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best teacher essays You can add your input by filling in schools of thought, the online form. Write For Me. My favorite teacher was my freshman math teacher. Anthropology. He was one of the the goofiest people I ever knew, but incredibly nice and you could really tell he cared about the ado about, subject and anthropology schools of thought, all of his students. His class was always the of the 2008, best - I felt most confortable in the environment he set up and it was fun every day. Schools. I had hated math up until that point, but he taught me to love it! He was always so clear in write my paper for me, his explanations and anthropology schools, I could always understand what he was trying to Essay about A&P, get at.

He always came into schools of thought, the classroom bring a positive attitude that set us all going. The best teacher I had was a lady named Mrs. Browning. She was my third grade teacher. It was she who inspired me to free, be a teacher in the first place. She also lead me to be a Laura Ingalls Wilder fan and a better person. Schools. my favorite teacher is my paper mrs. Baldinelli. She is my math teacher right now. Anthropology Of Thought. i'm in Essay about A&P, seventh grade.She is anthropology schools my favorite teacher because she tells alot of Sisters of Mercy funny stories. she also make funny faces like raising her eyebrows. one day she put up a trick question on of thought, the board. (the answer to by Anne Butler, it was yes) a boy in anthropology schools, our class almost said no but blurted out that her face looked funny! she said WHAT in her angry but funny voice. Social In Societies. well i mean your face it looked funny.

What she said again. i mean i could tell it was supposed to be tricky the anthropology schools, boy replied. My Paper For Me Free. it was so funny! another great thing about Mrs. Anthropology Schools. Baldinelli is that when we grade our homework she acts like she's going to from, say one number(we all freak out) and says another. Anthropology Schools. there are so many other great things about her. Power And Money. Mrs. Baldinelli is the schools, best teacher ever, i will never foget her. Essay About A&P. Believe it or not my favorite teacher was named Mr.

Yelle. He taught seventh and eighth grade math, science and of thought, music (sometimes moonlighting as a jazz pianist). He spoke to us at eye level, and had infinite patience and tolerance for anything except unkindness. We did incredible projects for the scinece fairs. To this day (and I'm talking 40 years ago) I remember our lessons on meteorology (we built a weather station!) and on causes, human anatomy (which 12-year-old boys and anthropology schools of thought, girls were able to take seriously with not an offensive word, leer or sneer). By the write my paper for me, way, he didn't yell. Anthropology Schools Of Thought. Prof. Roston is the social in societies, best teacher ever. Although retired he still teaches at Bar Ilan and California.

His lectures are well organized,interesting and anthropology of thought, put across with a dramatic flair displaying his actor's training. Power And Money. He has a vast knowledge of literature, art, philosophy, Judaism, history - all of schools which he can quote from Daughters Sisters Butler Essay, freely. He turned me on to English literature. Moreover,he was approachable and always had time for students. Schools Of Thought. His door was usually open for free consultations on previous or upcoming assignments. His comments on of thought, papers were constructive and encouraging. The best teacher I ever had was my eighth grade science teacher, Mr. Sisters By Anne. Jack Herr.

He was the funniest person i had ever known in anthropology of thought, my life, every class was fun and i actually learned stuff about science. He was the beatrice in much, one person who really understood me and schools, he changed my life dramatically and i forever thank him for that. He would always do something funny to Why It's Veggie Essay, make me laugh plus he was a surfer so he was cool and schools, he was a good painter. But soon the year ended and Essay about A&P, this was his last year at anthropology schools of thought my school he was moving to beatrice nothing, Switzerland and anthropology, the last thing I ever got from him was a CD that he made for me. I miss him so much and Essay about A&P, he is the best person I know and of thought, the best teacher ever. Problems In Societies. My best teacher was Elaine Hoter from Talpiot College in Tel-Aviv. Her lessons were extremely interesting, efficient and absolutely fascinating. She always practiced what she preached: her methods of teaching us demonstrated the desirable teaching methods for our use.

Her lovely personality also contributed to the success of anthropology of thought her teaching and Daughters of Joy, Essay, lessons. She made every student feel like one of schools her own. Problems In Societies. Having her as a teacher was a blessing! I wish her all the schools, best. 2008. Ruthie Ellen. My English teacher Rena Keynan in Holon.

Each lesson was interesting and anthropology of thought, full of surprises. From. Many students of her became english teachers thanks to her. Anthropology Of Thought. She is problems simply ADORABLE. The best teacher I have ever had was my 7th grade social studies teacher. Anthropology Schools. She was always in Ten Reasons Why It's to go Essay, a good mood and schools of thought, kept us laughing. Power And Money. She was really young so she acted like us teenagers which made learning fun. If we needed to talk to an adult about a problem we always knew we could come to her and she could help.She always added a fun twist on of thought, learning which made the Essay about A&P, topic easy to of thought, understand. My best teacher was my fifth and social problems, sixth grade teacher because she made every student feel special. Anthropology Schools. The teacher who: first of causes 2008 recession all explained material well, in depth but in schools, clear language, not as university indifferent lecturers running in gallope, second, generously marking the problems in societies, students' work- who try hard, and enabling them to anthropology schools, achieve what they deserve, third, not wasting preceous time on silly jokes while there is enough time for power and money more important things:e.g.class discussions,little experiments etc.

The best teacher I have ever had was probably my reading teacher I have now in 8th grade reading class. Her name is Mrs. Anthropology Of Thought. Wilt! She is the Green Veggie Essay, most thoughtful person in schools, whole world! She only Ten Reasons Why It's, does things that help her students! Before I went into her class this year I never ever wanted to even pick up a book now I have a different book every week! Because of anthropology schools her I know what I want to write for me free, be when I grow up, I either want to of thought, be a reading teacher so I can help kids to in much nothing, want to read(like mrs.wilt did for me) or I want to anthropology, be an causes 2008 author so I can persuade kids to want to of thought, read! Mrs.

Wilt is always there for problems in societies me to listen to schools, my problems or when I'm in a bad mood she cheers me up! She's not just a teacher she is social in societies also a friend, I can talk to anthropology schools of thought, her just like I talk to causes, one of of thought my close friends! I love her like a sister and I am goin to miss her when I go to power and money, the high school next year! My best teacher is funny and makes learning fun, she has black curly hair and wears cool boots. Anthropology Schools. My bestever teacher was my geography teacher in Ten Reasons Why It's, high school. She explained everything extremely clearly, then checked every student's notebook to schools, make sure the social in societies, student had written down what she said and drawn the maps and schools of thought, diagrams correctly. Of The 2008 Recession. I can still remember a large part of anthropology schools of thought what she taught decades later! Discipline problems didn't exist in of the 2008, her class because there was never an idle moment, or a boring one. Anthropology. My best teacher was my high school Social Studies and power and money, History Teacher, Thomas Ladenburg.

He was respectful of anthropology of thought us as pupils, he knew how to my paper for me, listen, class was never boring because it was discussion based and when we got to class we always knew what to expect. Anthropology Of Thought. He developed his own materials because he was participating in Lawrence Kholberg's experiements on problems in societies, moral development with us. Of Thought. He shared his own learning experiences with us as well. The most outstanding teacher I've ever had in in societies, all my years of education is anthropology of thought Miriam Schlessinger, from Essay about A&P, whom I had the anthropology of thought, pleasure of learning translation with at Bar-Ilan. She was organized, respectful and interesting. Daughters Of Mercy Butler Essay. But the best thing was that she knew how to schools of thought, criticize our work and ask questions to make us think. Essay About A&P. I learned more from anthropology of thought, her about Ten Reasons Why It's to go Veggie Essay, teaching than I did about schools of thought, translation (and I learned a lot about translation!) Michele Ben. My best teacher ever was my Geography teacher in 8th grade. Why? Because we did projects!

Yes way back then and Daughters of Joy, Sisters of Mercy by Anne, I wrote about India and schools of thought, I have never forgotten what I learned. Write For Me. Maybe that is why I embrace the projects today. Anthropology Of Thought. He brought to life the Why It's Green, culture by letting me become part of anthropology schools it. He also listened to us and in much, was always ready with a kind word. So in schools of thought, my opinion the castles from, best teacher is the teacher who listens to schools, his/her pupils. Problems In Societies. I mean really listens. The best I've ever had used to schools, care about her students, emphasized behavior more than grades, loved her profession and 2008 recession, us, students. Of Thought. The best teacher I ever had was my high school English teacher in the U.S. because he knew exactly how to my paper for me free, appreciate and yes, utilize, our natural initiative and enthusiasm. We were one of those classes that if portrayed in a positive light would be called rambunctious, exuberant and schools, smart. Our sole goal, we were teenagers after all, was to have a good time. Essay About A&P. We could turn any material into of thought, a good time, that is if teachers let us, and nothing, most did not.

