed by castro batista, the commingled salt and rock create a huge headache for the companies trying to access the oil below them, because the waves emitted from seismic sources travel more quickly in salt than in rock. With a combination of reflected and refracted waves returning to the hydrophones, it is difficult to put together a clear picture of the subsurface from a traditional sonar survey. Initial efforts to the Problem?, improve the clarity of subsalt mapping focused on trying to improve the data processing. Castro Batista! But although better algorithms enabled clearer mapping of smooth and flat (or “well behaved”) formations, they were of limited use for more complex structures. “About five years ago we reached a point of diminishing returns,” says Mr Rainey.

So the oil companies and their partners went back to the drawing board. Essay About Are Guns! Instead of castro batista collecting data in two dimensions using streamers and then processing the about, data to produce a 3-D image, they decided to move to three-dimensional acquisition. Social Advertising! This approach, called a “wide-azimuth” survey, involves using hydrophones and multiple seismic sources on about three or four vessels moving in parallel. The subsurface structures can then be probed from several different angles at the same time. Accuracy can also be improved by passing over the same region several times from different angles (a “multi-azimuth” survey). Additional techniques include “coil shooting”, which involves performing a wide-azimuth survey on a spiralling trajectory, and so-called “4-D” surveys, in which repeated wide-azimuth surveys are used to gauge the effects of production on a subsurface structure over time.

To gather a consistent picture of the subsurface and to ensure “repeatability” during 3-D and 4-D surveys, the towed streamers need to be kept in a fixed position relative to the source vessels and to each other. So the oil-services companies devised techniques (such as the Q-Fin system from WesternGeco and the Nautilus system from postmodern art vs art CGGVeritas) to Are Guns the Problem?, measure and adjust the apa style, position of the streamers as they travel through the water. But the mechanics of the new acquisition techniques are a doddle compared with the challenge of making sense of the Essay about Are Guns the Problem?, vast amount of data produced. Social Responsibility Advertising! A typical 3-D survey uses about 80km of streamer cable containing a total of Essay Are Guns the Problem? around 25,000 hydrophones. Shot points occur every 10-15 seconds, and after each one the hydrophones record a 24-bit signal every two milliseconds. This results in around 500 megabytes of data per shot point. Castro Batista! With 50 seismic vessels working around the clock industry-wide, this adds up to a total of around 12 petabytes of new data every year, according to Mr Walker. The resulting data must then be processed to produce a picture of the subsurface. The amount of computing power used for such calculations is staggering.

BP's computer centre in Essay the Problem?, the Gulf of Mexico operates at Essay on The Practice of Social in Botswana, 270 teraflops (270 trillion calculations per second), nearly 3,000 times faster than a decade ago. When seismic surveys show that there is a good chance of finding oil, companies set about the delicate process of drilling an Essay about Are Guns the Problem?, exploratory well. And Disadvantages Of Dial Up! During drilling, a fluid called “mud” is pumped through the drill string to remove the borehole cuttings, to cool the drill bit and maintain pressure at the base of the well. As the drill progresses through the rock and sand below the seabed, the pressure of the mud in the drill string must be kept within a limited range. If the about Are Guns, pressure is up, too low, the about the Problem?, forces from underground fluids and gases pushing in on the well wall (“pore pressure”) will cause it to collapse; if it is too high, the mud can aggravate and expand existing fractures in the surrounding rock, leading to a loss of art vs modern circulation as the mud escapes into the newly created fissures. Maintaining the mud within a “pressure window”, therefore, is Essay about Are Guns, critical. To estimate the postmodern modern art, correct pressure, oil companies traditionally relied on Essay Are Guns the Problem? rock samples and stress data taken from the well bore after initial drilling. They then produced a model to estimate pore pressure and for honor warrior fracture pressure, and calculated the Essay, mud pressure accordingly. But this was an apa style, imperfect science, and subsalt formations only made things harder. Large pressure differentials between the salt and rock layers make it difficult to keep the drill within the Are Guns the Problem?, pressure window when passing from one to the other.

Even with vast amounts of seismic data, identifying the boundaries between salt and apa style referencing rock from the surface, many miles above, is nearly impossible. A new wave of tools and Essay Are Guns communication systems enabling the collection and transmission of “down-hole” data in castro batista, real time is beginning to change this. Rather than approaching a well with a fixed drilling plan, companies can now use “measurement while drilling” (MWD) tools to determine the pressure, temperature, vibration and electrical resistivity (useful for inferring rock properties) of the well as they drill. Typically, MWD data are transmitted via “mud pulses”—pressure waves sent through the mud that relay information from the down-hole sensors to about the Problem?, the surface. These pulses allow information to modern art, be sent to the surface at just a few bits per second, but this is enough to transmit useful data about what is going on. Essay The Problem?! MWD is particularly valuable in directional drilling, because it provides feedback about the material being drilled through and the angle and position of the modern art, drill bit, enabling more accurate steering. “MWD really changes the workflow of the drilling process,” says Braulio Xavier Bastos of Petrobras. Armed with a continuous flow of well data, his offshore engineers are able to run simulations on rock behaviour and pore pressure during drilling, and then adjust parameters such as drill speed accordingly. Essay Are Guns The Problem?! Lisa Grant, a drilling engineer at Shell, says MWD enables the drilling of wells today that were “not even contemplated” five years ago. With an in-well communications channel established, oil companies are devising new ways to apa style, analyse the subsurface, including the use of “borehole seismic” tools.

By attaching seismic sources and about the Problem? receivers to castro batista, the drilling module, such systems provide a more accurate picture of the underground geological environment than can be obtained from the surface alone. Sophisticated MWD tools require faster information transfer. About! One potential solution is Intellipipe, a telemetry system that relies on cables embedded in advantages and disadvantages of dial, the pipe walls of the Essay Are Guns the Problem?, drill string, with inductive coupling to transmit data between pipe segments. According to Grant Prideco, its manufacturer, Intellipipe enables transmission rates of up to one megabit per second, far faster than mud-pulsing. As new techniques emerge, oil is being found in ever harder-to-reach places. The rate of large offshore discoveries has already begun to of dial, tail off, says Mike Rodgers, a partner at PFC Energy, an energy consultancy.

He thinks the principal value of deepwater mapping and measurement technologies will lie in finding smaller, marginal oilfields that can then be “tied back” to Are Guns, existing platforms. But the oil industry makes a habit of springing surprises, as the unexpectedly large offshore finds in the Gulf of Mexico and social responsibility off the Brazilian coast demonstrate. A study earlier this year by the US Geological Survey suggested Venezuela could have twice as much oil as originally thought. However things develop, history suggests that technology will be a decisive factor in the determining the Essay about Are Guns, winners and the losers in the oil industry, given the enormous value of being able to reduce uncertainty. Just as Kerr-McGee was establishing its pioneering offshore platform in the 1940s, four other American firms joined forces to form Aramco, now the state oil company of Saudi Arabia and on The of Social Policy owner of the world's biggest reserves. Exploration rights in the kingdom had previously been declined by Anglo-Persian, BP's predecessor, whose geologists' reports saw “little room for optimism” for oil discovery there. An incentive to “know before you drill” if ever there was one. Killed, aborted or neglected, at least 100m girls have disappeared—and the Essay about, number is rising. The real issue raised by Lord Ashcroft’s tax status is David Cameron’s judgment.

Throughout the rich world battle lines are being drawn in the coming fight over deficit reduction. Iraq may ask for more American help. Barack Obama should not hold back. Time to apa style, show them what you're made of. Even Javanese democrats cannot always rule by consensus. On Ukraine, health care, financial risk, Texas, the euro, computers. No promised land at the end of the Problem? all this.

Iraq, having beaten most of its insurgents, holds an election on and disadvantages of dial March 7th. But its institutions may. The scandals surrounding New York’s governor and its leading representative in about the Problem?, Washington mark the. Barack Obama unveils his final strategy for pushing health reform. A late, and philosophical, return to for honor, political campaigning. Gradually, the story emerges of Essay about what happened on the Danziger bridge. The Supreme Court is poised to strike down gun controls. Rick Perry and Bill White move from the primary to the real election.

A new attempt to save the most vital workers in the orchards. Will piqued pale males hand the Republicans a victory in November? A richer, better organised country fared less badly than Haiti. Even so, the government struggled to. Use solar power, not firewood. A familiar mistrust descends. Sporting success and brash patriotism. Presidential politics in Colombia. Suddenly, a wide-open race among half-a-dozen would-be successors. Indonesia's parliamentary showdown. After a hard-won battle, President Yudhoyono has a chance to start again.

Politicians vie for social responsibility advertising, poor-Muslim votes. The feud in Essay Are Guns the Problem?, South Korea's ruling party. The defining battle of Lee Myung-bak’s presidency nears its climax. Some scent compromise; more fear a looming showdown. Worries about apa style referencing renewed overheating. A rigged vote keeps the ruling party in power in a failing state. To a sitting room, mobile telephone or supermarket screen near you soon. Israel builds still more facts on Palestinian ground, while stalemate persists.

A mysterious murder exposes a rift within the country’s ruling circle. The return of Essay Are Guns the Problem? Mohamed ElBaradei from castro batista abroad is rattling Egypt’s rulers. Progress and repression in Rwanda. President Paul Kagame has improved people’s lives at the expense of Essay about Are Guns freedom. The government’s new austerity measures may prove to be enough—so long as they are fully. The ramifications of a likely no vote may not be pleasant. United in the cause of undermining Russian pipeline monopolies. More high-level captures point to for honor warrior, a systematic weakening of ETA. Italy’s prime minister becomes an unlikely crusader against Are Guns the Problem? corruption.

The Balkans and international justice. More arrests and court cases revive bad Balkan memories. Most Europeans are doing better than they think, and can take more fiscal austerity. The currency will remain vulnerable to worries about a hung parliament. The Conservative donor ends a decade of speculation.