But our English teacher was different. Anthropology Schools. A good example was our weekly vocabulary lists. He let us transform what could easily have been a very run-of-the-mill weekly vocabulary assignment in problems, which we were to write a story incorporating as many of the schools, new words as possible. With his blessing, we turned those vocabulary assignments into Daughters of Joy, of Mercy Essay, a weekly exchange of witticisms and laughter as we wrote our stories about anthropology schools of thought, each other, making fun of and teasing each other, inventing all kinds of tall tales, especially of the Essay about A&P, romantic order and schools, including as well many other pieces of castles from ages trivia we would otherwise have been talking about schools of thought, out in the quad. Why It's Green To Go Veggie. We read the stories aloud in class and those weekly readings became a highly attended, exciting event during which we did learn some vocabulary and laughed even more. Anthropology Schools. I try to remember this when I teach my own students -- that as a teenager, laden with all the castles from, issues and anthropology schools, concerns that any normal teenager has, what I most wanted and appreciated was learning in a light, enjoyable way. And for social problems this I always tell myself that if my students are not being engaged, or dare I say, entertained in some way, they probably aren't learning, at anthropology schools least not in from the middle, any meaningful way.

They are teenagers and they are different. Of Thought. The best teacher I ever had understood this and power and money, I try, in schools of thought, his honor, to causes of the 2008 recession, remember this when facing my own students. Anthropology Schools. I am not always successful. Of The 2008 Recession. The teacher who makes you realise that you can achieve whatever you want to, if you're willing to work for it. and also cares that you do! She wasn't perfect for schools of thought sometimes her passion was too intense. But one thing we always knew was that she wanted to instill a love of words and language to of Joy, Essay, all of us, and to make us better,caring people. Of Thought. She, of course, was an Essay about A&P English teacher in my 10th grade. During my year with her the girls began to write poetry because of her direction and encouragement and at anthropology the end of the year we published a journal of Essay about A&P our writing. I would like to give you an example of anthropology schools her teaching method: One day she wrote on the boardESCHEW OBFUSCATION Then she spoke about the castles the middle, importance of writing well and anthropology schools, intelligently but without losing sight of castles from the middle ages our readers.

For those of anthropology schools of thought you who might not be familiar with those words it means avoid confusion' She knew lots. Ten Reasons Green To Go. She shared her knowledge and experience freely. She was warm,loving and open. She could be firm and assertive but never aggressive or verbally abusive. She graded generously, yet had high demands. Anthropology Schools. Her time was available to her students.

It was the causes of the, early thirties of the last century in London a long time ago. Of medium height, a very friendly face, conservatively dressed, a Presbytarian from Scotland, she taught history. Of Thought. Among the write my paper, female staff of spinsters in a girls'school(after WWI, you could not teach if you were married) she was not a school marm, nor was she like the schools, teacher in castles from the middle ages, The Weakest Link. She taught history because she loved it and she made us love it. The characters she described came to life and the dates of anthropology of thought battles became unimportant even though we had to from the middle ages, learn them for anthropology exams. Power And Money. She encouraged us to read historical novels which I like to anthropology of thought, this day. I didn't really like school, she made it bearable. When she left to problems, head a school in anthropology schools of thought, Australia, I really missed her.

I knew no other teachers like her in in much ado about, the school. But don't many students have a favourite teacher, and anthropology of thought, many teachers a favourite student? I plead guilty to the latter too. I had a couple but what always fascinates me is power and money that I LOVED my LATIN teacher, Mrs. Schools Of Thought. White. Write My Paper For Me. I always try to anthropology, analyze how a Jewish 8th grader could so love her Latin teacher! She was beautiful but stern (she, obviously, came from in societies, Catholic schools) and made us memorize the schools, millions of my paper free forms in anthropology, Latin and we did it, happily! I must have loved the write for me free, organized grammar of Latin but I always wonder what it was about Mrs. White. Anthropology Schools Of Thought. I can't even locate her with a name like that.

I don't know her first name although I once saw her again when we were both buying shoes for beatrice in much nothing our children at anthropology schools a shoestore in castles from, Rochester, NY, before our Aliya in 1978. hic haec hoc. Anthropology Of Thought. And veni vidi vici! Computer teacher. Of The 2008. Still teaching. She knew how to of thought, let me alone and trusted me to do my own work at my own pace, something that teachers nowadays seem unable to do. Power And Money. Amazing woman!

JRM. kind, flexible, supportive, sense of humor---to be honest, I think the of thought, summer school teachers were the best, not my regular ones. Essay About A&P. She always was fair. Gave a tremendous amount of anthropology of thought homework, frequent quizzes, and castles from ages, returned the anthropology of thought, results within 2-3 days. Castles The Middle. She opened the anthropology of thought, outside world to us ( 4th and 6th graders) and from ages, taught us things that were of interest.. not necessarily from the anthropology, textbook. Gail Anderson was my grade 9 English teacher.

She was one of free those hippy types but she treated us with respect and schools of thought, cared about each one of Sisters by Anne Essay us. Actually, we guys had a crush on her too. She took the anthropology schools of thought, time to really teach us literature and how to write. I will always remember how she would write meaningful comments and suggestions for writing, organizing and Daughters of Mercy Essay, presenting better work. Anthropology Schools. We always wanted to social problems, please her and in of thought, the end pleased ourselves. She made a difference in our lives. She shaped our destiny and problems in societies, gave us confidence. That is why I teach today.

The best teacher is the one who thinks like the anthropology of thought, students and works according to problems in societies, that. He must love his subject - English. Anthropology Schools. If the teacher considers teaching as a job, not as his favourite hobby, it is worthwhile for him to find another job. The best teacher must prepare more than his students. understanding and funny. He made us think. Castles Ages. I think it was the anthropology, first time I was really made to think in high school.

Instead of just learning about the major revolutions in history, we relived them. Why It's Veggie Essay. Playing the devil's advocate, he forced us to look at the world through the anthropology schools of thought, eyes of the from the middle, people involved. Schools. We took their parts and Essay about A&P, argued their causes, and tried to schools of thought, convince each other what was just. This way, we understood the complexity of castles history, and its meaning for anthropology us, and no longer conceived of it simply as a time line to causes of the 2008, be memorized.

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Health Essays - Caffeine Health Effects. Caffeine is the most commonly consumed ‘drug’ in of thought the world that is said to have been discovered in the Paleolithic Period. It is found in basically everything that people consume including all types of food, soft drinks, energy drinks, coffee, tea, and chocolate. The purpose of caffeine is to help strengthen attentiveness and diminish exhaustion. Taking too much or abusing the use of caffeine, can cause side effects, but can all be avoided if taken in reasonable amounts. So many beneficial effects come with consuming this drug from helping people in sports, to losing weight, to my paper for me free, increasing alertness, and repelling things such as snails and slugs. Anthropology Schools Of Thought! Testing is done often to problems, find more ways that caffeine is useful in individual’s lives. In the author’s opinion it is believed that caffeine has many more positive effects that overcome the negative effects. Introduction and History.

Caffeine has been around for many years and is having an impact on more and more people everyday. A great deal of evidence denotes that the consumption of caffeine goes all the way back to the Paleolithic Period (Magkos Kavouras, 2005). Some may think that caffeine is bad for anthropology of thought, the body and does no good, however many Americans consume caffeine everyday in their diet. Although caffeine has both positive and negative effects, there are much more positive effects if taken responsibly. Caffeine is 2008 recession, a drug that stimulates the schools of thought, central nervous system, which causes high alertness. Taking too much of any drug is going to lead to the chances of having side effects. The side effects can be prevented by decreasing the amount of from caffeine that is taken into the body.

Thus, from increasing alertness, mood, psychomotor performance, to helping as a dietary aid and extending exercise in schools of thought people suffering from heart failure, to nothing, being used as a repellent for mollusks, caffeine is used in many ways and has many positive effects that go along with it. People need to have a better understanding of anthropology of thought caffeine before making judgments. The main source of caffeine consumption comes from soft drinks. Caffeine is an additive used in causes 2008 such drinks to sweeten the taste. It can show no flavor depending on the amount taken, but the anthropology of thought, positive effects that come with it are an increased attention rate and better mood.

Because of write these effects, more people thrive off caffeinated drinks. Looking around, there are soft drink machines everywhere giving more people access to this stimulant. Yet, many people believe that they should not be in schools or places where it is anthropology schools of thought, efficient for kids because they say it is so unhealthy for them (Keast Riddell, 2006). Others will argue this in saying that caffeine is good for ado about, the body as long as it’s not abused. This is a true statement, and as a result educating more people on the effects of caffeine would be very helpful to everyone. Besides soda and other soft drinks, caffeine is also found in coffee.

Coffee has many positive effects to it, such that coffee stimulates the brain and increases energy and mood, and can help in preventing diseases such as skin, liver, and colon cancer, and some others. Both the combination of daily exercise and a cup of of thought coffee are said by scientists to help in the prevention of skin cancer. This has been tested and proven on Essay about A&P, hairless mice, which have extremely sensitive skin to the sun. Stated from The Times of schools India, one group was given caffeinated water to drink, another group exercised on a running wheel at its own convenience, while the third group both drank caffeine and exercised on the wheel, and the control group neither drank nor exercised. Beatrice Ado About! All of the mice were exposed to ultraviolet radiation, which the results in comparing all the groups to the control group showed that the caffeine drinkers showed an increase of 95% in ultraviolet radiation stimulating apoptosis. Apoptosis is the process where cells with damaged DNA are destroyed against illness. The second group showed a 120% increase, while the mice that both consumed caffeine and exercised showed close to anthropology of thought, a 400% increase (“Coffee May Prevent,” 2007).

A study was also developed to my paper, research the effects of of thought caffeine on liver cancer. More than 90,000 Japanese were used in a study and it was found that people that drank coffee daily or close to every day had reduced the risk of liver cancer by nearly half compared to those who never drank coffee. “The American Cancer Society estimates that 18,920 cases of liver cancer were diagnosed in the United States last year and some 14,270 people died of the illness” (“Coffee May Help,” 2008). As a result, it is well stated that caffeine can reduce the chances of liver cancer. According to many scientists, there is a highly antioxidant compound that is found in coffee that reduces the chances of beatrice in much ado about colon cancer, which is the second leading cause of cancer death in of thought the United States. This compound found in Sisters of Mercy Butler coffee is called methylpyridinium, however is not found in raw coffee beans but is created during the roasting process. Tests were brought out to scrutinize this compound even more, so specially equipped extracts of the coffee were exposed to certain lab situations of human intestinal cells for three days and were compared to cells that were not exposed to anthropology of thought, coffee. In the experiment, coffee extracts were found to have increased the activity levels of phase II enzymes. Then, to determine whether it had the same effect in living systems, a group of problems in societies twenty-four rats was evenly divided into schools, three groups. Each group was fed different diets, either a normal diet, a diet mixed with coffee extract, or a normal diet containing pure methylpyridinium. The tests showed that rats that were fed the coffee extract had a 24-40% increase in in much nothing phase II enzymes and the group with the pure methylpyridinium showed an increase in the enzyme activity levels (“Highly Active,” 2003). Results show that coffee is proven to of thought, fight cancer in living systems.

Caffeine can help in Essay about A&P such diseases as cancer in which caffeine and another substance called theophylline are found in many products like coffee, chocolate, and many soft drinks. It is schools, said that they can block enzymes that are crucial for cell growth, which means that one day it could be used to causes recession, stop cell growth all together and avoid blood clots that can cause heart attacks and strokes (“Caffeine Boost,” 2002). It is not just coffee that prevents cancer, it is the caffeine in coffee that is preventing this disease. As most know, there is schools, no cure for cancer, although the tests above show the many ways in which caffeine can help prevent one of the leading causes of deaths. Despite the positive effects of consuming coffee, here in the United States, drinking coffee is consumed most by adults. Problems! However, in Guatemala, it is very common among children. Schools Of Thought! It is write my paper free, one of the first liquids given to babies after milk in Guatemala, even though it may affect the cognitive function by damaging iron levels. It is also known to hinder with the iron absorption and anthropology of thought, iron status of pregnant women and their babies, which is why it is write my paper for me, said that pregnant woman should give up coffee during the term of pregnancy because it could cause miscarriages (Engle Vasdias et al, 1999). Nonetheless, not consuming coffee while pregnant and schools of thought, not giving coffee to write my paper for me free, such young children can avoid these negative effects.

Caffeine is known as one of the most widely used pick-me-ups in sports because of anthropology it’s ability to increase alertness and mood. Many athletes depend on this stimulant to help them carry on with their game if they are feeling a little drowsy or incapable to perform in write free an expected manner. Using caffeine is often used to improve physical and mental performance. It improves physical performance by anthropology of thought, causing alertness and giving the athlete energy to perform and Essay about A&P, improves mental performance by schools of thought, stimulating the central nervous system. This helps the athletes have higher levels of concentration (Magkos Kavouras, 2005).

Using caffeine instead of other types of steroids and drugs is much cheaper and 2008, has less health effects. It also has less ineligibility cases compared to many other drugs. Being cut from of thought, a team is not the only consequence if caught using steroids or drugs, but it is also considered a felony. Therefore, many athletes should take caffeine over steroids to increase energy (Magkos Kavouras, 2005). Unless caffeine is taken in Essay about A&P substantial amounts, some side effects may occur. Taking in massive quantities of caffeine may trigger dehydration that could affect functioning. Schools Of Thought! It may also cause gastrointestinal pain and other side effects, such that caffeine is absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract and from the middle ages, spread throughout the tissues of the body. Athletes that are abusing the use of anthropology schools of thought caffeine may notice an occurrence in castles ages nervousness or an increase in heart rate and may even lead up to seizures or a coma. Caffeine has to be taken with some caution, because of the possible negative side effects that could take place, but remembering to take in only what is needed will help bring out only the positive effects (Magkos Kavouras, 2005). Since caffeine is found in so many foods and over the counter medications, it is of thought, becoming to show an increase in all diets around the world. Many people that are trying to lose weight take caffeine pills or eat a diet that is social, high in caffeine for the energy, similar to those as athletes that use it to enhance performance.

Though caffeine pills should not be taken everyday and anthropology of thought, should be taken early in the day to reduce the problems, chances of losing sleep at night. They help in increasing energy levels and suppressing hunger. Anthropology Schools Of Thought! This is very helpful for people who do not have the energy to get up and exercise. Some people may need that extra boost to get them started (Striegel-Moore Franko et al, 2006). On the other hand, it is not a fundamental nutrient, nor good for the health if taken too often. Too much can become addictive and cause problems like eating disorders, which is very common among young adults. Write My Paper For Me! Eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia are found more common among girls than in boys. Many girls in anthropology of thought their teens have more pressure on themselves and Essay about A&P, feel the schools of thought, need to lose extra weight. Consuming large amounts of caffeine will enhance their energy and suppress the need for food, or hunger. Even though they may already be thin, they will continue starving themselves because they believe they are fat.

It’s a constant battle that never ends and it is a very difficult disease to fight. When caffeine is consumed in social problems reasonable amounts, everyday consumption of it can be helpful and have many beneficial effects on human behavior and sleep showing more people with enhanced mental functioning. Imagine truck drivers who drive such long distances day and night, consuming caffeine can help stay alert and focused on the road. Many accidents occur in a year because of people falling asleep at the wheel. Taking caffeine for better functioning reasons while driving or other reasons can be very beneficial. Regardless of the positive effects of of thought reducing fatigue and better functioning, there are the downfalls of in societies consuming too much caffeine. Schools Of Thought! Too much caffeine has a big effect on your sleeping ability. Sleep disorders are becoming more and more known to my paper, many children and adults because of the amount of caffeine they are taking in. Large amounts of caffeine taken at night will make it much harder to fall asleep.

People face more problems like feeling tired when they wake up or waking up in the middle of the anthropology of thought, night and not being able to fall back asleep. Although, the majority of people are very good at the amount of caffeine they take in to get the most out of the positive effects (Orbeta Overpeck et al, 2005). Effects on Human Behavior. Rather than better mental functioning purposes and an increase in alertness, caffeine is also shown to improve many effects on human behavior. For instance, psychomotor performance is in much ado about nothing, enhanced with caffeine intake. A psychomotor skill deals with being able to anthropology schools, make movements that are essential to complete a task, however they are skills that are performed often without even thinking how they are done.

Handwriting is an beatrice in much ado about, example of anthropology a very difficult psychomotor skill where as people have their own unique way of writing, some using the wrist more, or maybe the elbow, or moving the whole arm as they write. Caffeine consumption can improve handwriting and reveal a much larger improvement in Essay about A&P handwriting skills if taken in moderate quantities (Tucha Walitza et al, 2006). When caffeine is anthropology schools of thought, consumed in social problems in societies so many different amounts in anthropology of thought many types of foods, it will improve people’s talent to perform certain responsibilities requiring a lot of attention. Also, when dispensed in the same amount, caffeine increases alertness and reduces fatigue. The opposing effects take place when caffeine is consumed in unbearable amounts or by people who are overly sensitive to of the 2008, the drug (Smith, 2002). As a result, caffeine is very helpful in which it can improve vigilance tasks and help people become more focused, so multitasking can be done. Caffeine is also used a repellent in which many people probably didn’t know. Many products for the use of mollusk control include metaldehyde or methiocarb for the main ingredients. However, both of these ingredients are highly poisonous by schools of thought, inhalation and to all animals.

Caffeine is an all-natural product that is categorized as a generally recognized as safe (GRAF) product by the United States FDA. There have been many tests to support that caffeine is a well-proven repellent as well (Hollingsworth, Armstrong, Campbell, 2002). According to Hollingsworth, Armstrong, and Campbell (2002) spray applications containing one to two percent of beatrice in much ado about nothing caffeine have been reported to kill slugs during a test that experienced caffeine as a toxicant against frog pests. Another test (Figure 1) took action upon orchid snails where as they were put into Petri dishes with caffeine while the heart rates were taken under a microscope. Snails with caffeine concentrations of .1% or more had vulnerable and uneven heartbeats after a 24-hour period. The snails with higher caffeine concentrations were dead after 96 hours, or four days. As a result, caffeine has been proven to anthropology, kill off mollusks and would be a much safer alternative for food crops.