The corporation will become smaller, but no less potent. Dissatisfaction among the faithful followers of Manchester United. Devolved Scotland goes its own way. Tories and Scot Nats get down and dirty. The Tories’ unexpected weakness may yet haunt Labour: what if the postmodern art vs modern art, party had ditched Gordon Brown? Technology, declining fertility and Essay about Are Guns ancient prejudice are combining to unbalance societies. Struggling to cope with a dearth of brides. Energy: Turbines equipped with sensors can now “see” the wind before it arrives, and then take. Aviation: How a collapsible mechanical cushion, borrowed from apa style referencing a space capsule, could help protect a. Biotechnology: A new way to determine the sex of a chicken embryo before it hatches should save. Telecommunications: Making antennas from liquid metals should mean robust reception.

Technology and society: Is it really helpful to talk about a new generation of “digital natives”. Photography: A promising new class of digital cameras is Essay the Problem?, emerging between small, basic compact. Military technology: Elaborate new devices designed to defeat makeshift explosives struggle to apa style, gain. Consumer electronics: Tiny semiconductor crystals, called quantum dots, enable new forms of. Energy: The idea of recycling paper, glass, metal and plastics has become commonplace. New. Innovation Awards: We invite nominations for our annual prizes recognising successful innovators. Video on Essay about the internet: Why are public broadcasters experimenting with the “peer-to-peer”. Hugh Herr lost his lower legs as a teenager. He has since gone on social to become a leading light in the. The internet: New combinations of about the Problem? human and computer translation are making web pages available in.

Transport: A collapsible shipping container could help reduce the environmental impact of. Transport: Manufacturers are using a variety of chemical additives and new materials to reduce the. Fake goods are proliferating, to the dismay of companies and governments. Italy’s biggest telecoms firm faces an uncertain future. Signs of a crackdown on the oligopolists who rob the poor. Apple uncovers poor conduct at some of its contractors. Under pressure, GM is now putting up half the money needed to rescue Opel.

Location-based services on mobile phones. Adverts that know where you are could be lucrative—not to mention controversial. Despite a few recent appointments, there are good reasons why joint bosses are a rarity. Increasing budget deficits and rising government debts are likely to entail fierce political. The insurance industry’s biggest-ever acquisition has prompted the largest-ever rights issue: AIG. The central bank loses a vice-chairman but starts to regain its standing. Countries don’t like bad news about for honor and glory warrior their creditworthiness.

Countries compete to weaken their currencies. A difficult time for Essay, a fund-raising spree. Should every child receive a bank account at birth? Does India’s government pay any heed to its economic advisers? You might think that measuring the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere would be a priority. How to predict the consistency of snow. If females must compete, evolution will furnish them with weapons to do so.

The earliest animal tracks yet found have been unearthed in Canada. The short sad life of postmodern art vs modern art whites in Africa. The bloody age of Vyacheslav Molotov. Stalin’s violent henchman and his library may have inspired a modern classic. Andrew Rawnsley's political vivisection.

The centre of global gendercide. Business and the bedroom. Trying to tell it how it is. Michael Foot, politician and man of letters, died on March 3rd, aged 96. Next in about, Economic and financial indicators. Next in Economic and financial indicators.

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Alice Walker Short Fiction Analysis - Essay. The heroism of black women in the face of Essay Are Guns the Problem? turmoil of all kinds rings from art vs modern both volumes of Alice Walker’s short stories like the refrain of a protest song. In Love and Trouble reveals the extremes of cruelty and violence to which poor black women are often subjected in their personal relationships, while the struggles in You Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down reflect the social upheavals of the 1970’s. In Love and Trouble. Such subjects and themes lend themselves to a kind of narrative that is Essay about Are Guns the Problem?, filled with tension. The words “love” and “trouble,” for example, in the title of the first collection, identify a connection that is both unexpected and inevitable. Each of the thirteen stories in this collection is a vivid confirmation that every kind of love known to woman brings its own kind of castro batista suffering.

Walker is adept at pairing such elements so as to create pronounced and revealing contrasts or intense conflicts. One such pair that appears in about Are Guns, many of these short stories is a stylistic one and easy to see: the poetry and prose that alternate on the page. Another unusual combination at work throughout the short fiction may be called the lyrical and and glory warrior, the sociological. Like the protest song, Walker’s stories make a plea for justice made more memorable by its poetic form. She breathes rhythmic, eloquent language into the most brutish and banal abuses.

These two elements—similarity of Essay about subject matter and the balance of highly charged contraries—produce a certain unity within each volume. Yet beyond this common ground, the stories have been arranged so as to convey a progression of interconnected pieces whose circumstances and themes repeat, alternate, and overlap rather like a musical composition. The first three stories of In Love and Trouble , for postmodern, example, are all about married love; the next two are about about Are Guns the Problem?, love between parent and child; then come three stories in which black-white conflict is central; the fourth group concerns religious expression; and the last three stories focus on and glory initiation. Other themes emerge and run through this five-set sequence, linking individual motifs and strengthening the whole. Jealousy is one of those motifs, as is the drive for Essay, self-respect, black folkways, and flowers, in particular the rose and the black-eyed Susan. Four stories suggest the breadth of Walker’s imagination and narrative skills. “Roselily” strikes an anticipatory note of advertising foreboding. Essay About The Problem?! “The Child Who Favored Daughter” is an equally representative selection, this time of the horrific destruction of the black woman. Advantages Of Dial! “The Revenge of Hannah Kemhuff” is Essay Are Guns the Problem?, as cool and clear as “The Child Who Favored Daughter” is dark and social responsibility advertising, fevered. The narrator recounts a tale of Voodoo justice, specifically crediting Zora Neale Hurston, author of Mules and Essay about the Problem?, Men (1935). The final story in this collection, “To Hell with Dying,” is an affirmative treatment of many themes Walker has developed elsewhere more darkly. “Roselily” takes place on a front porch surrounded by a crowd of black folk, in sight of Highway 61 in Mississippi during the time it takes to perform a wedding ceremony. As the up, preacher intones the formal words, the bride’s mind wanders among the Essay about the Problem?, people closest to her there—the bridegroom, the of dial up, preacher, her parents, sisters, and children. The groom’s religion is note the same as hers, and she knows that he disapproves of this gathering. She speculates uneasily about their future life together in Chicago, where she will wear a veil, sit on the women’s side of his church, and have more babies.

She is the mother of Are Guns the Problem? four children already but has never been married. He is giving her security, but he intends, she realizes, to remake her into the image he wants. Even the love he gives her causes her great sadness, as it makes her aware of how unloved she was before. At last, the ceremony over, they stand in the yard, greeting well-wishers, he completely alien, she overcome with anxiety. She squeezes his hand for reassurance but receives no answering signal from him. Poetic and fairy tale elements intensify the ambivalence felt by castro batista, the bride in this magnetic mood piece. First, there are the ceremonial resonances of the words between the paragraphs of narrative, stately and solemn like a slow drumbeat. As these phrases alternate with Roselily’s thoughts, a tension develops. At the words “Dearly Beloved,” a daydream of images begins to flow, herself a small girl in her mother’s fancy dress, struggling through “a bowl of quicksand soup”; the words “we are gathered here” suggest to her the image of cotton, waiting to be weighed, a Mississippi ruralness she knows the bridegroom finds repugnant; “in the sight of God” creates in the Problem?, her mind the image of God as a little black boy tugging at postmodern art, the preacher’s coattail.

Gradually, a sense of foreboding builds. At the Essay about Are Guns the Problem?, words “to join this man and this woman” she imagines “ropes, chains, handcuffs, his religion.” The bridegroom is her rescuer, like Prince Charming, and is ready to become her Pygmalion. Like Sleeping Beauty, Roselily is of Social Policy, only dimly aware of exchanging one form of confinement, of enchantment, for another. At the end of the ceremony, she awakes to his passionate kiss and a terrible sense of being wrong. “The Child Who Favored Daughter” While “Roselily” is a subtle story of a quiet inner life, “The Child Who Favored Daughter” records the circumstances of a shocking assault. It begins, also, on Essay about the Problem? a front porch. A father waits with a shotgun on a hot afternoon for his daughter to walk from the school bus through the front yard. He is holding in his hand a letter she had written to her white lover.

Realizing what her father knows, the castro batista, girl comes slowly down the dusty lane, pausing to study the black-eyed Susans. As his daughter approaches, the Essay Are Guns, father is reminded of his sister, “Daughter,” who also had a white lover. Postmodern Modern Art! His intense love for his sister had turned to bitterness when she gave herself to a man by whom he felt enslaved; his bitterness poisoned all of his relationships with women thereafter. He confronts the about, girl on the porch with the words “White man’s slut!” then beats her with a stable harness and leaves her in the shed behind the house. The next morning, failing to make her deny the letter and struggling to suppress his “unnameable desire,” he slashes off her breasts. As the story ends, he sits in a stupor on the front porch. Castro Batista! This story of perverted parental love and about the Problem?, warring passions explores the destructive power of jealousy and denial. Its evil spell emanates from the castro batista, father’s unrepented and unacknowledged desire to about, possess his sister.

He is haunted by her when he looks at his own daughter. Once again, a strongly lyrical style heightens the dominant tone, in this case, horror. Short lines of verse, like snatches of song interspersed with the narrative, contrast sharply in their suggestion of pure feeling with the tightly restrained prose. The daughter’s motif associates her with the attraction of natural beauty: “Fire of earth/ Lure of Essay on The Practice of Social Policy flower smells/ The sun . ” The father’s theme sounds his particular resignation and doom: “Memories of years/ Unknowable women—/ sisters/ spouses/ illusions of soul . ” The resulting trancelike confrontation seems inevitable, the two moving through a pattern they do not control, do not understand. “The Revenge of Essay about Are Guns Hannah Kemhuff” In “The Revenge of Hannah Kemhuff,” a woman who has lost husband, children, and self-respect, all because a charity worker denied her food stamps, comes to the seer Tante Rosie for peace of postmodern art vs art mind. Tante Rosie assures the troubled woman that the combined powers of the Man-God and the Great Mother of Essay about Are Guns Us All will destroy her enemy. Castro Batista! Tante Rosie’s apprentice, who narrates the story, teaches Mrs. Kemhuff the curse-prayer printed in Zora Neale Hurston’s Mules and Men . Then she sets about to collect the necessary ingredients for the conjure: Sarah Sadler Holley’s feces, water, nail parings. Her task seems to become almost impossible when her mentor tells her that these items must be gained directly from the about Are Guns the Problem?, victim herself. Nevertheless, with a plan in referencing, mind, the young woman approaches Mrs. Essay The Problem?! Holley, tells her that she is advantages and disadvantages of dial up, learning the profession from Tante Rosie, and then asks her to prove that she, as she claims, does not believe in Essay about Are Guns, “rootworking.” It is only a short while until Mrs.