Taking caffeine on an everyday basis will cause the my paper for me free, body to become addicted to the substance and cause withdrawals if missing a day. Anthropology! Withdrawals may include headaches or may cause a change in the middle ages mood. When the amount of caffeine that is taken in is reduced, the body will become very responsive to anthropology schools, adenosine. The responsiveness will cause blood pressure to drop, causing an overload of Essay about A&P blood to rush to the head, which leads to a headache. Headaches can last between one to five days and aside from such painful headaches, restlessness, irritability, and constant fatigue may occur (Smith, 2002). All of the negative effects come from consuming too much caffeine. For that reason, if caffeine were used correctly and more sensibly, the schools of thought, negative effects would not take place. Negative effects on any drug can be avoided by following simple directions of not overdosing and if sensitive to the drug, don’t take at social problems in societies all. There are so many people that abuse it and take it for all of the wrong reasons. Anthropology Of Thought! If they took caffeine for the right reasons, they would begin to see positive effects. In conclusion, researchers are constantly exploring the many ways that caffeine is beneficial and has proven these effects in many cases.

The main source of caffeine comes from soft drinks, in which it is an additive used to sweeten the taste. It is also very popular in coffee where it helps prevent against some diseases and 2008 recession, has the anthropology, effect of an increased attention rate and better mood. In sports, athletes thrive off caffeine to enhance performance because it is much cheaper and has less health effects than any other drug or steroid. Becoming an increase in all foods, caffeine is also used in many diets to help increase energy. The biggest factor in using caffeine is sleep. Sleep is ado about nothing, unwanted in many situations such as driving and other vigilance tasks. Taking caffeine helps sleep by increasing alertness and anthropology schools, mental functioning, while reducing fatigue. Other than increasing alertness and mental functioning, so many other effects take place in the behavior of individuals. Effects on human behavior include improving multitasking and developing psychomotor performance, such as improving handwriting skills.

Another assured effect that caffeine takes part in is repelling things such as snails and slugs. It is proven much safer than other products and has been tested in many different experiments. Caffeine has much more positive effects that overcome the negative effects. The negative effects of caffeine all come from being abused or taken in too large of quantities, meaning that more people need to understand all of the effects. From athletes trying to enhance performance, people dieting, better functioning, an for me free, increase in alertness, to repelling things such as snails and slugs. Caffeine has many effects on the body to help improve behavior. Looking back at all of the beneficial ways in which caffeine helps, provides all the more reasons why it is anthropology, used so often. American Chemical Society (2003, October 15).

Highly Active Compound Found in Coffee May Prevent Colon Cancer. Causes Recession! Science Daily. Retrieved April 20, 2008, from Caffeine boost in cancer battle. (2002, August 22). Retrieved April 20, 2008, from Coffee may help prevent liver cancer. (2005, February 15). USA Today. Retrieved April 20, 2008, from anthropology of thought, Coffee may prevent skin cancer. (2007, July 31).

The Times of India. In Societies! Retrieved April 20, 2008, from Engle, P.L., Vasdias, T., et al. (1999). Effects of discontinuing coffee intake on of thought, iron deficient Guatemalan toddlers’ cognitive development and sleep. Early Human Development, 53, 251-269. Hollingsworth, R.G., Armstrong, J.W., Campbell, E. (2002). Caffeine as a repellent for slugs and snails. Nature, 417, 915. Keast, R.S.J., Riddell, L.J. (2007). Caffeine as a flavor additive in soft-drinks. Appetite, 49, 255-259.

Magkos, F., Kavouras, S.T. (2005). Caffeine use in sports, pharmacokinetics in man, and cellular mechanisms of action. Critical Reviews in castles the middle Food Science and Nutrition, 45, 535-562. Orbeta, R.L., Overpeck, M.D., et al. (2005). Anthropology Schools! High caffeine intake in beatrice in much ado about nothing adolescents: associations with difficult sleeping and schools of thought, feeling tired in castles the morning.

Journal of Adolescent Health, 38, 451-453. Smith, A. (2002). Effects of caffeine on of thought, human behavior. Food and causes, Chemical Toxicology, 40, 1243-1255. Striegel-Moore, R.H., Franko, D.L., et al. (2006).

Caffeine Intake in Eating Disorders. International Journal of of thought Eating Disorders, 39:2, 162-165. Tucha, O., Walitza, S. et al. (2006). Write! The effect of caffeine on handwriting movements in skilled writers. Human Movement Science, 25, 523-535.

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North American Free Trade (NAFTA) Essay. North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is one of the anthropology schools of thought, most influential international agreement between the US, Canada and Mexico that defined the economic, social and political development of the three countries and North American region. In fact, NAFTA was intended to bring positive effects on the development of economies of three member states that signed the agreement. However, the development of their economies after the Daughters of Joy, Sisters of Mercy by Anne Butler, implementation of anthropology, NAFTA has revealed the fact that NAFTA has not only positive but also negative effects. Moreover, initially, NAFTA was a sheer economic agreement between the US, Canada and Mexico that intended to facilitate the of the, trade between the member states and economic cooperation between the countries. However, after the promulgation of the agreement by the member states, NAFTA has started to anthropology schools influence not only economic development of member states but also their social and political development, while effects of the introduction of NAFTA have turned out not only positive but also negative. As a result, NAFA became quite a controversial agreement, which effects influenced consistently the development of member states. Essay About A&P? On the one hand, NAFTA accelerated the economic cooperation between countries and stimulated the rise of certain industries but, on the other hand, NAFTA provoked a steep decline of others.

In such a situation, large multinational corporations turned out to be in the advantageous position and benefited the most from the free trade agreement between the US, Canada and Mexico. Genuine essence of North American Free Trade is not a simple trade union or agreement, but a global institution that shapes the future not only for the countries who accepted this agreement but it also has an influence over the free trade and economic relations worldwide, in other words its setting is anthropology schools setting global precedents. North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) consists of Canada, Mexico and the United State, who are also the members of two well known free trade unions: the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the World Trade Organization (WTO), therefore the governments of all three countries are subject to the obligations of in societies, both agreements. (Condon, 2002) NAFTA is often perceived as a reflection and kind of schools, rediscovery of the common experience and interrelated interests of its members have had over many years. For instance, Von Bertrab (1997) claims that NAFTA members are deeply connected from their origins and therefore the development of any founding member of NAFTA is influenced or somehow related to the other two members. But these countries are also divided by their interests and social norms, for instance Mexico is more traditional and native while the US have more connections with the EU countries. Before analyzing the negative economic and social effects of the NAFTA regulations I need to draw your attention to the fact that NAFTA may be considered a rediscovery in a very broad sense, not only in economic, or political, but in ages social-cultural meaning as well. Thats why this agreement is so important for these counties, because they rediscover and accept each other as partners, as support; besides it they adopt the new concept of America consisting of the countries with strong and tenuous links.

The process of the development of these new relations needs some time and cant happen immediately, it needs to progress and may be followed by complications, conflicts, in of thought other words its not the easiest way but the final result may be worth it. Its obvious, these interrelations between NAFTA members should mature, and the trade and in much nothing, other international economic relations may even cause serious conflicts and public concern. Therefore in order to meet these challenges more effectively, NAFTA framework is being updated from time to time, this allows the of thought, agreement to suite the actual issues and also old problems. Thus, the controversies in the interstate relations may be corrected when they arise, and it even concerns these controversies that arent directly should be managed by NAFTA (for instance, the Essay about A&P, indirect consequences of the free trade regulations may be jobs cuts, etc.) NAFTA regulations not only concern trade in goods and services, foreign investment and intellectual property rights but they also affect global business strategy.

Its clear that there is a number of advantages and disadvantages of the NAFTA regulations. It needs to be specified that there are many disadvantages that are directly or indirectly caused by NAFTA regulations. Anthropology Of Thought? For me there is no doubt that one of the most significant problems is the U.S. Problems? jobs cuts, because the production bases of many companies previously based in anthropology schools of thought the US were moved to Mexico where the wages are much lower and write free, its allows companies to of thought keep their competitive positions in the industries. In fact, NAFTA eliminated fiscal barriers between countries that signed the agreement and from the middle, stimulated their economic cooperation. The creation of NAFTA was a logical step in response to the growing cooperation between member states because existing fiscal barriers and regulations prevented companies operating in the US, Canada and Mexico from free trade in each others market. As a result, the creation of NAFTA opened the way for the free trade and companies could develop their business on the territory of anthropology of thought, member states without any substantial obstacles from the part of local governments. At the same time, the development of NAFTA raised the question concerning the extent to social which the agreement was beneficial for member states. In fact, the schools, main question was the question of Essay about A&P, who benefits the most from NAFTA. Developers of NAFTA and proponents of free trade insist that free trade stimulates economic growth in countries, who signed NAFTA. The trade between the US, Canada and Mexico increased substantially.

In such a context, NAFTA seems to be beneficial because it can books the economic development of member states. The economy growth, in its turn, creates new jobs and businesses that improve the socioeconomic situation in anthropology each country, member of NAFTA. However, benefits of NAFTA are not so significant compared to risks and my paper, threats associated with the development of NAFTA and consequences of the emergence of free trade between the US, Canada and Mexico (Farber, 2004). In fact, the development of free trade implied not only the free movement of goods between countries, but also the free movement of capital and human resources. In such a way, the anthropology, development of free trade stimulated the further integration of countries.

However, such integration raised a number of problems. For instance, the US faced the problem of the growing immigration from from Mexico and such immigration was the natural consequence of the elimination of barriers between countries. Schools? Mexico faced the problem of the replacement of national companies by problems strong American and Canadian corporations. Local companies have proved to be unable to anthropology compete with large multinational corporations and stronger companies from the US and Canada. Canada also faced substantial difficulties associated with the expansion of American companies. Hence, there are many disadvantages that are created by NAFTA regulations and from ages, there is no doubt that one of the most significant problems is the U.S. jobs loss. The movement of the US and Canadian companies production to schools of thought Mexico makes the workforce cost much cheaper than the high cost of the US. In fact, economic effects of the introduction of NAFTA were highly controversial.

On the one hand, member states benefited from the acceleration of the economic cooperation between countries that stimulated the rise of business activities in the US, Canada and Mexico. On the other hand, many companies ran bankrupt, while free trade between member states resulted in from ages the consistent deterioration of the position of local communities, when many employees in the US, for instance, lost their jobs as American companies used outsourcing and moved production facilities to Mexico, where costs of the labor force are consistently lower compared to the US or Canada. In addition, NAFTA paved the way to the debate on the closer integration of countries to the extent that there were debates concerning the introduction of common currency. This policy would make NAFTA member states similar to the EU united by common currency. In fact, the common currency would facilitate the free trade.

On the anthropology schools of thought, other hand, the idea of the of the 2008, introduction of the common currency for anthropology, member states of NAFTA was rejected for now because it could deteriorate the social, financial position of the US and it could raise a number of financial and economic problems. The introduction of the common currency would raise not only economic but also political issues because the national currency is viewed by many as a symbol of independence. Moreover, such initiatives apparently threaten to the independence of national economies and such close integration eliminates national frontiers and makes member states too dependent on each other. As a result, the implementation of NAFTA regulations had not only economic but also social effects. In this regard, the rise of unemployment was closely intertwined with NAFTA. As it has been already mentioned above, outsourcing contributed to the rise of the unemployment rate in the US.

The growing unemployment in the US was not the only effect of the implementation of NAFTA. If Americans suffered from outsourcing that provoked unemployment than Mexico and partially Canada faced the problem of the inability of their small and schools, medium companies to compete with large multinational corporations based in the US. In fact, large multinational corporations virtually swept away many small companies. As a result, many businesses in Mexico and Canada ran bankrupt that also increased the social tension for former businessmen had to look for new jobs but there were a few offers that met their qualifications and ambitions. The flow of immigrants from Mexico to the US and partially to Canada was another effect of NAFTA. Daughters Of Mercy By Anne Butler? The growing flow of immigrants from Mexico to the US and anthropology schools of thought, Canada is one of the main effects of NAFTA because the agreement encouraged the free movement of goods, capital and people between member states. As a result, many Mexicans moved northward to the US and Canada in search of a better life.

Immigrants increased the competition in nothing the local labor market that aggravated the schools, economic situation and increased the social tension. In response to Essay about A&P the growing immigration many Americans insisted on the change of immigration laws to stop the flow of immigrants from Mexico. The tension between the local population and of thought, immigrants became the ado about, direct effect of NAFTA. In such a situation, the controversy of NAFTA is obvious, while the anthropology, introduction of consistent changes in economic policies conducted by member states in of Joy, Sisters Butler terms of anthropology, NAFTA is obvious. These changes should be grounded on the strong theoretical background. The gradual evolution of economic theories of the international trade over the previous centuries has resulted in the creation of 2008, different international unions.

It should be said that globalization of the world economy has increased international trade in goods, services and foreign investment and this has coincided with a proliferation of international trade and investment agreements. One of these agreements is North American Free Trade (NAFTA) which is an important part of the global free trade system. Neoliberalism supports the development of schools, free trade and NAFTA contributes to the development of free trade and liberalization of economic relations. In fact, the emergence of NAFTA was closely intertwined with the emergence of Neoliberalism in the late 20th century. Neoliberalism stands on causes recession the ground of the minimal intervention of the government in the economic development and business activities. In such a context, the development of international trade is beneficial for the economic development of countries. However, Neoliberalist approach to the development of anthropology, free international trade and such agreements as NAFTA will not work because they fail to social problems prevent negative effects of NAFTA and similar agreements. Schools Of Thought? In stark contrast, the further economic integration that is supported by of Joy, Sisters by Anne Neoliberals may aggravate the economic development of anthropology, countries and the position of a larger part of the society in Daughters by Anne Essay member states. What is meant here is the fact that the further integration of member states would be a reasonable step in terms of the Neoliberal approach to economy. The further economic integration would mean the aggravation of of thought, existing problems, such as growing unemployment and high immigration rate that would lead to the depopulation of Mexico, removal of hazardous production facilities to Mexico, the replacement of local small business by in much large American and Canadian multinational corporations. On the other hand, the US and Canada would face the growing flow of immigrants from anthropology schools of thought Mexico and outsourcing of many productions from the Essay about A&P, US and anthropology of thought, Canada to Mexico.

Instead, the Social Conflict theory could explain the current development of social, NAFTAs member states. To put it more precisely, the anthropology of thought, free trade is the natural part of the capitalist economic development, when the accumulation of beatrice ado about nothing, capital leads to anthropology the further expansion of of the, large companies and severe exploitation of anthropology, employees. As companies have reached limits within national frontiers, they need to enter international markets NAFTA is the perfect tool for the fast economic market expansion. Large multinational corporations penetrate new markets and establish their control taking the leading position and striving for the monopolization of the market. As a result, large multinational corporations take control over a larger part of the Sisters Butler Essay, economy of member states that is the case of large corporation in the US, Canada and Mexico after the implementation of NAFTA.

In such a situation, the introduction of restrictions in terms of NAFTA is essential for the prevention of the further growth of control of large corporations over national economies. The supporters of the idea of diminishing the NAFTA agreement indicate that the jobs losses caused serious harm for the US and therefore this and other free trade agreements are rather negative factors for the country: U.S. Jobs Were Lost: Since labor is cheaper in Mexico, many manufacturing industries moved part of anthropology of thought, their production from high-cost U.S. states. Between 1994 and 2010, the social problems, U.S. trade deficits with Mexico totaled $97.2 billion, displacing 682,900 U.S. jobs. (However, 116,400 occurred after 2007, and anthropology schools of thought, could have been a result of the financial crisis.) Nearly 80% of the causes of the 2008, losses were in manufacturing. California, New York, Michigan and Texas were hit the hardest because they had high concentrations of the industries that moved plants to Mexico. These industries included motor vehicles, textiles, computers, and electrical appliances. (The High Cost of Free Trade, 2011). On the other hand, restrictions in anthropology of thought terms of NAFTA would change the essence of the agreement and lead to the consistent change of the agreement.

Thus, it is castles from obvious that NAFTA needs changes to prevent its negative socioeconomic effects. In this regard, policy makers should conduct socially responsible policies and decrease the tension between the rich and the poor. Policy makers should make NAFTA socially responsible and protect interests of employees but not interests of large corporations as NAFTA does at the moment.

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Ancient Egypt: Compare Old Kingdom to Middle Kingdom. On October 29th, 1929, a day otherwise known as black Tuesday, marked the United States of Americas largest fiscal battle. Black Tuesday was the beginning of The Great Depression. The stock market plummeted on this day and the nation trembled in fear. This fear propelled Americans to withdraw their money from banks, for they anticipated the banks to plummet as well.

The insufficient funds within the banks forced them to close their doors. The credit system that was developed in the 20s failed due to the incapability to repay loans. We will write a custom essay sample. on Ancient Egypt: Compare Old Kingdom to Middle Kingdom or any similar. topic specifically for you. The following ten years are referred to as The Great Depression. The president at the time was Herbert Hoover.

His approach to the economy was extremely nonchalant. Hoover considered this depression to be a passing incident in our national lives. His attitude did very little to stabilize the countrys economy. In 1932, the economy was at its worst and unemployment was at 25 percent. This was around the same time that President Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected. FDR attacked this depression aggressively with a series of programs and economic stimulus plans called The New Deal.

After earning the trust of the anthropology schools citizens of America, the people felt comfortable again. This level of comfort liberated citizens to social problems in societies spend money again. Anthropology Schools Of Thought? At this time, the castles the middle ages economy was as good as it ever was. President Barrack Obama took office in of thought 2008 in the midst of a recession. Of Joy, By Anne? While this recession was nowhere near as severe as the one that took place in the 30s, he most definitely had a lot of work to do. By using techniques similar to those of FDR, he has been able to stimulate the economy and anthropology slowly, but surely, stabilize our economy.

Without the knowledge of history and the actions of Essay about A&P FDR, todays economy would have been impacted more severely. This all may seem irrelevant to schools Ancient Egyptian studies, but this goes to show how difficult it must have been for the first leaders of the world to ado about nothing succeed. The rulers of Ancient Egypt had very little history to regard, contrary tothe leaders of today. Almost everything that the Ancient Egyptians did was based on trial and anthropology schools of thought error. Often times, decisions resulted in success; even more often did those decisions result in failure. In Much? Page 2 Ancient Egypt: Compare Old Kingdom to Middle Kingdom Essay. The Old Kingdom in Ancient Egypt took place in 3100-2200 BC. The Middle Kingdom took place in2050-1700. The 150 years separating the two kingdoms is anthropology schools of thought called the First Intermediate Period.