Kemhuff dies, followed a few months later by Mrs. Holley, who had, after the visit of the apprentice, taken to her bedroom, eating her nails, saving her fallen hair, and on The Practice of Social, collecting her excrement in Are Guns the Problem?, plastic bags and barrels. This is the first story in the collection in which the black community comes into conflict with the and glory warrior, white. It is a conflict of religious traditions and the Problem?, a strong statement in recognition of something profound in African folkways. Mrs. Holley failed Mrs. Kemhuff years before in the greatest of Christian virtues, that of up charity. Essay About Are Guns! Mrs. Kemhuff, though now reconciled to apa style, her church, cannot find peace and seeks the Essay about Are Guns, even greater power of ancient conjure to restore her pride. Like other African American writers who have handled this subject, Walker first acknowledges that Voodoo is apa style, widely discounted as sheer superstition, but then her story argues away all rational objections.

Mrs. Essay About! Holley does not die as the result of hocus-pocus but because of on The Practice of Social in Botswana her own radical belief, a belief in spite of herself. Essay Are Guns The Problem?! There is something else about this story that is different from those at the beginning of the collection. Instead of a dreamy or hypnotic action, alert characters speak and social advertising, think purposefully, clearly, one strand of many evolving patterns that emerge as the stories are read in sequence. “To Hell with Dying” “To Hell with Dying” is the last story in Are Guns the Problem?, the collection and a strong one. A more mellow love-and-trouble story than most preceding it, it features a male character who is not the villain of the for honor warrior, piece. Mr. Essay About Are Guns! Sweet Little is a melancholy man whom the narrator has loved from and disadvantages of dial up childhood, when her father would bring the children to Mr. Sweet’s bedside to rouse him from his depression with a shout: “To hell with dying!

These children want Mr. Sweet!” Because the children were so successful in “revivaling” Mr. Sweet with their kisses and tickling and cajoling ways, they were not to learn for some time what death really meant. Years pass. Summoned from her doctoral studies in Massachusetts, the twenty-four-year-old narrator rushes to Mr. Sweet’s bedside, where she cannot quite believe that she will not succeed. She does induce him to Essay about Are Guns, open his eyes, smile, and trace her hairline with his finger as he once did. Still, however, he dies.

His legacy to her is the steel guitar on which he played away his blues all those years, that and her realization that he was her first love. It is useful to of dial, recognize this story as an initiation story, like the two that precede it, “The Flowers” and “We Drink the Wine in France.” Initiation stories usually involve, among other things, an unpleasant brush with reality, a new reality. A child, adolescent, or young adult faces an unfamiliar challenge and, if successful, emerges at a new level of maturity or increased status. Always, however, something is lost, something must be given up. About! As a very small girl, the narrator remembers, she did not understand quite what was going on during their visits to the neighbor’s shack. Social Responsibility Advertising! When she was somewhat older, she felt the weight of responsibility for Essay, the dying man’s survival. Up! At last, after she has lost her old friend, she is happy, realizing how important they were to each other. She has successfully negotiated her initiation into the mysteries of love and about Are Guns the Problem?, death, as, in truth, she had already done to the best of her ability at those earlier stages. This often-reprinted story is a culmination of the castro batista, struggle between Death and Love for Essay Are Guns, the lives of the girls and women, really for all the blacks of In Love and castro batista, Trouble , one which well represents Walker’s talent and demonstrates her vision of blacks supporting and affirming one another in about Are Guns, community.

You Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down. You Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down is her salute to black women who are pushing ahead, those who have crossed some barriers and are in some sense champions. There are black women who are songwriters, artists, writers, students in exclusive Eastern schools; they are having abortions, teaching their men the meaning of pornography, coming to terms with the for honor and glory, death of Essay Are Guns the Problem? a father, on one hand, or with the meaning of social black men raping white women, on the other. Always, they are caught up short by Essay Are Guns, the notions of whites. In other words, all the political, sexual, racial, countercultural issues of the 1970’s are in these stories, developed from what Walker calls the “womanist” point of view.

This set of stories, then, is somewhat more explicitly sociological than the first and somewhat less lyrical, and it is also more apparently autobiographical, but in a special sense. Walker herself is a champion, so her life is a natural, even an inescapable, source of material. Postmodern! Walker-the-artist plays with Walker-the-college-student and Walker-the-idealistic-teacher, as well as with some of the other roles she sees herself as having occupied during that decade of social upheaval. Once a writer’s experience has become transformed within a fictive world, it becomes next to impossible to think of the story’s events as either simply autobiography or simply invention. The distinction has been deliberately blurred. It is because Walker wants to unite her public and private worlds, her politics and her art, life as lived and life as imagined, that, instead of poetry, these stories are interspersed with autobiographical parallels, journal entries, letters, and other expressions of her personality.

There are three stories that deserve special attention, “Nineteen Fifty-Five,” “Fame,” and “Source.” To begin with, they serve as checkpoints for the collection’s development, from the essentially simple and familiar to Essay about Are Guns the Problem?, the increasingly complex and strange, from apa style 1955 to 1980. Furthermore, these stories are independently memorable. The opening story, “Nineteen Fifty-Five,” is presented from the perspective of Essay about a middle-aged blues singer, Gracie Mae Still, whose signature song, recorded by a young white man named Traynor, brings him fame and fortune. Gracie Mae records her impressions of Traynor in a journal, beginning with their first meeting in 1955 and continuing until his death in 1977. Over the up, years, the rock-and-roll star (obviously meant to suggest Elvis Presley) stays in touch with the Essay Are Guns, matronly musician, buying her lavish gifts—a white Cadillac, a mink coat, a house—and quizzing her on the real meaning of postmodern art vs art her song. From the army, he writes to Are Guns, tell her that her song is very much in demand, and that everyone asks him what he thinks it means, really.

As time goes by postmodern art vs art, and his life disappoints him, he turns to Essay about the Problem?, the song, as if it were a touchstone that could give his life meaning. Advantages! He even arranges an appearance for himself and Essay about, Gracie Mae on the variety show hosted by Johnny Carson, with some half-developed notion of showing his fans what the real thing is and how he aspires to it. If he is searching for a shared experience of something true and moving with his audience, however, he is to art vs art, be disappointed again. His fans applaud only briefly, out of politeness, for the originator of the Essay Are Guns the Problem?, song, the one who really gives it life, then squeal wildly for his imitation, without any recognition of what he wanted them to understand. That is the last time the two musicians see each other. In part, this story is about the Practice of Social, contribution that black music made to the spirit of the times and how strangely whites transformed it. The white rock-and-roll singer, who seems as much in a daze as some of the women of In Love and Trouble , senses something superior in the original blues version, but he misplaces its value, looking for some meaning to life that can be rolled up in Essay the Problem?, the nutshell of a lyric. In contrast to postmodern art vs modern, the bemused Traynor, Gracie Mae is a down-to-earth champion, and her dialect looks forward to Walker’s masterful handling of dialect in The Color Purple . She repeatedly gives Traynor simple and sensible advice when he turns to her for help, and Essay Are Guns, she has her own answer to the mystery of his emptiness: “Really, I think, some peoples advance so slowly.” The champion of “Fame” is Andrea Clement White, and the events take place on one day, when she is being honored, when she is being confronted by her own fame.

She is speaking to a television interviewer as the story begins. The old woman tells the on The Practice Policy in Botswana, young interviewer that in Are Guns the Problem?, order to look at the world freshly and creatively, an artist simply cannot be famous. When reminded by the young woman that she herself is famous, Andrea Clement White is somewhat at and disadvantages up, a loss. As the interview continues its predictable way, the novelist explaining once again that she writes about people, not their color, she uneasily asks herself why she does not “ feel famous,” why she feels as though she has not accomplished what she set out to do. The highlight of the day is to be a luncheon in her honor, at which her former colleagues, the president, and Are Guns the Problem?, specially invited dignitaries, as well as the generally detested former dean, will all applaud her life accomplishments (while raising money). All the while, the lady of the hour keeps a bitingly humorous commentary running in her mind. Her former students in attendance are “numbskulls,” the professors, “mediocre.” Out loud, she comments that the president is a bore. No matter how outrageous her behavior, she is forgiven because of her stature; when she eats her Rock Cornish hen with her hands, the entire assembly of five hundred follows suit. At last, however, the spleen and anxious bravado give way to something out of reach of the castro batista, taint of fame: a child singing an anonymous slave song.

Recalled to her dignity, the honored guest is able to face her moment in Essay Are Guns, the limelight stoically. In this comic story of the aggravations and annoyances that beset the publicly recognized artist, Walker imagines herself as an aging novelist who does not suffer fools gladly. She puts the artist’s inner world on paper so that something of her gift for storytelling and advantages and disadvantages of dial, her habits of mind become visible. The stress of the occasion and being brought into Essay Are Guns the Problem? forced contact with her former president and dean trigger her aggressive imagination, and up, her innate narrative gift takes over. She visualizes using her heavy award as a weapon against the repulsive, kissing dean, hearing him squeal, and briefly feels gleeful. The story, however, is something more than simply a comic portrait of the artist’s foibles.

When Andrea Clement White questions herself about her own sense of fame, admits her own doubts, she is searching for something certain, as Traynor is searching in “Nineteen Fifty-five,” though not so blindly. About! Like him, she is called out of the mundane by a meaningful song. The last story of You Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down is social responsibility advertising, “Source,” which connects the social conscience of an antipoverty worker in Mississippi with the expanding consciousness of the Essay about Are Guns the Problem?, alternative lifestyle as practiced on the West Coast. Two friends, Irene and Anastasia had attended college together in New York. When funding for Irene’s adult-education project was cut, she traveled to San Francisco for a change of scene, to and disadvantages of dial, be met by Anastasia, living on welfare with some friends named Calm, Peace, and about, their baby, Bliss, all under the guidance of a swami named Source. The two young women had been unable to find any common ground, Irene believing in collective action and Anastasia believing that people choose to suffer and that nothing can be changed. After walking out on up a meeting with Source, Irene was asked to leave. Years later, the two meet again in the Problem?, Alaska, where Irene is lecturing to educators.

Anastasia is now living with an Indian and passing for white. This time, the two women talk more directly, of color, of Anastasia’s panic when she is modern, alone, of her never being accepted as a black because of her pale skin. Are Guns The Problem?! Irene is for honor, brought to face her own part in Essay about Are Guns the Problem?, this intolerance and to confess that her reliance on government funding was every bit as insecure as had been Anastasia’s reliance on Source. Referencing! Their friendship restored and deepened, the two women embrace. The title of this story suggests a theme that runs throughout the entire collection, the search for a center, a source of the Problem? strength, meaning, or truth.

This source is very important to the pioneer, but it can be a false lure. Apa Style! When Irene recognizes that she and Anastasia were both reaching out for something on which to depend, she states what might be taken as the guiding principle for the champion: “ any direction that is away from about ourselves is the for honor warrior, wrong direction.” This final portrait of a good woman who cannot be kept down is a distinctively personal one. Women who are not distracted by Essay, external influences and postmodern art vs art, who are true to themselves and able to open themselves to one another will triumph. Essay The Problem?! Walker’s short fiction adds a new image to the pantheon of on The Practice in Botswana American folk heroes: the Essay the Problem?, twentieth century black woman, in whatever walk of castro batista life, however crushed or blocked, still persevering. Even those who seem the most unaware, the most poorly equipped for the struggle, are persevering, because, in about Are Guns the Problem?, their integrity, they cannot do otherwise. The better equipped know themselves to be advocates. They shoulder their dedication seriously and cheerfully.

They are the fortunate ones; they understand that what they do has meaning. One of the castro batista, more widely anthologized of Essay about Are Guns Walker’s stories, “Everyday Use” addresses the issues of identity and true cultural awareness and for honor and glory warrior, attacks the “hyper-Africanism” much in vogue during the 1960’s and 1970’s as false and shallow. The occasion of the story is Dee’s brief trip back to her home, ostensibly to visit with her mother and about the Problem?, her sister, Maggie, who was left seriously scarred in castro batista, the fire of suspicious origin that destroyed their home years earlier. Dee’s real purpose, however, is to acquire some homemade quilts and other artifacts of her culture so that she can display them in her home as tokens of her “authenticity,” her roots in the soil of rural Georgia. She wears a spectacular dashiki and wishes to be called by an “African” name; she is accompanied by a man who likewise affects “African” dress, hairstyle, naming tradition, and handshaking routines. Walker’s tongue is firmly in her cheek as she portrays these two characters in vivid contrast with Mama and Maggie, whose lives are simple, close to the earth, and genuine. Despite (or perhaps because of) Mama’s sacrifices and Are Guns the Problem?, hard work to send Dee off to acquire an education in the outside world, Dee reveals a fundamental selfishness and postmodern art vs modern art, lack of understanding of her culture and family and, her purposes thwarted, leaves without the quilts in a cloud of dust and about, disdain. Mama and Maggie sit in their neat yard, its dirt surface carefully raked, enjoying the shade and their snuff together “until it was time to go in the house and go to bed.” Walker’s control of style and tone is nowhere more certain than in this powerful and advantages and disadvantages, economical story.

Here she shows that family, tradition, and strength are to be found in Essay about the Problem?, the items of everyday use that have survived the fires of prejudice, from whatever source, and illuminate the true meaning of family and love and forgiveness. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Dial! Despite the truth of Dee’s parting statement that “it really is Essay about the Problem?, a new day for us,” Walker leaves no doubt that the promise of that new day will be dimmed if traditions are exploited rather than understood and cherished. Maggie, after all, learned how to quilt from her grandmother and her great aunt and thus has a much surer sense of her own identity than her sister. Access our Alice Walker Study Guide for Free. Alice Walker Homework Help Questions. Alice Walker's short short story Flowers is essentially a coming-of-age story that expresses the theme of loss of innocence. It opens with a young, innocent African-American girl, named Myop. Dee Johnson superficially searches for art vs, her African heritage.

In “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker, the author suggests Dee’s search for her heritage is Essay Are Guns, artificial. Despite her education, Dee. The symbol of the blue bowl relates to the author's mother in two ways. Firstly, the bowl is so precious to the author precisely because it was given to her by her mother before she had her stroke. Alice Walker is still very much alive. The self-proclaimed feminist is best known for penning the novel The Color Purple which she won a Pulitzer Prize for in 1983. Since that time, Walker has.

In the text, the referencing, tone is both introspective and nostalgic. In literature,tone denotes the author's attitude towards his/her subject or central theme. Essay The Problem?! The main theme of this story is the precious.

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Nov 25, 2017 Essay about Are Guns the Problem?,

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Example Of Formal Letter Essays and about Are Guns the Problem? Research Papers. ?Paper 11 Task 1 The Editor Estrick News High Street Estrick ES1 2TN 12-06-2012 Dear Editor, I am writing in apa style referencing response to the previous . letter of the week by Bill Sagar. Are Guns The Problem?! Bill strongly stated that he considered the six weeks summer holidays children have is too long and could be potentially disrupting their studies. I wish to state that I disagree with this view for castro batista, the following reasons, firstly children are children and should thus be given a chance to breathe, rest, relax and Essay Are Guns the Problem? have fun. Bus , Debut albums , Minibus 696 Words | 5 Pages. Formal letter is a business or official letter . They are written to apa style, complaint or inform something. These . letters include applications, letters to editors, official letters , letters to and from organizations, government departments etc. These letters have an objective or business-like style of Essay Are Guns, writing. Points To Remember: 1. Mentioning the subject is a must in for honor warrior a formal letter . 2. The formal letter should be brief, simple and concise. 3. It should focus on Essay about Are Guns the issue rather than dwindling on various.

Delhi , Driving , Formal 1233 Words | 6 Pages. market does not revolve around the utmost interest of the advantages of dial up people, and Essay about Are Guns the Problem? that central power decisions are required in order to facilitate the community and . Responsibility! country objectives. For instance, prices of goods and about Are Guns the Problem? services and quantity of production are examples of economic decisions determined by the states. Such verdict made would enable the advertising government to have easier focus of labours and resources on industrial projects without needing to wait for Essay about, private business investment. Due to the characteristic. Communism , Economic system , Economic systems 826 Words | 3 Pages. Council, Bangunan Mentari, Ampang Jaya, 68000 SELANGOR. . 15 SEPTEMBER 2009 Dear Sir, Poor Maintenance of Taman Jayadiri I am writing this letter on behalf of the residents of castro batista, Taman Jayadiri to complain about the dismal conditions we have been putting up with for the past three months. 2. Essay Are Guns The Problem?! One of the social responsibility main grouses of the Essay about residents concerns uncollected rubbish (point 1). Initially, rubbish was.

City council , Recycling 1058 Words | 4 Pages. provide the above accommodation please send me immediately your tariff rates for full board so that I may order for castro batista, the reservation of accommodation in your . hotel. Yours faithfully, (Your Name) Reply to about the Problem?, the Above Dear (Name), Thank you for your letter of enquiry about hotel accommodation dated ____________. It gives me great pleasure to state that the desired accommodation is available for advantages of dial, ____________ days beginning ____________ (Date). About Are Guns The Problem?! I am enclosing a brochure giving full details of and glory, charges. Costs , Date , Hotel 598 Words | 3 Pages. Formal Letter Writing Conventions There are a number of about Are Guns the Problem?, conventions that should be adhered to social responsibility advertising, when producing a . formal letter . It is important that the Essay about Are Guns the Problem? overall structure is as clear and concise as possible and that you avoid the use of colloquialisms. Addresses: 1) Your Address the top right-hand section 2) The Address of the person you are writing to beneath your address on responsibility the left-hand side of your letter , remember to include the about name of the castro batista person that you are writing to. (If known) . Complimentary close , Female , Kathmandu 641 Words | 4 Pages.

Outlining: Letter Case and Formal Outline. research and write. Two Examples The Scratch Outline Problems with Immigration • Who should be allowed to immigrate? • What screening . procedures should we use? • Who should be given student visas? • What checks should the Are Guns the Problem? government make? • Should there be a number limit on Practice of Social in Botswana immigration? DEFINING THE FORMAL OUTLINE • A formal outline shows, in logical order, what you will be writing about. • A formal outline helps you separate main ideas and supporting ideas • A formal outline gives you a foundation. Immigration , Immigration to the United States , Letter case 587 Words | 11 Pages. ? FORMAL LETTERS Instructions 1. Choose formal 8 1/2-by-11 inch stationery with a matching envelope. The paper . should be a neutral color such as white, cream or beige. Avoid stationery with bright colors or distracting graphic elements. If the letter is for businesses purposes, use company letterhead. 2. Essay! Include your return address in the top-right corner of the letter . Advantages Of Dial! Add the recipient's address on Are Guns the Problem? the left of the page just below the Essay of Social return address.

3. Skip two lines and write the date. About Are Guns The Problem?! Be. Business letter , Complimentary close , Envelope 1191 Words | 4 Pages. Public Speaking (SPCH1101) Speech Formal Outline Example To complete the formal outline for your Informative . Apa Style Referencing! Speech, use this as one example of a formal outline to help you in your efforts. You are also encouraged to Essay about Are Guns, use the formal outline examples in your textbook. Please note that the apa style referencing labels in bold and yellow do not need to be included in your formal outline. Formal Outline: Teen Suicide Peter Klemin Introduction I. Essay! Attention Catcher: Julie was sitting on the swing in for honor and glory her back yard crying. Bipolar disorder , Death , Major depressive disorder 1120 Words | 4 Pages. FORMAL LETTER INTRODUCTION Dear Lindsay and Essay the Problem? Michael, I am writing you this letter to warrior, give you some . friendly advice about interpersonal communication within your relationship with each other.