These three stages of Ancient Egypt are amongst civilizations first documented historical events. Ancient Egypt took notes of the very few civilizations that preceded them. Problems? Mesopotamia was the very first civilization on earth and anthropology schools of thought influenced Ancient Egypt in many ways. Of The Recession? Much like Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt began with the accumulation of city-states within the region. These city states were referred to as nomes and there were 42 of them within the expanse.

These 42 city-states often battled each other for resources, land, and power. It wasnt too long before the fittest nomes ruled all of Egypt. These nomes divided Egypt in half and were called Upper and Lower Egypt. After Upper Egypt defeated Lower Egypt, the two city-states merged. This unification marks the anthropology schools of thought beginning of the causes of the recession Old Kingdom. This kingdom was actually a serene and affluent period of anthropology of thought history. The first pyramid ever built was constructed for King Zoser at this time. Pyramids were initially used to problems in societies harbor the tombs of the deceased and shelter the corpses of the departed so that they may return for the afterlife. Common misconception alludes to the idea that slaves built these pyramids; however, it was peasants that did the constructing in hopes of being honored with an of thought afterlife of their own. The Great Pyramid of Gizeh was unanimously the largest and causes of the 2008 recession most elegant of all pyramids. The Pyramid was comprised of 2. 3 million limestone blocks.

This structure was expensive. The Construction of this pyramid negatively impacted the anthropology schools of thought economy but wasnt the driving force behind the castles from the middle struggling monetary system of Egypt. The toll the pyramid took on the economy played a minimal role in the decline of The Old Kingdom. Severe drought struck Egypt at this time and anthropology schools of thought the lack of water forced Egypt into famine. During the Old Kingdom, the king was looked upon as a god. This idea gave the Egyptian people the causes 2008 perspective that their king was divine and can control the climate and environmental factors. Of Thought? Once severe drought occurred, the people began to question their kings power. The Egyptians turned their faith toward the sun god, Re. This shift in causes of the religion becomes prevalent in Ancient Egyptian art and architecture.

The political, religious, and economical shift drives The Old Kingdom into the ground. After the weakening of The Old Kingdoms centralized monarchy, the unity between Upper and Lower Egypt dissolved as they separated from each other yet again. The First Intermediate Period, otherwise known as the First Disruption, was chaotic. Manetho, a Graeco-Egyptian priest, claims this period was composed of seventy rulers for schools of thought seventy days. Scholars assume this hyperbole describes the disorder of The First Intermediate Period.

In 2055 BC, Mentuhotep II took Theban Throne. Thebes, the capital of Upper Egypt, took advantage of Lower Egypt by Essay about A&P, attacking in the midst of a Lower Egypt revolt. The inability to prepare due to the revolt allowed Upper Egypt to dominate and take over anthropology schools, Egypt as a whole once again. The fusion of the two lands initiates The Middle Kingdom. Mentuhotep II reestablished order in Egypt and Essay about A&P laid the foundation for more prosperity to come.

Trade, art, and anthropology schools of thought literature thrived once again; people had faith in their culture. The once flawed irrigation system was corrected as the Nile flowed regularly again. Egypt established a military to fend off foreign countries. At this time, pharaohs were thought of as good kings and wise leaders to causes recession their people. Anthropology Of Thought? Pharaohs of this age seem to Essay about A&P be more humble and no longer refer to themselves as gods. Instead of building massive pyramids for the deceased pharaohs, they were buried in tombs hidden in the hills. Not only did the land and people of Upper and schools of thought Lower Egypt unify, but as did their cultures. Amun was the god of Upper Egypt as Ra was the god of Lower Egypt. After the unification, the two gods become one: AmunRa.

The unification of the two gods lessened the likelihood of civil war between cities based on belief. The Middle Kingdom took a more conservative route than that of The Old Kingdom. Problems? While it didnt last forever, by acknowledging the anthropology schools past mistakes of Ancient Egypt, The middle Kingdom prevented history from repeating itself. The arrogance of the pharaohs in the Old Kingdom applied a lot of pressure on themselves to be perfect. By being humble in The Middle Kingdom, the pharaohs retained the respect of the people even through times struggle.

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Essay: What are the nurses experiences in schools of thought, caring for Essay about A&P dementia patients with challenging behaviour? Global ageing is increasing exponentially along with dementia prevalence rates. The demographic trends show that dementia along with other comorbidities has a serious effect on prolonged hospitalisation than people without dementia, with a huge impact on health services and anthropology of thought the national economy .The nurses in acute wards play a major role in identifying and managing the challenging behaviour. My Paper For Me Free? The interventions seems to be inconsistent due to the busy context of the acute wards and lack of guidance on care of dementia patients with challenging behaviour, which again has a detrimental effect on dementia patients. Upon reviewing the literature, a gap is identified about experiences of nurses caring for dementia patients with challenging behaviour . Hence the writer plans to schools of thought, explore the experiences of beatrice nurses in dementia with challenging behaviours using a Husserlian phenomenological approach with the hope that it can contribute to the nursing practices.

Dementia is a progressive degenerative disease of the brain, and the fourth leading cause of death for the age group of 65 and above (OCallaghan 2008, cited by Jean and Murphy, 2011). Currently there are about of thought, 41,470 people with dementia live in Ireland as per causes 2008 recession, EuroCoDe age/gender specific dementia prevalence rates (2006 census of population). Behaviours that challenge can appear in anthropology schools of thought, any of the three stages of Essay about A&P dementia. Confusion and cognitive impairment are the major comorbidities present in the hospitalised elderly population with dementia (Moyle et al. 2008). Hospitalized dementia patients had complex needs, particularly while they exhibit challenging behaviour. Caring for the elderly people with dementia makes matchless challenges to schools of thought, healthcare staff, particularly to care for their personal needs as well as to manage their disruptive behaviour (Moyle et al. Write My Paper For Me? 2008). While attending the heavy work load along with high emotional involvement can produce stress on nursing staff which could lead to frustration and dissatisfaction (Chou et al.

2012). Staff works with patients who have challenging behaviours often express negative feelings and poor job satisfaction (Farrell et al. Of Thought? 2010). Daughters Of Mercy Butler Essay? Even though there were many studies conducted in of thought, the area of dementia and associated behaviours , few studies done about nurses experiences in caring for dementia patients with challenging behaviour. Hence the writer aims to conduct a study about nurses experiences of caring for dementia patients with challenging behavior. A detailed literature review will be conducted with explaining the methodology of the causes of the 2008 study used and suggestions will be concluded. 1.2 Search strategy.

A literature search using electronic databases: Cinahl, Medline, Pub Med,Cochrane and Google scholar. The search terms used weredementia and Alzheimers and schools Challenging behaviourand Aggressive behaviourand Nurses experiencesandAcute hospital. Search limited to include full text available online, publications between 2006-2013 , English language and age group of 65 and above. The search yielded 120 articles of which 16 were relevant to the topic and rest were excluded. Out of 16 studies 7 were dealing with dementia patients in acute hospitals and Essay about A&P 6 were about challenging behaviour in dementia patients and 3 were dealing with nurses stress and job satisfaction. Reference list was also reviewed from the articles used to review. Schools Of Thought? The writer used a data extraction grid to collect data from the literature ( Appendix 1). 1.3 Review of Literature. 1.3.1 Caring for Essay about A&P older people with dementia. The National Dementia Strategy in England identifies dementia as a fatal illness with a life expectancy of anthropology schools 4.5 years from diagnosis to death (Xie et al.2008). Dementia leads to decline in cognition with impact on judgement , comprehension, language, emotional control , intellect , memory and social skills (World Health Organisation 2007).

Alzheimers is the most common form of dementia and other types are vascular dementia, Lewy body dementia and problems frontotemporal dementia (Cahill et al. 2012). Anthropology Schools Of Thought? Dementia has three stages; early, moderate and severe ( In a qualitative study by Nolan (2007) using a purposive sample of seven nurses with the causes of the 2008 recession thematic approach reported that the physical layout of the acute ward as inappropriate to care for older people with dementia and the highlighted alarm is the safety of the patient. Anthropology Of Thought? This study also talked about nurses enhanced knowledge of environmental dangers, especially in relation to those who wander, and stressed the need to keep them under close supervision. It had an impact on the nurses ability to provide care for Daughters of Joy, of Mercy by Anne Essay other patients, mainly while there were many other dementia patients to be cared for. Nurses had their own viewpoints about dementia care, grounded in their own beliefs and practices instead of schooling and knowledge. Dementia patients were often detailed as powerful and persistent labels, and were often sighted as being different from other patients (Cowdell 2009). This study, using an ethnographic approach suggested that instead of meeting the schools needs of the clients , care mainly focussed on completing the physical needs and provision of care included less amount of good communication. Due to functional deficits, dementia patients were unable to complete their activities of Daughters of Mercy Essay daily living and due to the time constraints nurses had to take over such activities (Nolan 2006). While attending these activities, nurses were aware of inhibiting the anthropology autonomy which could disrupt the personhood of dementia patients.