I hope that these helpful tips help you both to make your communication thrive in your newly found engagement. There are many things that I would like to touch base on with you both; as I wish someone would have informed my fiance and me when we decided to spend our lives together as well. An. Emotion , Family , Friendship 2642 Words | 7 Pages. Example of a Representation Letter. ? Example of a Representation Letter Client Representation Letter for Registration Statements C L I E N T L . E T T E R H E A D [Date 20XX] Auditor Attn Auditor Ladies and Gentlemen, This letter is written to you in connection with the prospectus dated XXXXXXX 20XX, filed by [Company Name]. In that connection we advise you that since December 31, 20XX, the date of the audited financial statements and the notes thereto included in the above prospectus, there were, with respect to. Annual report , Asset , Audit 1375 Words | 4 Pages. Clerk, as advertised in the Chico Enterprise Record.

Enclosed are my resume and letters of recommendation for Essay Are Guns the Problem?, your consideration.” 3“I have . five years of castro batista, office experience, and most of Essay about Are Guns, my experience has included general reception, word processing using Microsoft Word, and extensive work with Excel spreadsheets. I have excellent phone skills, and am accustomed to working with frequent interruptions. My letters of recommendation attest to and glory, my excellent customer service skills and strong work ethic. Application for employment , Cover letter , Employment 1078 Words | 4 Pages. COVER LETTER Anabelle Jones 100 Robin Drive St. Essay Are Guns The Problem?! John, NY 15585 515-555-1212 September 16, 2010 Ms. Jolyn . McKinsie Principal Education Learning Academy 100 Smith Road St. John, NY 15585 Dear Ms.

McKinsie: I have a very strong interest in pursuing a teaching career. With experience at castro batista both the elementary and high school levels, as well as in activities outside of the traditional classroom, I have a diverse background with much to offer. My first classroom. Eastern Visayas , Education , Educational stages 428 Words | 3 Pages. Complaint letter Example --- complaint for the poor cleats 65 Market Street Val Haven, CT 95135 June 30, 2004 Customer . About Are Guns The Problem?! Service Cool Sports, LLC 8423 Green Terrace Road Asterville, WA 65435 Dear Sir or Madam: I have recently ordered a new pair of soccer cleats (item #6542951) from your website on for honor and glory warrior June 21.

I received the order on June 26. Unfortunately, when I opened it, I saw that the cleats were used. The cleats had dirt all over about it and castro batista there was a small tear in front of the part. If You Have to Essay about Are Guns, Ask , Paragraph 1449 Words | 6 Pages. ?402 Del Cielo Street Vandenberg AFB, CA 93437 August 27, 2013 Mrs. Piper Teacher Cabrillo High School 4350 Constellation Road Lompoc, CA 93436 . Dear Mrs. Apa Style Referencing! Piper: From a wallflower to the world, allow me to Essay, introduce myself!

My name is Sarah Benehaley. I am 16 and live with my parents and with four younger siblings (along with our fat chihuahua). My family and I moved here on apa style referencing August 1st, and just settled in our house on Vandenberg AFB. We’ve lived here for about four weeks. Essay Are Guns! My personality. Edgar Allan Poe , High school , High school diploma 912 Words | 3 Pages. Cover letter October 18, 2013 Mr.

John Hide Principal Angels Learning Academy #1 Bakers Street, St. Social Advertising! Michael Bridgetown, Barbados Dear . Mr. Hide: I am very interested in pursuing a teaching career. It is Essay about Are Guns my ultimate career path. For Honor Warrior! I found your advertisement in the Daily Nation Newspaper and thought it was the perfect opportunity to pursue my dream.

I love children of any age and I love being able to help them to learn new things. I have experience working at both primary and secondary levels;. College , Community college , Education 394 Words | 3 Pages. Hongkong Office PS: Please visit our web site: Principles for Business Written communication 7C Principles Correctness . Concreteness Clearness / Clarity Completeness Consideration Courtesy Conciseness Examples : Clarity 1) The L/C must reach us for arranging shipment not later than 8 October. (ambiguous) The L/C must reach us not later than 8 October for arranging shipment. (revised) 2) This chair will eliminate tired employees. Are Guns The Problem?! (ambiguous) . Etiquette , Forest Stewardship Council , Programme for the Endorsement of modern art, Forest Certification schemes 999 Words | 6 Pages. Auditing Introduction Letter - Example.

Auditing Introduction Letter Leslie Brian ACC/546 August 6, 2012 Eddie Loussararian Auditing Introduction . Letter Greetings! To start off, I would like to introduce myself; my name is Leslie Brian, and I am a lead auditor for Nortex, Inc. Our organization is a leading firm in the industry, with offices in about Are Guns more than 20 states. We appreciate your company’s interest in our services. Of Dial Up! I have taken the opportunity to outline the following: the about the Problem? services we offer and their benefits.

Audit , Auditing , Auditor's report 662 Words | 3 Pages. ?Top of Form Bottom of Form Top of castro batista, Form Bottom of Form Sample Letter of Application Your Name Your Address Your City, State, Zip Code . Your Phone Number Your Email Contact Name Title Company Name Address City, State, Zip Code Dear Contact Person: I'm writing to Essay about, express my interest in the Web Content Specialist position listed on I have experience building large, consumer-focused health-based content sites. Warrior! While much of my experience has been in Are Guns the Problem? the business world. Adobe Creative Suite , Adobe Dreamweaver , Adobe Systems 398 Words | 3 Pages. examples of letter ordering goods. terms and conditions will be the same as per our previous orders; that is, cash on delivery.

Please note the extra condition with this batch of order; that . is, the products on the order list must be delivered within a month from the date of social advertising, this order letter . We are in an urgent rush for about Are Guns the Problem?, our annual year end production and we need these products within a month to meet our production target. If you miss our specified delivery target, there will be a penalty incurred on your pricing, as per for honor warrior, our business. Following , Indonesia , Money 417 Words | 3 Pages. Formal Outlines Formal outlines use Roman numerals (I, II), capital letters (A, B), Arabic numbers (1, 2), and . lower case letters (a, b) to designate levels of importance. Formal outlines fall into Essay the Problem?, two categories: sentence outlines use complete sentences, and topic outlines use only key words and phrases. In a topic or sentence outline, less important entries are indented, as in the sample formal outline below. I. A. 1. a. (1) . Capital letter , Exclamation , Exclamation mark 745 Words | 6 Pages.

FORMAL LETTER EXAMPLE Block 6 Avenue 35 #33-67 Hougang 89 Singapore 687909 23 March 2011 Mr John Teo . Manager Mex Mall 41 Serangooon Central Singapore 780645 Dear Mr Teo, Proposal for a bookstore in Mex Mall I am a student from castro batista, Maris Stella High School and I live in Essay about Are Guns the Serangoon neighbourhood. In recent months, I have gone and shopped in Mex Mall that just opened. And Disadvantages Of Dial Up! I realized that there is no bookstore although there are more than sixty shops. Essay! Without bookstores, people will. Book , Bookselling , Convenience 296 Words | 2 Pages. nor is it fair to say that she was able to see the sign, knowing the fact she did not know English very well, yet he expected her to read the sign. Art Vs Art! This is . a poor attempt of Are Guns, evidence and a poor display of negligence on his part. Another example I’d like to reference and show your duty as a company to your passenger’s is the case of Neubauer v. Responsibility! Disneyland, Inc. 875 F. Supp. 672.

In the case of Neubauer, Mr. and about Mrs. Neubauer rode on the popular ride “Pirates of the Caribbean” as they were. Bus , Bus stop , Bus transport 1442 Words | 4 Pages. Formal Communication Formal communication can be considered as communication efforts that are “dressed up” to fit customary . rules and art vs ceremony For example , in a written letter , the formal communication style will demand that the layout of the piece of written communication follow a specific format that includes the date, header, salutation, body of the Essay about Are Guns letter , close, signature lines and any indicators of enclosures all placed neatly upon company letterhead or personal stationery. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Dial! By contrast, an. Communication , Communication studies , Formal 1216 Words | 4 Pages.

giving the federal government a lot more power and removing that power from the states. Are Guns! Today, the federal government not only castro batista regulates commerce “among the . Essay About Are Guns! several states” but it also regulates commerce on things that can affect commerce itself. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Dial Up! One example would be the case Gonzales v. Raich. In this case the argument was whether California residents can grow medical marijuana since the about Are Guns use of medical marijuana is legal in the state. 2 The court’s decision was that it was illegal to grow medical marijuana. Commerce Clause , Federal government of the on The Practice United States , Same-sex marriage 891 Words | 3 Pages. Thank You Letter to a Teacher or Coach-- EXAMPLE Janice Jones Rural Route 67 Saugus, Ca 91611 September 9, 2010 Ms. . Gloria Smithson Hudson’s Bay High School 1601 E Reserve Street Vancouver, WA 98663 Dear Ms. Smithson: We greatly appreciate the special attention you have given our son, Jason, this past semester.

The effect you have had on him is tremendous! His grades, as well as his self-esteem, have shown great improvement! As you well know, Jason was having much difficulty. Gloria Steinem , Gratitude , High school 365 Words | 3 Pages. function of genre? Would you classify the ‘Purloined Letter ’ a detective fiction or mystery? . --------------------------------------------------------------- To categorise texts, allows us to view the world from another perspective, and make sense of the world.

This is the Essay the Problem? function of genre. This allows the responder to class texts even further into sub genres, which have conventions they follow to. Such as Edgar Allen Poe’s ‘The Purloined Letter ’ can be classified into the genre of crime, yet can. C. Auguste Dupin , Crime fiction , Detective fiction 1023 Words | 3 Pages. Formal complaint letter template Put your complaint in writing to the lawyer or law firm concerned. Advantages! Clearly write . ‘ Formal complaint’ at the top of your letter and keep a copy (see the example we have suggested in the letter template below). About Are Guns! Keep copies of everything, including any replies you get.

Name of the person you are writing to Name of the Essay on The Practice of Social Policy law firm Building number and street name Town County Postcode Your name House/ flat/ building number and street name Town County Postcode Your telephone. Complaint , Federal Rules of Civil Procedure , Law 374 Words | 2 Pages. Expressions Used in Letters Seasonal Greetings in Japanese Letters The difference between written language and Are Guns the Problem? conversational . language in art vs Japanese is much greater than in English. Japanese letters often use classical grammar patterns which are seldom used in Essay about conversation. Although there are no particular rules when writing to close friends, there are many set expressions and honorific expressions (keigo) used in formal letters . Responsibility! A conversational style is not usually used when writing formal letters . Opening. Greeting , Japanese language , Japanese writing system 446 Words | 3 Pages. The basics of good business letter writing are easy to learn. The following guide provides the phrases that are usually found in any standard . business letter . Essay About Are Guns! This basic of business letters are important because certain formulas are recognized and handled accordingly. Think of a basic business letter in Essay on The in Botswana three steps: 1. Introduction - The reason for writing The introduction helps the reader understand in which context the letter should be considered.

Possibilities include job interview. Business letter , Complimentary close , Corporation 808 Words | 5 Pages. specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are: •Support ideas or claims in body paragraphs with clear details, . Are Guns! examples , and explanations. •Organize ideas logically by using transitional words, phrases, and sentences. •Use sentence variety and effective word choice in written communication. •Apply writing process strategies to develop formal business reports and / or proposals. •Use technology and information resources to research issues related to selected topics. Postmodern Modern Art! •Write. APA style , Bibliography , Citation 305 Words | 2 Pages. Formal and informal communiction assignment. under pinning’s of formal communication and informal communication Formal Communication There are different forms of . About The Problem?! formal communication in business includes functions in department activities taking place between employee and employer in a formal way, meeting and conference, verbal communication through phone or texting and written communication through memos, letters and and glory bulletins, are all definition of formal communication. Essay Are Guns! The formal communication is in the form of letters , e-mails, memos. Communication , Employment , Linguistics 1728 Words | 9 Pages.

Example of art vs art, Resume and Practical Application Letter. 1. Are Guns The Problem?! BB1011xxxx ALIA UMAIRA BINTI MOHD RAFI (I/C NO: 901228-01-xxxx) For further information, please do not hesitate to contact any number of the . Responsibility! practicum coordinator during office hours. Please convey the outcome of this application via formal letter or Organization Reply Form (SPE/LP/ORG-11) to the undersigned at the address above or fax by 30th April 2013 or sooner. Thanking you in advance for support and assistance in making this program success. Yours truly, MOHD IRWAN DAHNIL Practicum. Borneo , Business , Kota Kinabalu 1319 Words | 6 Pages. to evolve. Formal and Essay Non Formal Education has basic differences. Formal education is classroom-based, . Art Vs Art! accompanied by trained teachers. Informal education happens outside the classroom, in Essay about Are Guns the Problem? after-school programs, community-based organizations, museums, libraries, or at home. Both formal and informal education settings offer different strengths to castro batista, educational outreach project.

After-school programs offer a different kind of environment, where ones activities don't need to Essay the Problem?, be as formal and once can. College , Education , High school 769 Words | 3 Pages. BUSINESS ENGLISH APLICATION LETTERS Disusun Oleh Achmad Wimas (0811113061) Edwar Beffriadi (0811113010) Mega Ridzkianto (0911110059) . Essay Practice Of Social Policy In Botswana! KEMENTERIAN PENDIDIKAN NASIONAL UNIVERSITAS BRAWIJAYA FAKULTAS ILMU BUDAYA MALANG 2012 APPLICATION LETTERS What is about a speculative letter ? This type of letter is sent to advertising, an employer or employment agency, seeking consideration for possible employment opportunities, i.e. About! positions which are not currently advertised or which do not currently exist. Apa Style! It. Application for employment , Business letter , Cover letter 1611 Words | 6 Pages. Grammatical Person and Formal Writing Informal.

Defining Informal and Formal Writing Informal Writing/Writing to Learn: Writing for the main purpose of finding out if students understand . material, have completed reading, or done assigned work. Essay The Problem?! Formal Writing/Learning to castro batista, Write: Writing for the main purpose of having the student present content from the Essay discipline in a style and form that practitioners could readily recognize and accept. Informal Writing By articulating their analyses and castro batista opinions on paper, students digest information more quickly. Audience , Communication , Creative writing 1198 Words | 5 Pages. Formal and Informal Communication. FORMAL AND INFORMAL STYLES OF COMMUNICATION Introduction 1. The most prominent quality of a human being is the Are Guns the Problem? effective and castro batista meaningful way . of communication. Humans have a unique and Essay well developed way of apa style, imparting or interchanging thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or signs. About The Problem?! Communication is well established but not only limited among humans but also in Essay on The Practice animals and in manmade machines such as computers Communication 2. The word communications comes from a Latin word “Communis.

Communication , Formal , Human 819 Words | 3 Pages. Zain Isma, 32, Jalan Laksamana, Taman Mega, 86000 Kluang, Johor The Director, Kluang Municipal Council, Aras 2 Bangunan Muhibbah, 86000 Kluang, . JOHOR. 15 SEPTEMBER 2009 Dear Sir, Poor Maintenance of Taman Jayadiri I am writing this letter on behalf of the Essay about Are Guns the Problem? residents of Taman Mega to complain about the of dial up dismal conditions we have been putting up with for the past three months. 2. One of the main problems of the residents concerns uncollected rubbish (point 1). Initially, rubbish was collected. Complaint , Plastic , Playground 379 Words | 2 Pages. 2012 Joseph Cutajar The Editor The Independent Building Triq Aldo Moro Marsa Malta MRS 7749 Dear Mr Cutajar, I have read your article about new . mothers having to balance their work life and their new born baby, and wanted to write you this letter as a response to it. Firstly, the mother herself should legally be entitled to a nursery at the work place. Are Guns The Problem?! Where I work, we have this service and it is used quite often. Policy! Mothers work more at Essay Are Guns ease knowing that their child is just a few rooms away.

2003 in film , Aldo Moro , Infant 471 Words | 2 Pages. 142 TRAINING CENTER SAMPLE FORMAL APPLICATION LETTER High Flight Aviation 922 Aviation Place Topeka, KS 76176 . For Honor Warrior! 735-333-4444 (mm/dd/year) Federal Aviation Administration Kansas City, Flight Standards District Office 10100 Air Port Blvd, Suite 200 Kansas City, KS 78216-4118 Gentlemen: Please accept this letter as our formal application letter to apply for Essay about Are Guns the Problem?, an FAA Part 142 training center certificated under the postmodern art vs provisions of Are Guns, Title 14 of the apa style referencing Code of Federal Regulations. Based on. Contract , Federal Aviation Administration , Flight simulator 1580 Words | 7 Pages. Letter to KinderCare Families Alicia M. Craven-Robison Rasmussen College Authors Note This letter is about Are Guns being submitted on . April 28, 2012 for apa style, ECE 100 section 6 Foundations of Child Development.

Dear Parents, My name is Alicia Craven-Robison I have worked in Early Childhod Educaton for Essay the Problem?, almost seven years. I studied Early Childhood for two years in postmodern art vs art a vocational school. While I was still in school I took on a part-time job at KinderCare. I worked with KinderCare for seven year before I felt. Child development , Childhood , Developmental psychology 1120 Words | 3 Pages. the Laws of Supply and Demand The simulation in the text is about a small city by Essay about the Problem? the name of art vs art, Atlantis. Atlantis is a well-maintained city with many . positive aspects for about Are Guns, the community. All of the aspects make it a pleasant living environment.

For example , the city has maintained streets, maintained sidewalks, large parks and jogging paths. Social Responsibility Advertising! To rent an apartment in the community of Atlantis an individual would have to go through Good life Management. The current vacancy rate is at 28 percent of availability. Economics , Elasticity , Income elasticity of demand 1569 Words | 3 Pages. Formal Letter To Newspaper Writing. Writing a formal letter for Essay about Are Guns the Problem?, a newspaper Al-Ayam newspaper P.O.

Box 124 Bahrain, Isa town, P.O. Box123 Dear . sir/madam, OR Dear Mr. /Mrs. On The! I am writing to Essay about Are Guns, protest about Building factories in front of houses which is a problem for many people and makes them suffer. So many people and I against it. Well, Building factories has a positive side for example it will offer more jobs opportunity for people living there. Also it will increase the economy in our country. Social Responsibility Advertising! Besides that, it.

Building , Doctor , House 253 Words | 2 Pages. The Quality of about, a Successful Business Letter. SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS LETTER A business letter is a formal written letter from one business to . Social Responsibility Advertising! another and the main feature of this letter is that it transfers a business message. They are written for many purposes, that purpose may be to Essay, enquire about a quote, to make an order, a recovery letter or even a letter of complaint. Business letters should be clear an concise, they should be easy to comprehend, with the use of castro batista, difficult words to a minimum, also a business letter should be balanced. Business letter , Color , Envelope 552 Words | 3 Pages. ordinal figure, though the endings st, nd, rd, th, are often omitted in writing. The article before the number of the day is about the Problem? pronounced but not written.

In . the body of the letter , however, the and disadvantages article is written when the Essay about Are Guns name of the month is not mentioned with the day. Art Vs Modern Art! • The Inside Address - In a business or formal letter you should give the address of the recipient after your own address. Include the recipient's name, company, address and postal code. Add job title if appropriate. Separate. Business letter , Complimentary close , Envelope 1769 Words | 7 Pages. SPONSORSHIP LETTER (Date) (Sponsor Name) (Address) (City), (State, Zip) Dear (name of the person), Here you need to introduce . yourself and / or your company / organization. In this paragraph, you need to request for the sponsorship, and mention the event or the Essay about Are Guns reason for which you are requesting for postmodern art, a sponsorship. Over here, you will need to tell your potential sponsor how his company will benefit from the Problem?, sponsoring you, and what all you plan to do so that the sponsors get the most.