It was noted , this study had the limitations of a small sample size and was conducted in a geriatric ward which was not characteristic of other acute wards. Similar results were found out by a study of beatrice Edberg et al. (2008). A qualitative study by Edvardsson et al. (2011) found out that the emotional feeling tone of the psychosocial unit has great influence on dementia patients and is necessary for of thought maintaining the well being of dementia patients. Nurses had a vital role in producing and maintaining such a positive climate with their presence, and work. 1.3.2 Challenging behaviour in dementia. Challenging behaviour has been defined as an active attempt by the person to express an unmet need, which could be physiological and psychological (Stokes G 2000, cited by Andrews 2006 ) or can be a sign of pain or suffering , or a reaction to carers torment, which consecutively increases the behavioural problems (Bird et al. 2007).

A quantitative study by Pulsford (2011) using the Management of Aggression in People with Dementia Attitude Questionnaire (MAPDAQ) to assess the behaviour, the result shows that staff finds the aggressive behaviour mainly as circumstantial, could be from an problems, interaction with staff or from the nature of care providing. Physical aggression occurred frequently with staff was the target for many of those incidents. This study was limited by less response from staff. Moyle et al. (2010) study using a convenience sample of 13 participants in a large Australian hospital reported that dementia patients with wandering behaviour added more responsibilities to anthropology schools, the nurses care due to social problems in societies, the limitations of the acute care environment. So they had an attitude to devalue such patients which led to nurses managing the safety issues of the patient, and less intervention were used to meet the physical, social and emotional needs of persons with dementia. In a study by Nolan (2007) findings suggested that nurses felt secure in the presence of dementia patients who were not agitated and aggressive. A cross sectional survey by Cubit et al. (2007) reported that aggressive behaviour is the main reason for increased stress in nurses followed by verbal disruption and wandering. Moyle et al. (2010) reported Staff used physical and of thought chemical restraints to control aggressive upsurges. The writer suggests that nurses understanding of challenging behavior and its pre-disposing factors can help nurses improve their attitude to dementia patients and improve quality of care. 1.3.3 Nurses Experiences in caring for dementia patients with challenging behaviour. The preconceived ideas about the clients violent behaviour caused shortfalls in quality of care and led to lacking individual care which added increased psychological distress and decreased job satisfaction among nurses (Isaksson et al.

2009). This study had limitations of a small sample size and ado about nothing conscious biases present, but the trustworthiness is proved by discussing the findings with other research groups and by seminars with other researchers. Anthropology Schools? Nurses described caring for older people with dementia in Essay about A&P, an acute hospital as reaching to feelings of anthropology schools incompetence and job dissatisfaction , and tended to focus their efforts on physical care due to lack of confidence (Cowdell 2009). Again this study reported nursing staff experienced more emotional challenges when patients become upset or difficult to manage. Byers (2008) study using a phenomenological approach about the lived experiences of registered nurses providing care to patients with dementia in the acute care setting , all the participants repeatedly expressed feelings of guilt and dissatisfaction. Also they expressed that they were unable to practice the way they should which created more stress and challenge for them. Similar results were found out by Edberg et al.s (2008) study using a combined approach of qualitative and quantitative methods. Nurses who work in dementia special care units for long term experienced less distress from disruptive behaviour which was in contrast to previous studies where residential care staff with more experience suffered more strain (Cubit et al.

2007), but this study had used the convenience sample for cross sectional survey and the survey tool was limited by asking to recall events from the past week, thus reliability can be questioned. Edvardsson et al. Causes 2008 Recession? (2009) found that the caring climate had a significant role in producing job strain in nursing staff caring for persons with dementia, which could lead to poor job satisfaction. The writer finds that nurses experiences stress and poor job satisfaction in caring for anthropology dementia patients with challenging behavior. So the writer aims to explore the experiences of nurses to understand how the nursing care can be improved. 1.4 Methodological issues in the literature:

Upon reviewing the literature, the studies which gave information about the experiences of nurses about Essay about A&P, dementia care where qualitative studies and had rich descriptions about the topic but as the samples were small in size in qualitative research and the studies conducted in single sites, the results cannot be generalised. Edberg et al.s (2008) study used a focus group and participants were recruited through the personal awareness of moderators and reliability can be varied, but trustworthiness and transferability of the findings evidenced by the uniqueness of anthropology schools of thought results and social problems is reinforced by agreement of the findings between nurses in different groups and across the countries. Ethical approval was obtained from relevant sources for anthropology schools all studies. Many studies said that acute care settings had limitations in caring for dementia patients where nurses hold different job roles and look after critically ill patients. As global ageing is increasing exponentially along with dementia prevalence rates it is important to provide adequate nurses training and facilities to care for dementia patients in acute conditions. Hence the writer aims to explore the experiences of nurses in caring for dementia patients with challenging behaviour and to contribute findings to improve quality care . Chapter 2: Methodological issues in research. In reviewing the literature related to nurses experiences of caring for dementia patients with challenging behaviour, three main themes were emerging. It has been identified that nurses are the frontline workers in the acute hospital with dementia patients and there were not much study done about the experiences of nurses in relation to caring and their knowledge of dementia care. Therefore a gap has been identified in the literature. This chapter will describe the methodology selected by the writer and its relevance to the writers research topic.

A brief overview of various research designs will be provided followed by the population and sample described along with rationale for the selected sample size. The writer will then discuss about the data collection and data analysis methods and Essay about A&P a pilot study will be described. Ethical considerations will be addressed and at the end, trustworthiness and the strengths and schools of thought limitations will be explained. 2:2 Aim of the study: The proposed research aims to explore the experiences of nurses in caring for dementia patients with challenging behaviour to find out about the barriers and to improve care standards for problems dementia patients.

2:3 The Research Question: What are the nurses experiences in caring for dementia patients with challenging behaviour? 2:4 Research Methodology. Nursing research is a systematic inquiry structured to build trustworthy evidence to important issues of nurses and their clients and research methods are the techniques used by researchers to collect and scrutinize the information relevant to the question (Polit Beck 2014). While Paradigm is a broad viewpoint on the complexities of the real world (Polit Beck 2008), methodology is the framework used to conduct the research (OLeary 2004). The quality of research is reinforced with selecting the correct research methodology for answering the research question effectively (Gerrish Lacey 2010). Quantitative research uses positivist paradigm and, qualitative research is related to constructivist (Naturilistic) paradigm (Polit Beck 2014). Quantitative research seeks to present a world view which is objective and involves variables which can be quantified and manipulated whereas qualitative research looks to get the opinions, experiences of anthropology schools of thought participants and Daughters of Joy, of Mercy the meanings of their perspective on the research topic is looking for (Watson et al. 2008).

Quantitative studies can be divided into schools of thought, descriptive, Co relational and quasi experimental studies. It is again divided into experimental or clinical trials and, non experimental or observational studies (Polit Beck 2014). Qualitative researchers give attention to the dynamic, holistic and by Anne Essay individual aspects of schools human life and try to absorb those aspects as a whole, within the environment in which it is experienced (Polit Beck 2014). Qualitative study can be divided into three categories: grounded theory, which describe the key social and psychological processes which occur in the social setting wherein ethnography learn from of Mercy by Anne Butler Essay members of the anthropology of thought cultural groups, to realise their world view and, describes their customs and ages norms. Phenomenological approach studies about life experiences of people and what they mean to them (Polit Beck 2014). Parahoo (2006) says that phenomenology is based on the philosophy of Husserl (descriptive), in contrast Heideggerian phenomenology looks into of thought, the individual personal history and psychological make up to understand the Essay about A&P way in which how they experiences phenomena (interpretive). Schools? The aim of the proposed research is to explore the experiences of nurses caring for social in societies dementia patients with challenging behaviour, therefore the writer finds qualitative research method using the Husserlian phenomenological approach as appropriate to the study. Husserlian phenomenology has four steps, which are intuiting, analysing , describing and bracketing. By using bracketing which leaves writers perceptions, prejudices and beliefs away to get the description of respondents experiences in pure form (Polit Beck 2014) The research will be undertaken as part of a PG diploma in anthropology, Nursing and the time scale will be over 9 months.( Appendix 2 ) 2.5 Population, sample and sampling.

A target population is the total population and study population is a subset of the target population (Gerrish Lacey 2010) while the my paper free sample is schools of thought a subset of the population being Studied (Polit Beck 2008). In phenomenology, the sample has to include those who have experienced the phenomenon. Write Free? So the writer plans to use nurses who care for dementia patients. Sampling is the process of selecting a portion of the population to anthropology schools, represent the entire population (Polit Beck 2008). Essay About A&P? Qualitative researchers look to identify the key individuals, events or settings that provide a rich source of data and are not so concerned about identifying the total population in developing the sample frame (Gerrish Lacey 2010). There are two basic sampling methods in research, probability sampling and quantitative studies use this sample more but non probability sampling is used by qualitative researchers (Gerrish Lacey 2010). The writer has chosen a purposive sample for this study, which is a form of non probability sampling and schools of thought researchers knowledge of the population employed to causes of the 2008, select the sample (Polit Beck 2008).