Advertising , Debut albums , Gratitude 2210 Words | 11 Pages. A formal organization structure shows a recognizable chain of command, it also has many levels of management. This makes communication slower . and decision making harder to implement. it is an for honor warrior, organization which clearly defines the authority ,responsibility and inter relations of people working therein Examples of Essay Are Guns the Problem?, formal organization Meetings can be formal - with a defined organizational membership, an agenda, a regular time, written minutes etc There are 3 types of formal organization 1. Postmodern Art Vs Modern Art! Coercive. Formal organization , Informal organization , Management 1276 Words | 5 Pages. Contract Termination Sample Letter. A letter for Are Guns, canceling a contract is and glory warrior a formal declaration of Are Guns the Problem?, your intent to end all business relations with another party that . you have previously entered into an agreement or contract with. Below is the proper format and tone that should be used when writing a letter to on The Practice of Social Policy in Botswana, cancel a contract or agreement. Business Network Members 1. M-Star Hotel 2. EverGreen Lawn Service 3. About The Problem?! Maxtek 4. For Honor Warrior! Fluor Enterprises Canceling a Contract Letter Advice When writting a Letter of Cancelation of Contract.

Black-and-white films , Breach of contract , Contract 612 Words | 4 Pages. Lesson plan in Are Guns the Problem? Writing Friendly Letter. attain at least 85% level of proficiency to: 1. distinguish the different parts of the advertising friendly letter ; 2. consider and supply the about Are Guns the Problem? appropriate . punctuation marks in writing the letter and; 3. enhance their writing skill through writing a friendly letter . II. Subject Matter Topic: Writing a Letter Sub – topic: Friendly Letter Reference: Ventures in Communication I pp. 165 Materials: letter cut-outs, pictures, manila paper, marker, envelope Skills: Writing skills; Communication Skills. Colon , Complimentary close , Full stop 1475 Words | 9 Pages. ?Business Communication - BISI 3150 Letter Portfolios Due: March 5, 2015 Students are required to write six . letters in and glory scenarios below.

All letters combine need to be in Spiral or Comb bound with cover sheet. Submit the Are Guns the Problem? letters to apa style referencing, the dropbox, one attachment. Type all of the Are Guns letters in castro batista one Word document each on a separate page in about Are Guns Word with appropriate formatting. Letter #1: Direct Claim Activity: 8.20 Notes: Modified Block Format, Mixed Punctuation Scenario. Microsoft Office , Microsoft Word , Portable Document Format 1334 Words | 3 Pages. tips of recommendation letter Sample 1: To Whom It May Concern: I have had the distinct pleasure of having Kaya Stone as a student in . my debate classes and on castro batista my debate team for three years at Essay Eastern Little Hope High School.

Kaya has been more than the ideal student. For Honor! In order to achieve the highest grades and my deepest respect, she has demonstrated outstanding leadership and maintained a clear sense of about the Problem?, purpose. The academics at Eastern Little Hope are most challenging, and Kaya fulfilled. Business , Business school , Business schools 1784 Words | 7 Pages. the writer space to explore a complex question and share her or his discoveries with a reader. Apa Style Referencing! You will write three different essays this semester. Essay Are Guns The Problem?! Each . one will begin with the art vs modern act of interpreting other texts—essays by Essay Are Guns the Problem? professional writers, for social, example , but also other readable texts such as art objects and images, and scenes from the Problem?, your life. For Honor Warrior! Your essays will be built on writing exercises that seek to move away from basic forms and Essay toward more commodious and complicated nets of thinking and questioning. Academia , Academic dishonesty , Essay 1318 Words | 5 Pages.

social sciences and humanities. Up! Many ethnomusicological works are created not necessarily by 'ethnomusicologists' proper, but instead by anthropologists . examining music as an aspect of Essay about Are Guns, a culture. A well-known example of such work is Colin Turnbull's study of the Mbuti pygmies. Another example is Jaime de Angulo, a linguist who ended up learning much about the music of the Indians of Northern California [2]. For Honor And Glory! Yet another is Anthony Seeger, professor at Essay about Are Guns the Problem? the University of California, Los Angeles, who. Anthropology , Community building , Ethnomusicology 1424 Words | 5 Pages. GUIDE TO FORMAL OUTLINING I. The outline should be in apa style sentence form. A. That means that each section of the outline must be a complete . sentence B. Each part may only have one sentence in it. II. Each Roman numeral should be a main section of the speech. A. Are Guns! Capital letters are main points of the thesis.

1. Numbers are sub-points under the capital letters . 2. Little letters are sub-points under the numbers. Castro Batista! B. Sub-points need to Essay about Are Guns the Problem?, correspond with the idea it is under. 1. This means that capital letters. APA style , Capital letter , Citation 783 Words | 4 Pages. The Scarlet Letter Questions 1. Castro Batista! Nathaniel Hawthorne, a dark American Romantic writer, was born on Are Guns July 4th, 1804, in for honor warrior the town of Essay about, Salem . Massachusetts. Hawthorne wrote many works of literature, his first one was The Scarlet Letter . With this novel, came enough success for responsibility advertising, Hawthorne to completely devote himself to his writings. In 1851, he left Salem to draft and complete his second book, which he called The House of the Seven Gables. His other novels were, The Blithedale Romance and Are Guns the Problem? The Marble Faun.

Hester Prynne , John Winthrop , Nathaniel Hawthorne 1275 Words | 3 Pages. Sample Formal Letter Of Application. ?Sample Formal Letter of Application Title Company Name Address City, State, Zip Code Dear Contact Person: I'm writing to . express my interest in the Web Content Specialist position listed on I have experience building large, consumer-focused health-based content sites. While much of my experience has been in the business world, I understand the social value of the non-profit sector and my business experience will be an asset to your organization.

My responsibilities included the. Business letter , HIV , Letter 2959 Words | 20 Pages. can be either traditional mail, e-mail, or fax and modern art commonly are the Essay about basis of any starting business relationship. Referencing! These forms of Essay Are Guns, B2B messages are used to social responsibility, . communicate information between different locations and departments within organizations. Formal letters are still the most traditional means of common communication between organizations that do not utilize technology like email or fax.

An employee that would like to Essay about Are Guns, request a vacation day would use a B2B message by e-mail to communicate with the. Aasif Mandvi , Communication , Holiday 1404 Words | 5 Pages. Reply to postmodern modern art, letter of enquiry Group: Asmida, Rongj Sarah, Jeani, Tang Ha What should we be careful of? 1.Do not make any promises you cannot . guarantee to Essay the Problem?, keep. If the enquiry has been about and disadvantages of dial up, discounts, delivery dates, or other factors which may be flexible, make it clear what you generally do. Essay Are Guns! 2.Do not cut off contact with someone you give a negative reply to. Essay Practice Of Social Policy In Botswana! You might need them in the future. About! Remember to thank the advantages up reader for the enquiry. 3. Do include all the Essay about Are Guns the Problem? information the art vs modern art reader has asked for. Academy Award for Best Actress , Academy Award for Best Director , Academy Award for Best Picture 718 Words | 14 Pages. FORMAL LETTER * To whom it may concern, (…) -.Style.- * Formal greetings and endings; * . Formal language.- * Complex sentences. * Frequent use of the passive. * Advanced vocabulary. Essay! * No abbreviated forms. -.Paragraphs.- * Paragraph 1.- * Reason(s) for writing. * Paragraphs 2, 3, 4.- * Development of the subject. Essay Policy! * Final paragraph.- * Conclusion. -.Useful language for Essay about Are Guns the Problem?, letters of referencing, request.- To begin letters : * I am writing to.- ask if you.

Answer , Debut albums , Formal grammar 352 Words | 2 Pages. 2: Allowing free trade between countries can be beneficial, but it also imposes costs. Use the ITT Tech Virtual Library to research the costs and the Problem? benefits . of allowing free trade. Discuss aspects of free trade that some may consider unfair. For example : a. Distribution of costs and benefits of free trade.

In other words, does everyone share in the gains and the costs equally? b. Competing with different labor restrictions (or lack thereof), such as slave or child labor. c. Differences in environmental. Economic surplus , Economics , International trade 1169 Words | 2 Pages.

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castle essay quotes Values Expressed by about Sitch. Retreat from the Global. Values the rights of individuals to participate in their community. The insistence of Darryl on his rights and referencing the eventual defeat of the Barlow Group. Essay Are Guns? The Barlow Group depicted as a corporation that, through the castro batista economy, has covertly shifted power away from the governments and the individuals, threatening the democratic system. Darryl and his family create a sense of community within their own street. This asserts not only the right of the individual to participate in Are Guns their community, but also this concept as a desirable and supportive network (link BP) in positive relationships with Farouk and Jack. Darryl becomes a champion and leader of his community, not just his family. Dialogue, tone is patronising and forceful, previous superficial sympathy changes to contempt “All right, I’ll state this simply.

There is an iron clad agreement between Federal, State and apa style referencing Local governments and the Airport’s Commission.” Presents a situation that suggests there are no other options, associations of “iron clad”. Representative of government body presents the Are Guns the Problem? inextricably interwoven relationships between government and art corporations. Juxtaposition of costuming, Darryl’s casualness and the class associations of Are Guns, his flannelette shirt suggests sincerity and warmth, positioning the responder to sympathise with this character against the uncaring bureaucratic system that the councilwoman represents. Responsibility Advertising? This heartlessness is about conveyed in a mid-shot of the councilwoman, leant back with an impassive expression and apa style her formal costuming implies distance. Darryl symbol of local. The government represents direct connections between global and Are Guns local, even though their current agenda is global and economic. The global is threatening the structure of a community, in for honor this case, the neighbourhood of Highview Crescent. Values the support that a cohesive family unit provides. The high self-esteem of family members and their ability to respond constructively to other people and life. “Dad had a way of making everyone feel special.” This voice-over comment is reinforced with visuals of Darryl individually praising family members and also through the dialogue, for example, “Go on, tell them, tell them…Dale dug a hole.” Facial expressions, constant smiles showing their emotional happiness. Response to the global changing family structure.

Re-establishing traditional family unit as a localised ideal. Individuals to about Are Guns the Problem?, gain continual support and postmodern the family as a symbol of Essay about, stability in individual lives. The idealised social framework serves to of dial, heighten the about Are Guns insensitivity of the castro batista Global economic forces and those who represent these forces. Sitch connects globalisation and the individual, paralleling imperialism and Aborigines. Values the connections between people to their environment (land, place and other people) The use of the house as a symbolic place that links family members and provides them with a sense of security. “This house is like their land. It holds their memories. The land is their stories…The country’s got to stop stealing other people’s land.” Tone, despair, sincere understanding and Essay about Are Guns emotional connections to his house and environment.

Darryl begins to understand other issues beyond his own microcosm, and relates his sense of place to other people’s sense of place. This point is important for the central character’s development, but also for society’s development. Sitch makes the Practice of Social point that everyone needs to have this sense of Essay about, place and understand that others also have this sense of social, place. Values the egalitarian society. Positive relationship between Darryl and Laurie. Also represented by the racially diverse mix in within the community – Con, Farouk, Yvonne, Jack, Kerrigans. “At first dad thought it was out of politeness but it can’t be cos he goes up there all the time.” Voice-over with slow pan of the pool room, focusing on a photograph of Laurie smiling and holding a fish. The smile represents his enjoyment of the Essay Are Guns activity, breaking down class barriers as the characters of Darryl and Laurie enjoy activities together. Promoting egalitarian society through common interests and universal human truths of friendship and loyalty. Global promotes class differences by creating obvious economic barriers. Castro Batista? However, the local, within this film, promotes a sense of Are Guns, equality and social responsibility egalitarianism.

This ideal provides a situation within and between communities of friendliness and comfort in relating to about Are Guns, each other. Values the fundamental ideal roles of government and laws which is to serve the communities that they represent. Laurie’s arguments in the High Court and the emphasis placed on the phrase within the constitution, “on just terms”. Also, negative depiction of local government colluding with corporations. “one phrase within the and glory warrior constitution…on just terms”, pause in dialogue emphasises this phrase, depiction of Laurie as the wise, experienced, figure of moral conviction and justice. Juxtaposition of simplicity and naivety of about Are Guns the Problem?, DeNuto to Laurie’s knowledge and sophistication in advantages up speech emphasises this. Global represented through largeness of building and the lack of understanding from Darryl’s point of view. Sitch suggests in the global world, governments and laws are increasingly vulnerable to the covert power shifting through the economy and these ideals become threatened, thus threatening local communities and individuals. The character Laurie and his arguments reiterate the ideal values, reminding the responder that governments and laws should provide for social stability and thus individual justice, rather than promoting global economic policies. Values social principles over economic priorities. However, Sitch also suggests that social and economic values can coexist comfortably unless brought directly into conflict.

The depiction of the Kerrigans as a family embracing symbols of the global such as powerlines, international travel and the trading post, but also maintaining the Essay about Are Guns the Problem? importance of relationships between members of the family and the well-being of their neighbourhood. When the postmodern art letter of “compulsory acquisition” arrives, the trading post is marginalised, “Hang on Steve”, values in conflict, immediately ignoring economic and concerned about social. Repetition of the term “compulsorily acquired”, “they’re acquiring it, compulsorily”, emphasises negative aspects of the phrase in social terms because there are no choices within a democracy – dialogue. Darryl also immediately thinks of Are Guns the Problem?, those in the community, running over to postmodern art vs, see Jack. Embrace global without sacrificing local values. When brought into conflict, the local values, of family are community prioritised. Values individuals’ stories for the importance of their local perspective within a global society. The constant commentary made by Dale as an Essay about, observer of events.

Voiceovers throughout. Still, close-up shot of apa style referencing, Dale at beginning to establish him as the narrator, dialogue reinforces this “I’m Dale Kerrigan and this is my story.” Global distribution of film, global medium used to communicate individual, humanity’s stories and emphasise locality. Essay Are Guns? This gives the individual and the community a face in a globalised world, encourages relationships between people and apa style referencing the appreciation of everyone for their own experiences. Film is a global language. Positive portrayal of the characters from multicultural backgrounds, such as Con, Farouk. “Anyone that loves our Trace as much as we do, deserves our love. So we love you, Con. We love you.” The dialogue at the wedding is Are Guns used to show that universal truths of human behaviour and social emotions of love surpass ethnic boundaries.

The acceptance of Are Guns the Problem?, Con into a family that the responder has earlier been positioned to sympathise with lends itself to a positive acceptance of Con as a character. Globalisation has allowed local cultural and ethnic boundaries to become less of a barrier to human relationships. This promotes the postmodern global village by making the individual and communities more open to Essay the Problem?, other cultural influences but also tends to standardise and appropriate cultural values to for honor and glory warrior, a different context. Values differences in individual expression within the the Problem? boundaries of socially acceptable behaviour and social stability. Wayne learning to behave in a socially acceptable manner, without the depiction of apa style, a society removing aspects of his personality that make him an individual. Scenes at the conclusion depict Wayne as a contributing member the family with shots of Wayne washing the trucks and the sign amended to *“Kerrigan Son Towing Service”*. Essay Are Guns The Problem?? He maintains a sense of individuality through the for honor and glory shots of him admiring mementos amidst the concrete cells. Supporting the value of individuals succeeding and having their own lives, challenging the global view of Essay about, masses of castro batista, people. The individual’s importance is emphasised so that this leads to social stability. Challenges judgments of people based on stereotypical assumptions.

The depiction of Wayne as a caring human being with whom responders can relate to, rather than purely a criminal. “He didn’t mean to rob the petrol station.” The tone of this voice-over shows naivety but also the willingness to give people second chance. Mid-long shot of about, Dale and Wayne with eye contact at opposite ends of the table communicating suggests a human relationship. Globalisation supports stereotypical assumptions because people are viewed as collective groups and masses. The local emphasises the view people as individuals and provides insights into both individual character and human relationships. (See above) Values the constant support provided by friendship/mateship. Darryl’s relationship with Dennis and other characters. Dennis: Look, I’ll ring around and see what I can find out.

Darryl: Good on yer Dennis. Hand gestures and Essay on The Practice of Social Policy in Botswana the shot of both characters reinforce the notion of sincerity and support provided for each other. Global emphasises economic relationships. Essay About Are Guns? Local emphasises social relationships and thus promotes social stability. Values people for their genuine attempts to contribute to society rather than any measurements of warrior, success.

Positive portrayal of DeNuto as the “lovable incompetent” (Tony Hughes). “But you did your best. I mean you can hold you head up high.” Darryl turns to the camera to emphasise this message to the responder. He is used as the Essay about Are Guns the Problem? character who symbolises sincerity through tone and facial expressions, and his positive support of Dennis suggests responders should adopt these values. Global standardises expectations of castro batista, people. Local emphasises the differences between people and communities, that individuals should strive to their personal limits and this should not be judged in terms of collective success but personal contribution. Values the support that a community offers to its members. The dependence of Jack and Farouk on Darryl and the positive portrayal of Darryl’s understanding relationship with his neighbours. The scene in which Darryl offers to accommodate Jack after the houses are to be compulsorily acquired despite the inconvenience to himself. Darryl’s offer is viewed as a positive action, drawing on the responder’s reaction to the juxtaposition with Jack’s relatives refusing to support an Essay Are Guns the Problem?, elderly man.

Global, disintegration of on The Practice in Botswana, community support and emphasis of looking out for self. Local promotes these social values for social stability (Look above again). Sitch creates a new sense of what constitutes a family, by the Problem? suggesting it moves beyond blood-relations to bonds between friends and communities (Link BP). This gives the individual more security within their community. The Castle quotes. Dale: “I’m Dale Kerrigan and this is my story.”

Darryl: “Anyone that loves our Trace as much as we do, deserves our love. Social Advertising? So we love you, Con. About The Problem?? We love you.” Dale: “He didn’t mean to rob the apa style referencing petrol station. Now he’s sorry.” Darryl: “Hang on Steve.” Trading Post marginalised. Darryl: “compulsorily acquired. they’re acquiring it, compulsorily” Councilwoman: “All right, I’ll state this simply. There is an about Are Guns the Problem?, iron clad agreement between Federal, State and social responsibility advertising Local governments and Are Guns the Problem? the Airport’s Commission.”

Darryl: “Yeah, well where’s the agreement with Darryl Kerrigan, 3 Highview Crescent, Coolaroo?” Darryl: “this is an example of the individual” Darryl: “You defended Wayne.” Dennis: “Yeah, and he got eight years.” Darryl: “But you did your best. I mean, you can hold your head up high.” Darryl turns head to camera to emphasise message to responder. Global standardizes expectations and value of individuals. Dennis: “Look, I’ll ring around and see what I can find out.”

Darryl: “Good on yer Dennis.” Dale: “Dad had a way of making everyone feel special.” Darryl: “Go on, tell them, tell them. Dale dug a hole.” Darryl: “This house is like their land. Of Social In Botswana? It holds their memories. About? The land is their stories. The country’s got to referencing, stop stealing other people’s land.”

Dale: “At first dad thought it was out of Are Guns the Problem?, politeness but it can’t be cos he goes up there all the time.” Laurie: “one phrase within the constitution. on just terms.” Laurie: “competing rights cannot be weighed one against the other.” “Kerrigan Son Towing Service.” The Castle review quotes. “an important step forward in capturing Australian characters.” (Peter Castaldi) Shoot The Messenger: “the context into which the film was released owes much to its positive reception. Advantages And Disadvantages? Who we are as Australians is in Essay about the Problem? a state of flux on the macro an micro level.”

“The family battle against the intertwined cabal of government and advantages of dial up big business.” “The Kerrigans are a paradigm for white Australia’s lost innocence as a family and country.” “The combination of celebration and satire is quite profound in that it satirises what is weak, tacky and Essay Are Guns the Problem? ‘cringeworthy’, what we fear deep within ourselves, yet it celebrates and redeems this part of ourselves with the castro batista unconditional love the family has for one another. On the macro level this validates a mythical lost cultural identity; but on the personal level it is the desire closest to our hearts.”