LoBiondo-Wood and Haber (1998) pointed out the chances for conscious bias and invalid assumptions as the limitations with purposive sampling technique. However purposive samplings are commonly used in phenomenological studies to build up knowledge by providing sound and appropriate data. A sample of 10 nurses working in an acute geriatric ward in an academic teaching hospital in anthropology schools of thought, Ireland and regularly caring for dementia patients with challenging behaviour deemed appropriate for the study. 2.6 Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria. Registered nurses with minimum one year working experience and Essay about A&P care for dementia patients with challenging behaviour on a regular basis are included. Nurse managers and specialist nurses, who are not directly rendering the care, agency nurse and nurses on sick leave/maternity leave are excluded. 2.7 Study Setting. The participants will be more relaxed and anthropology schools of thought relieved if they are in a comfortable setting , and will be more open with the researcher (Langford 2001). He again told that qualitative research is generally conducted in the natural setting of the phenomena. Hence the investigator aims to carry out the study in a private room in the hospital which is away from the ward.

2.8 Data Collection. Data is the information collected during the course of a study and by Anne Essay it can be in the form of anthropology numerical values in quantitative study whereas narrative information on a qualitative study (Polit Beck 2014). Data collection is a precise, systematic gathering of information required to answer a research question (Burns Grove 2006). Ages? According to Creswell (2007) the data collection steps in qualitative study include (a) setting limitations for the study (b) gather information through observation, interviews , documents and visual materials (c) establishing the anthropology schools of thought protocol for beatrice recording information .Interviews are the schools of thought most common method of data collection in phenomenology (Whiting 2008). Write My Paper Free? Interviews can be structured, unstructured and semi structured (Parahoo 2006). To understand the phenomenon being studied, unstructured interviews use an of thought, informant guided approach to assemble data. (Watson et al. Social? 2012). Phenomenological interviews which gather life-world descriptions of anthropology schools experiences are similar to, but different from other types of non structured open ended interviews (Gerrish Lacey 2010). This begins with a request to interviewee to describe the relevant experience in detail and , the request is similar to all informants. Rigor in qualitative research is a strict process of data collection and Daughters of Joy, Butler analysis and anthropology of thought is carried throughout the procedure to maintain quality (Macnee McCabe 2008).

For this research, unstructured interviews will be conducted with a request to describe the experiences in caring for dementia patients with challenging behaviour while looking for the relevant experiences. The interviewer then helps the informant by explaining the examples and asking what was it like for the respondent, to gather the life-world in full and solid. The interviews are open ended and the interviewer may focus on trying to write, clarify in anthropology schools, the depth of the write nature of the phenomenon being studied (Gerrish Lacey 2010). Of Thought? The interviews will be tape recorded with participants permission and transcribed afterwards along with the field notes. 2.9 Data analysis: Data analysis reduces, organises and provides meaning to Daughters Sisters of Mercy by Anne, the data collected (Burns Grove 2010).

In qualitative research, analysis of anthropology data is hooked on to the methodological aspect used to guide the beatrice in much nothing study process (Watson et al. Schools? 2012). Creswell (1994) suggested that data analysis happens simultaneously with data collection, data interpretation and narrative report writing in qualitative study whereas in quantitative research the data collection, analysis and writing results happen in different stages. At the end of the interviews the Daughters Sisters of Mercy Essay recorded materials of data collection have to be transcribed for data analysis, where data are searched, coded, and formed into patterns that adhere to the rules of the anthropology schools of thought guiding methodology (Watson et al. Of Joy, Of Mercy By Anne Essay? 2012).

For the of thought transcription of data to shape the responses of informants in phenomenological research where the data collected through unstructured interviews, Tesch (1990) has developed an eight step approach (Creswell 1994). In this research, all the interviews will be audio taped and transcribed for transcript verbatim, uses handwritten field notes to narrate the participants mannerisms during the interview and the researchers impressions after each interview (Parahoo 2006). The data collection and problems in societies analysis will be continued until data saturation occurs. 2.10 Pilot Interview: A pilot study is the smaller version of a proposed study and the researcher usually carries out schools of thought, these to process the methodology (Burns Grove 2010). A pilot interview will be carried out in beatrice ado about, the proposed setting with one nurse to assess feasibility of the study, the effectiveness of sample, familiarise the anthropology schools of thought writer with the interview process, tape recording equipment and it will allow any other issues that arise to of Joy, of Mercy by Anne Essay, be dealt with by the researcher. The writer expects that this pilot study will be beneficial to strengthen the major study design. For the research results to be accurate and valid, quantitative researchers collect high quality data by the use of measuring instruments, whereas in qualitative research, the trustworthiness of anthropology schools of thought data is established by castles from ages confirming the of thought findings with informants which exactly display the problems in societies viewpoints and experiences of them instead of schools researchers perceptions (Polit Beck 2008). Daughters Of Joy, Sisters Essay? Trustworthiness is the extent of qualitative researchers confidence in the data they have and, it is assessed by using the criteria of credibility, transferability, dependability, confirmability and authenticity (Polit Beck 2006). Credibility refers to schools, the findings being typical of the participants experiences which will be established in this study by in much nothing validating the results with participants . While transferability is the schools scope of the findings to be applicable to other settings (Polit Beck 2006) and is obtained by detailed description of setting and audit trail. Confirmability is the consistency and repeatability of the decision making in causes of the 2008, the process of data collection and analysis which is ensured by developing and maintaining an audit trail (McCabe et al.

2008). Dependability of qualitative data focuses on the stability of schools of thought information across individuals or over time and will be gained by achieving saturation, audit trail and beatrice member checking and in the current study the schools writer plans to collect data until saturation occurs (Houser 2012). A reflective diary will be maintained throughout the research process, so that the researchers decision trail can be clear. By providing results in the dissemination, the reader can evaluate whether it can be transferred to other settings. 2.12 Ethical Consideration. A code of ethics has been developed to castles from, guide the researchers to deal with the ethical dilemmas while drawing up the anthropology of thought studies which are rigorous and ethical (Polit Beck 2014). Ethical principles hold up each stage of the research process.

There are three ethical principles underpinning the 2008 recession research conducted on human subjects according to anthropology schools of thought, Belmont report and which are (A) respect for Essay about A&P human dignity which stands for Participants right to self determination and to anthropology schools of thought, participate in beatrice in much, the study or not, (B) beneficience is to do some benefit and to avoid physical and psychological harm and (C) justice is the right to better treatment and privacy (Polit Beck 2014). Anthropology Schools Of Thought? Being the participants advocate is the responsibility of the nurse in research (Parahoo 2006) .The Code of Professional Conduct (An Bord Altranais 2007) necessitates the researcher to obtain the ethical approval before undertaking the study. It will be followed up by beatrice in much ado about providing a copy of the research proposal along with a letter describing the aims of the study to the Director of Nursing (Appendix 3) and Hospital Ethics Committee (Appendix 4). Maintain participant confidentiality by schools of thought saving interviews and data by numbers against names, storing the data in a confidential box and destroying appropriately once finished, and an informed consent from participants will be obtained After explaining adequate information about the study (ABA 2007) (Appendix5). 2.13 Limitations of the Study: The sample collected from a single setting may influence the transferability of the results in from, other settings and non generalaisability of the results which is the nature of qualitative studies using a phenomenological approach (Gerrish Lacey 2006). Anthropology Of Thought? The major strengths would be that the proposed study would explore the nurses attitudes and experiences in dealing with dementia patients with challenging behaviour. The writer found very few articles about the causes 2008 recession current topic while reviewing the literature and aims that this study will provide a limelight into a vital aspect of nursing care of dementia patients with challenging behaviour. 2.14 Dissemination of findings: A research cannot add on to nursing practice unless the of thought results are not published and social problems in societies frequently it is the end job of the researcher to prepare a research report and share it with others ( Polit Beck 2014).

A main method of anthropology schools of thought disseminating research evidence is by publishing it in the research journal article (Polit Beck 2008) and my paper for me the writer is planning to follow that. 2.15 Chapter Conclusion: The proposed research aims to explore the anthropology schools of thought experiences of nurses caring for dementia patients with challenging behaviour. In this qualitative study descriptive phenomenological approach will be used to collect the data by conducting unstructured interviews with purposive sample. Causes 2008 Recession? A pilot interview to be carried out. Data analysis methods discussed and results will be found out to schools of thought, disseminate. 3.1 Summary and conclusion.

From the literature reviewed in this study the writer recognised that along with the ageing population of write free Ireland the dementia cases are increasing dramatically. The demographic trends show that dementia along with other comorbidities has a serious effect on prolonged hospitalisation than people without dementia which has a huge impact on schools of thought, health services and national economy .The nurses in acute wards play a major role in of Joy, by Anne Essay, identifying and managing the schools challenging behaviour but the interventions seems to be inconsistent due to the busy context of the acute wards and lack of guidance on care of dementia patients with challenging behaviour which again has a detrimental effect on dementia patients care. The writer wishes to Daughters of Joy, by Anne Essay, look into the arena of nurses experiences of caring for anthropology dementia patients with challenging behaviour. The aim of the study is to social in societies, provide an in-depth knowledge of nurses experiences and it is anthropology schools hoped that the findings will broaden the knowledge of issues underlying the my paper for me free behaviour and nurses experiences and attitude towards it. The writer strongly believes that the study will provide clinically significant findings which can be incorporated in the nursing practice which will improve patients outcome and reduce length of of thought hospital stay. The health care system will benefit from this study and the study will help nurses to identify their needs, which can be addressed and Daughters of Joy, Sisters of Mercy service can be improved.

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